Its Fantastic Four! Celebrating my Fourth Blogging Anniversary | Thank you, One & All

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary! Today I am celebrating the launch of like I do every year in June. Each blog anniversary is a huge milestone for me and the 4th birthday is no exception.

I always have this strange perception/feeling that something is going to happen in June. The major turning points of my life have happened in this month only.

My marriage anniversary – My Son’s birthday – My Father left us (in June, 1992) – ReLakhs Financial Services anniversary (June, 2010) – anniversary (2014) are all in June. And of course, every year during my schooling, the school used to re-open in the month of June 🙂

On this special occasion – ‘4 year Blog Anniversary ‘, I would like to thank all my blog readers, family members, well-wishers, friends, mentors & friends on Social Media for your continuous encouragement, motivation, trust, constructive criticism and support!

My sincere thanks to;

  • Smt. Padmalochani (for being my guru & mentor)
  • Basavaraj – Founder – (for encouraging me to start my own blog)
  • Jane Sheeba & the team at Besthostinganddesign
  • Suguna – Founder of
  • Asan Ideas for wealth (Facebook group – a great place to learn, unlearn & re-learn about Personal Finance) &
  • All by Blog readers

Celebrating four

4th year Journey

In my 4th year of Blogging too, I have adhered to my Blog’s aims and objectives which are;

  • To make sure that majority of the my blog readers understand the articles on personal finances and present the articles in simple and easy to understand manner.
  • To write unbiased reviews on Financial Products.
  • Not to associate with any Company to sell any kind of Financial products/services.
  • To value my blog reader’s time.
  • To try to respond to each and every genuine query / comment ASAP.

I am glad to inform you all that around 50 Lakh users have visited ReLakhs during the last one year and around 1.4 cr users in the last four years. I have consciously tried to write lengthy yet interesting (hope so) articles this year. This has resulted in the increase of average time spent on per page.

The number of subscribers to Forum have increased and the number of Q&As have increased three fold. This is really a good sign.

Last few months have been very bad for the blog in terms of site rankings and I believe that the major reason for this could be – ‘Google has done drastic changes to their search results algorithm’.

During the last 12 months, I have accepted more guest posts which I believe are unique and informative. – Blog Statistics (till date..)

I would like to share a few statistics…

  • Total Number of articles published : 462
  • Number of Comments : Around 52,580+
  • Forum statistics :
    • Total number of registered Subscribers : 1,900
    • Total number of Questions & Answers published : 5,100
  • No. of Facebook page likes : 8,685+
  • Number of registered Email Subscribers for Newsletter : 17,500 +
  • ReLakhs website Rankings (as on 31-May-2018) :
  • Google Analytics Traffic data (all-time)Total number of users pageviews data google analytics pic

Google Analytics Data (last 12 months data)

  • Number of Users, Sessions & Page-ViewsTotal number of users pageviews data google analytics last one year pic
  • New Visitors Vs Returning VisitorsNew Vs Returning Blog visitors
  • Demographics – Age & Gender wiseNew Vs Returning Blog visitors
  • Demographics – City wise
  • Pageviews & Average Time on PagePageviews average time pic
  • Blog Visitors & Market Segment Blog visitors - Market segment pic
  • Top Channels Top channels - acquisition pic

Top 10 popular articles (based on the last 12 months blog traffic data)

My Favorite Articles (out of the articles published during the last 1 year)

Trust me, blogging gives an amazing opportunity to learn each and every day. It gives a great job satisfaction as well. Over the last four years I’ve made some really sweet friends via blogging. They will never know how their blog posts and/or readers’ comments have lifted me up, taught me a useful thing or two, and just in general brightened my day. Guess what, I had a chance to attend one of my blog reader’s marriage as well 🙂

I hope this space is always a place where you feel welcome, supported, inspired and connected; and as I continue to write here, my goal remains to create an ‘unbiased & useful content‘ to all my blog readers.

I am proud of my effort and look forward to what the year ahead will yield! Thanks so much for being part of ReLakhs family.

Good luck everyone and thanks again for your support! Request you to share your comments, feedback, views and criticism 🙂

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at (Post first published on : 1-June-2018)

  • FortuneLord says:

    Congrats for the anniversary, great numbers for 4 years, keep the good work!

