New EPF Withdrawal Forms – Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN & Form 31 UAN

New EPF Withdrawal Forms_Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN & Form 31 UAN

Employees Provident Fund organisation (EPFO) has issued a latest notification regarding ‘New EPF Withdrawal Forms(new PF claim forms). As of now, it is mandatory to get your EPF claim forms attested and signed by your employer.

As per this notification, all employees whose UANs (Universal Account Numbers) are seeded / linked with their Aadhar numbers and Bank Account details, and whose KYC have been verified by their respective employers can now submit new EPF withdrawal forms directly to EPFO without their Employers’ attestation. This new initiative may help in fast settlement of your PF claims.

So, your employer’s seal &  signature are now not mandatory if you would like to ;

  • Withdraw your PF (or) apply for Final Settlement of your PF (or)
  • Withdraw your EPS benefit (Employees Pension Scheme) (or)
  • Make a Partial Withdrawal or take Advance / loan.

(Kindly note that you can withdraw EPS pension benefit only if have not completed 10 years of eligible service as on date of leaving.)

Latest Update (22-Feb-2017) : EPFO has introduced new composite, single page and common Withdrawal form for all types of Withdrawals. This new Composite Claim Form (CCF) will now replace the below mentioned Forms 19, 10C & 31. Kindly read this latest articleNew EPF Composite Claim Form | Single Page Form for different types of PF Withdrawals (Full / Partial).

New & Revised EPF Withdrawal Forms

The new PF claim forms are very simple and easy to fill. EPF members can submit them directly to respective jurisdictional EPF office. You can also submit these new forms directly to the EPF Commissioner online. The withdrawal or claim benefit will be directly credited to your bank account. (Click here to locate your nearest EPFO office)

  • New Form 19 (UAN) for EPF withdrawal. Download new Form 19 UAN by clicking on the below image. You just have to provide your UAN number, mobile number, name, date of leaving, reason for leaving, PAN number, postal address and Form 15G/15H. Employer’s seal and signature is not required. (Also, submit Form 15G if your service is less than 5 years. Click here for complete details about new TDS rules on EPF withdrawals)EPF withdrawal claim form 19 uan pic
  • New Form 10c (UAN) for EPS Pension withdrawal benefit. Download new Form 10c UAN by clicking on the below image. You have to provide details like your mobile number, UAN, Name, Date of Joining, Date of leaving and full postal address.Download New revised Form 10c UAN pension fund withdrawal pic
  • New Form 31 (UAN) for Partial PF Withdrawals / Advances. Download revised Form 31 UAN by clicking on the below image. You have to provide details like mobile number, UAN, name, Purpose of advance, amount and other details about your loan requirement. (You may like reading – ‘Complete details about PF partial withdrawals – Rules & Guidelines)download eps pension withdrawal form 31 uan pic

Latest Update (08-August-2016) :

EPFO has now clarified that the above Self Declaration Form can be accepted in case of UAN based claim form without attestation of the employer. Henceforth, the attestation of employers on the Declaration Form would not be required in case of UAN based Claim Form No. 31(UAN). Click here to download Declaration Form for Partial PF withdrawals.

If your Aadhar number and Bank details have not been seeded and your KYC form is not verified by your employer, you have to make your claims of withdrawals in existing (old) Form no 19, 10C & 31 only. You may download old and existing EPF withdrawal forms by visiting EPFO’s website.

This initiative of EPFO makes it possible to implement online settlement of EPF withdrawal claims in the near future. The EPF body is planning to launch the end-to-end online PF withdrawal facility during this fiscal year.

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  • R SRIKANTH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have resigned in one firm and my epfo is not settled. Recently I joined in another firm and added my old Epfo number. But I have not continued there and resigned with in 15 days. Now I want withdraw the same. Is it possible to settle my epfo immedietly or I have to wait for two month of minimum period.

    Thanks & regards,

  • Surbhi Arora says:

    I have filled my claim almost two years back and I want to withdraw the amount from my PF. Please guide me how I can do that. I have tried many times on the portal also but cannot do it. I had already submitted all my documents when I had left my job. Please guide me to get my payment online.

  • Srikanth says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I am trying to apply for online pf transfer through the unified portal getting this error : Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Your AADHAAR is not seeded.

    Trust details of your establishment are missing.

    However I have updated the Aadhar number in my present company as well as in the unified portal. Aadhar number is approved in the KYC.
    I think, Once I enter the details of the pf number in the trust , the trust details of the establishment will be reflected.

    Can you guide me on how to proceed further.

  • Raja D says:

    Hi Sreekanth Reddy,

    I have left my old organization about 1 years back. I have applied for PF withdrawal( form 10c and form 19) through for 2 months ago. my current claim status is under process. but my current organization used Same UAN number to open my current PF account. let me know my withdrawal request is approved or not ?

    Raja D

    • Dear Raja,
      EPFO may or may not process your request as you are contributing to EPF scheme again now.
      In case they reject your withdrawal application, you have to TRANSFER old EPF a/c monies to new one.

  • Rahul says:

    Hello Sreekanth Sir,

    I have one question about Self PF withdrawal. Last year, I have joined new company and PF is not compulsory their, so i have choosen no option for PF because i need more salary on hands because of financial reason.

    Now, I want to withdrawn my PF of previous company. I was associated their for 3 years and 7 months. My PAN and Bank KYC is updated and approved by employers in UAN Account.

    So, Is It possible to self withdrawn PF using that KYC??? If Yes which form i have to submit for that process.

    Help me i need PF amount asap


      • Rahul says:

        Thank you sir, but I only have approved PAN and BANK details in UAN Account as KYC documents. Aadhar Details are not able to update because of mismatch of DOB and details. All details are accurate but still facing this error. Also employers are also not providing any kind of help. Is there any other way to add aadhar details??

        Am i able to withdraw PF myself with approved KYC??

        Please help me in it.


        • Dear Rahul,
          You may have to get the DoB details updated as per Aadhaar card in your UAN a/c. Kindly take help of your employer.
          Else, you may also visit nearest EPFO office and can get this done (linking Aadhaar to UAN).

    • Deepak says:

      Yes, you can withdrawal your EPF amount on UAN based form-19 and form-10C.

  • sunil idhate says:

    Dear Sir

    I am trying to link my Adhaar number in UAN portal but i am getting error mismatch in data like Gender or DOB or Name.I think so it is due to Name mismatch in UAN portal and Name on Adhaar Card.

    UAN portal shows full name along with father Name but on adhaar card only first and last name mentioned.

    How do i link my adhaar number to UAN portal . can my employer will help me for this if tell them to do so.

    If employer could update the same or if they i have authority to link adhaar number in spite of small mismatch…If it is possible then i could tell them to do so…Please tell me how could i do

    • Dear sunil ..Yes, you can contact your employer about ‘name correction’, they in-turn will route the request to EPFO. You have to submit necessary document proof (can submit Aadhaar copy).
      You may also visit the nearest EPF office and get the Linking done.

  • rakesh kumar says:

    i am rakesh my pf decudet from 1 april 2007 to april 2017 how much pf amount i get if Withdrawal and how much i get pension after 50 year age if i apply for pemnsion right now my age is 38. please tell me thanks

  • Devesh chauhan says:

    Dear Sir

    1:- I resigned the company November-2016 and I joined another (second) company, I din’t give the PF account no to second company, I gave document with adhar card in second company and second company gave the UAN no But UAN is not Activated.
    2:- I want to withdrawal PF amount of previous company, but Adhar card is not updated in previous, I submitted PF claim Form in PF office but claim form reject.My previous company employee is ready for any help.
    3:- Can I link (update kyc) Adhar card to previous company PF account ?
    4:- If Adhar card link is possible to previous UAN, can i withdrawal PF 100% ?
    5:- If i do Adhar card link to previous PF account, what will effect on second PF account..?
    6: In Adhar card have surname different from previous company PF account, will PF officer create any problem ?
    6:- I want to close previous company PF account, is it possible ?

    Devesh Chauhan

  • Gaurav Kumar Gupta says:

    HI SRIKANTH SIR, I have an EPF account with total sum around 3 Lacs, of which 2 is employee share & 1.0 as Employer share.

    I want to purchase a Flat at Noida

    My job in the same company is 4 years & 10 months.

    How much can I withdraw? What are the documents required.

  • swapna says:

    If I have left my job in Feb 2017 (which I started in June 2014) and have joined another organization immediately, am I eligible for EPS withdrawal? I understand that i can fill the composite AADHAAR based Form 10C. Please guide

    • Dear swapna .. As you are contributing to EPF scheme again, you have to transfer your old EPF account monies to new EPF account.