  • Currency Crypto says:

    Thank You For Sharing This Useful Article I Really Enjoy It.

  • Gambhir Singh says:

    Dear Sri Sir,

    I am visiting your site and reading your articles regularly since I found your blog.
    You are always there for everyone.
    I learnt from your blog about finance.

    And still learning.

    My wishes are always with you for your better and our best.

    Regards: Gambhir Singh

  • Sivaram Prathap says:

    Hearty congratulations Srikanth. should celebrate more B’days like this 🙂

  • How do we know says:


  • Nitramn says:

    congrats to you and your team on this milestone. I have benefited from being a part of this group. one of the USP of this blog is its simple and real nothing fancy about it which suits me much. I wish you many more years of guiding people like myself.

  • RAJ says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Hearty Congratulations and wishing 4th Happy Birth Day to


  • Prashanth says:

    Congratulations and thank you for enlightening us with personal financial world.

  • murthy says:

    Hearty congratulations and bets wishes for an Excellent work. Keep doing Good!

  • Dinesh Joshi says:

    Congratulations Sreekanth. Your way of knowledge sharing is amazing.Best wishes!

  • Rajat says:

    Congratulations! Wish you many more milestones ahead…

  • Shasi says:

    Congratulations Sreekanth! Wish you many more successful years ahead. I’ve been following your writeups about various things & MFs, infact despite of resistance from family & friends I’ve started my MF investments seriously being inspired by your blogs (not sure where it will end up 🙂 )! I must say you’re one of the person behind my lil knowledge about them!

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Shasi,
      Thank you for your appreciation!
      By the by, may I know why are your family/friends against investing in Mutual funds?

  • Ajay says:

    Congratulations! Really amazed how you simple yet accurately you’ve been describing things. As a newbie to the world of financial service, I’ve been personally following you since last year. Let it be MFunds, Medical insurance (for parents), financial services, twitter news etc. You’ve been a kind of broadened my horizon in this field. Hats off again!

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Ajay.. Thank you for following my blog posts and glad to know that you are finding the articles useful to you. Keep visiting!

  • Kumar says:

    Dear SR!
    Congratulations for 4th year anniversary of ReLakhs blog. You are doing a wonderful job which benefits much for financial illiterate persons. Thank you and best wishes!

  • Rohit says:

    Dear SR
    Congratulation for Celebration on your Fourth Blogging Anniversary
    I am following you article since Jan 2016. It is interesting, helpful to me and my friends a lot. I always like your summarised pictorial re-presentation. It is very useful for charting financial health for DIY guys.

    Best of luck, Keep blogging and informing or alerting us with all kind of financial information


  • B VENUGOPAL says:

    Many happy returns, Dear Srikanth! Wish you many more successful years of blogging resulting in spreading financial knowledge to all. Keep going. All the best.

  • Amit Gandhi says:

    Great Going Sreekanth. Your valuable suggestions on finance are tremendously helpful to all DIY investors like me. Not to mention, that the comments section also has some valuable inputs from you (and I go through them too). Keep doing goodwork.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Thank you dear Amit.
      Yes, I do spend a lot of time in replying to my readers’ comments/queries.
      If I am hard-pressed for time, I prefer to reply to comments than to write a new article!

      Kindly keep visiting..!

  • Stanley says:

    Dear sreekanth!
    I have been reading your blogs right from the year one. If at all I have a little bit of idea about personal finance, adequate insurance, some idea about market or mutual funds, I owe it all only to you and your blogspot. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Stanley,
      Thank you so much for being my loyal blog reader.
      I am proud to know that ReLakhs is able to empower you financially.
      Keep visiting..!

  • Pradipta says:

    Congratulations and keep going…Sreekanth


  • Harsha says:

    Thanks Sreekanth, for all the informative articles.

    Following your blog since couple of years. Your writing has given a good insight to me related to Personal finance. Keep up the good work!!
    I am sure , like me, there are thousands who are benefited by your knowledge sharing.

    Best Regards,

  • Congratulations Sreekanth 🙂

  • PRAKASH says:

    Congrats, Thanks & keep going Sree!!

  • Sanjay Prasad says:

    Congrats sir! Great work!!

  • Great Sree. It’s not only as fantastic for, but also for everyone who are getting knowledge from this blog.

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