      • Swapna Chandramouli says:

        Yes. I have already initiated the transfer and the UAN has my PF details from both establishment. However, my question is with respect to Employees Pension Scheme. As I understand, the same does not get transferred along with EPF.

        • Dear Swapna ..It gets transferred. You may not be able to view it on passbook, but your service years (contribution years) gets carried forward.

  • Yatish Keshri says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    I was employed to one pvt company in Pune. Now I left that company due to some problem with the management. Now I am not working anywhere.

    I want to withdraw my PF amount but my that employer is not supporting on that. I have the UAN no. but when I am trying to link my AADHAAR on UAN site it says invalid Gender as Gender is not mentioned in UAN profile. Also I noticed that my DOB is also not mentioned in UAN site.

    I followed up with my employer, but they are not supporting at all.

    Can you please guide me what I can do in such case. I really want to withdraw my PF amount.


    • Dear Yatish ..Some technical issues have been reported by other blog readers as well regarding UAN interface.
      If your aadhar number and bank account gets linked, you can submit EPF claim online ..

      • Yatish Keshri says:

        Hi Sreekanth,

        Thanks for the revert.

        But the problem is my aadhaar is not linked, because of gender and DOB is not update in UAN interface.

        to withdraw the amount first I need to update these.

        Can you please let me know the process how to update gender & DOB in UAN portal? My employer is not at all interested in my case.

        Yatish Keshri

  • Devendra Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    1:- I had submitted claim form 2 times in Dwarka PF office.
    My both claim form have been Rejected, due to AUTHORISED OFFICERs SIGNATURE NOT TALLYING,
    Both times i have faced the problems that AUTHORISED OFFICERs SIGNATURE NOT TALLYING,
    I asked the company office related to signature, Company officer told me that he signed on Claim form with duly sign.
    In that case what should I do ?
    Please tell me other way, how can i withdrawal Full PF ?
    2:- I reigned the company 30/06/2016 and as of now i am unemployed, can i withdrawal full (100%) PF .
    Devendra Kumar

  • Srikant Behera says:

    HI SRIKANTH SIR, I have an EPF account with total sum around 2.5 Lacs, of which 1.5 is employee share & 1.0 as Employer share.

    I want to purchase a land at village in different state in India than where I am working in India.
    The cost of the land is around 4.5 lacs.
    My job in the same company is 5 years & 8 months.

    How much can I withdraw? What are the documents required.

    • Dear Srikant,
      You can withdraw up to 90% of EPF balance for purchasing of Site.
      Kindly read: EPF partial withdrawal rules.

      • Srikant Behera says:

        Actually, I am asking this because, last week I went to EPFO at Bangalore, the EPFO employee at the enquiry told me that you can draw 90% of the employee contribution only. IS IT CORRECT?

        Is it 90% of (Employee + Employer) contribution or only 90% of Employee’s contribution?

      • Shashi says:

        For the new withdrawal forms without company signatures , should it be submitted on to the regional pf office or can the same be submitted in other pf centres in same city.

        • Dear Shashi ..The forms have to be submitted by post or in person at the concerned EPF Regional office where such EPF account is being maintained / administered.

  • harish says:

    Dear Sir, My name is Harish B. Kedare and iam from nashik. Iam just asked for helping me to get my pf withdrawal amont. After 9 months i still not get it. Pls Help me.

  • sumit raj says:

    sir i was terminated from my company and they have not provided me the full compensation so i have filed a case against my company in labor court ,when i asked them to sign the form 10 c and 9 c they rejected to sign the forms now what to do sir

    please reply sir !!

  • Rohit Patel says:


    I am Rohit Patel. My Father’s name is Mr. Devanand Patel and he has a epfo account in EPFO Delhi office but the problem is that his Name in EPFO account is Devanand Palil. I think it was mistakenly added his name as Devanand Palil.
    In 2014 he had submitted a request form to change his name to Devanand Patel in EPFO office with a declaration from Employer. But still name has not changed yet.

    Please suggest us.

    Rohit Patel

  • banwari lal prajapat says:

    hello sir , where i submit form 19 online for pf withdrawal. i have not found any link where i can submit pf claim form. please give me link and advice.

  • Senthil Kumar KS says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am from chennai. My ex company’s pf account is maintained in Thane pf office. My UAN is perfect with all KYC done. Hence I have posted all the claim forms to Thane pf office on March 1 2017. Also when I tracked the speed post it displayed post was successfully delivered. The problem is when I check for the PF claim status online, it still shows no record found. Hence I have filed a complaint in Grievance. I was shocked to see their reply as no claim forms have been received by them. Now I dont know what to do further. Whether I have to wait for another few days or re apply for it.
    Kindly help me in this regard. I am waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.
    Senthil Kumar KS

    • Dear Senthil,
      In such a case, no other option but to re-post the claim form again.
      If your ex-employer is supportive, you may route it through them too..

      • Senthil Kumar KS says:

        Hi Sir.
        Thanks for your help. I have asked my doubt in many websites, but you are the one who replied that too instantly. Hope you continue your service and help many other employees who suffer without the support of employer like me.
        Thank you.

  • Krisshnamurty Buduguntae says:

    Hari om Sreekant sir,

    I have sent filled form 19 along with cancelled check and self attested PAN copy to my ex employer who in turn have submitted in EPFO around 15 March 2017 in Bandra, Mumbai. I haven’t heard about the status from EPFO. Not possible to reach any phone no who can help us.
    I have also written a mail to on 5th April,2017. No reply. Managed to contact a no at Bandra ofis, who simply told me to write to the grievance dept. I was filling up the details in the Grievance Registration form where some of the fields I could not figure name of establishment, Address of establishment,.. Can you please help me /

    If i have to resubmit my claim thro form 19 on line, whom to mail the filled form.

    Can I speak to you on phone to seek some guidance and help to complete my claim process.
    I am over 66 years of age and is really proving to be an uphill task for the settlement.


  • TEJAS says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have my kyc updated only i am facing problem with Adhar card number, it is not getting seed as kyc, error is coming “Unexpected error occured. Error at the time of AADHAAR authentication”. can you please help me with this problem?

    thanks & regards

  • B Jayasimha says:

    Hi Sir, My PF A/C was operative in Pune from May 2006 to June 2008 , there after I didn’t transfer or withdraw .Now I wanted to withdraw the money .Kindly help with the process & the required documents. As it was old A/c I don’t have UAN or KYC aspect.Kindly provide your advise on the withdrawal process. Thanks .Jayasimha

  • British Majumder says:

    Hello Sir! I have resigned my job on the dated 31st January 2017 due to my health problem. I have seeded my bank account no and aadhar no with UAN. Can I submit filled up 19 UAN & 10C UAN forms to EPF office now? Except the cancelled cheque is any other documents require to submit along with the forms. How many days will take to credit the amounts to my bank account? Please let me know. I will be highly obliged. Thanks

  • Abhijit says:


    My last employer PF account is in Tamil Nadu. however I am in Maharashtra now. Do I need to send the documents to Tamil Nadu? Or is is okay if I send the documents to regional PF office.


  • ARUN says:




  • suraj deo bania says:

    Respected, Sir
    प्रणाम, मैं सूरज देव बनिया एक प्राइवेट कंपनी में कार्यरत हूं। मैं अपने पेंशन खाते से पूरी राशि निकालना चाहता हूं। मेरा ज्याइनिंग डेट ०१-०४-२००७ है एवं मैं त्यागपत्र देना चाहता हूं। साथ ही अपना कोई बिजनेस करना चाहता हूं। कृप्या मार्ग दर्शन करें। आप का बहुत आभारी रहूंगा। मेरा मेल आईडी है। कृप्या मेल के द्वारा जानकारी देने का कष्ट करें। क्या मैं ३१ मार्च से पहले त्याग पत्र देता हूं तो क्या पेंशन की पूरी राशि निकाल सकता हूं।

  • Ram says:

    Hi Sree,

    Much thanks for the detailed information.

    I have 3 PF accounts and am currently not working. In my payslips I can see my account number, PAN and UAN numbers. Also the bank account is same for 2 companies and have 2nd bank account for the 3rd company.

    Is there a way that I can check if my KYC details are verified by my employer?

    I have my first PF account since Aug -2011 and PF is being credited to till Feb-2017 to one of the 3 accounts. Should i use Form-15G as none of the 3 PF accounts are active for 5 years?

  • Rajeev Jain says:

    Dear Sir,

    My self Rajeev Jain, i had received my PF Fund amount but not received EPS amount, i had send all document to particular address, when i check on site, there is showing reject due to aadhar not attached, but still not received all document for resending with aadhar card.

    i am unable to find the document, i dont have any document no., or no any email id or no. for communication.

    pls help and guide me.

    7566660806, 9713474506

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