Online EPF Claim submission : Process Flow & Eligibility Conditions

Online EPF Claim submission
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As you may be aware, the EPFO has launched an online EPF claim facility during the month of May (2017). This is a great initiative by the EPFO. This online PF withdrawal facility is beneficial for both PF subscribers and employees of EPFO.

However, many of the employees who intended to use this facility has come up with lot of queries on how to submit EPF claim online? What are the eligibility conditions to withdraw EPF online? Is it possible to withdraw even EPS (pension) online? – What if a PF member has multiple EPF accounts? ..and so on..

In this post, let us understand the eligibility conditions that have to be met by a PF member for online filing of Full (or) Partial EPF withdrawal claim and about the claim submission process flow.

Online EPF Claim Facility & Eligibility Conditions

Type of EPF claims :

EPF Member’s who have activated their UAN and seeded their KYC (Aadhaar) with EPFO will be able to apply for below claims through employees UAN interface / portal directly ;

  • PF Final Settlement (Full PF withdrawal)
  • Pension Withdrawal Benefit (EPS withdrawal)  &
  • PF Part Withdrawal (PF Loan / advance)

(Kindly note that for ‘Online EPF transfer’ & ‘EPS Withdrawals’, Aadhaar seeding is not mandatory.)

EPF member & Pre-requisites :

You (PF Member) should fulfill following conditions for submitting EPF Claim online :

  • You should have activated your Universal Account Number and the mobile number used for activating UAN should be in the working condition.
  • Your Aadhaar details should have been seeded in EPFO database and should avail OTP based facility for verifying eKYC from UIDAI while submitting the claim. (Kindly note that your personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Gender etc in your UAN portal need to match with details in Aadhaar card.)
  • Bank Account along with IFSC code should be seeded in EPFO database.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) should be seeded in EPFO database for PF Final Settlement Claims in case your service period is less than 5 years.

EPF member & Service Requirements :

You should fulfill following service conditions for online EPF withdrawal in full (final settlement) :

  • Your Date of Joining (DoJ) and Date of Exit (DoE) should be available in the EPFO Database.
  • You should not be working presently under any establishment covered under the PF Act.
  • The Claim should be submitted not before two months after leaving Establishment.

For submitting EPS – Pension withdrawal online ;

  • You should have service of more than 6 months and less than 9.5 years.
  • Date of Joining and Date of Exit should be available in the EPFO Database.
  • You should not be working presently under any establishment covered under PF Act.
  • The Claim should be submitted not before two months after leaving Establishment.

For part withdrawal of PF through online mode, below are the conditions ;EPF withdrawal online service eligibility number of years contribution years

  • Your Date of Joining should be available in the EPFO database.
  • You need not submit any supporting documents for Partial withdrawals made through online mode.
  • Kindly note that you can receive the Partial withdrawal PF amount only into your Bank account (that is linked to your UAN).
  • If you want the amount to be credited to third party bank account then you can not submit Partial withdrawal claim online. For example  : If you are planning to claim partial withdrawal for purchasing house through a home loan, and you want the amount to be credited directly to Lender / Builder bank account then online filing of PF is not possible.

In case, you have multiple active EPF accounts (Member-IDs) then you need to first consolidate them and only then you can submit EPF claims online. (Read : ‘How to consolidate multiple EPF accounts?‘)

Online EPF Claim submission & Process Flow

Below is the online EPF claim eligibility & submission process flow diagram. (Source  : EPFO Website)

(Click on the below image to open it in a new browser window)

how to withdraw EPF online employees providend fund PF claim online procedure uan aadhaar bank account online EPF Claim pic

How to withdraw EPF & EPS balance online?

  • You need to login to UAN portal (member interface) with your credentials.UAN portal login for online EPF withdrawal url link Provident fund claim pic
  • Kindly check your KYC details whether they are correct and have been verified.
  • You have to select relevant withdrawal claim namely ; EPF full withdrawal (and / or) EPS withdrawal claim (or) EPF advance.EPF balance withdrawal online PF advance loan EPS online withdrawal procedure link url pic
  • You have to authenticate online PF claim using OTP (One-time password) received against the mobile registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to complete the online claim submission. So, your mobile number linked to your UAN and Aadhar should be one and the same.
  • EPFO will get your e-KYC (Aadhaar) credentials from UIDAI and processes your online PF claim.

Kindly note that there is no need to submit any printed version of PF claim form to your employer / EPFO.

Latest update (28-Feb-2018) : EPFO makes Online claims must for Provident Fund withdrawals of above Rs 10 lakh and EPS withdrawals above Rs 5 Lakh.

Continue reading : ‘How to transfer EPF online? (From one EPF account to another one)?

(Post first published on : 08-June-2017) (Source & Reference :

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  • MALLESH says:


  • GANESH says:

    Hi Sir,

    Around 18 days my PF got rejected with status as Claim Rejected PL UPLOAD E NOMINATION. I wanted to know what is the exact reason.Is this related e nomination.
    But if this is the reason in EPF portal its mentioned that “e-Nomination is not mandatory for filing of advance claim”.

    Could you please help me out on this.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Mahesh Poojary says:

    Hi sir,

    My PF transfer rejected due to “PL. UPDATE MEMBER MASTER AND SERVICE HISTORY”. I didn’t get this. please help me.

  • Veera M says:

    Hi Sreekanth Reddy, Hope you are well. Thanks for this blog. My PF and Pension withdrawal claims got rejected both with the same reason ” Claim Rejected DOL5/15,DELAY SUBMISION LTR,F-15G,ONSITE ODR,PASPORT,VISA,BANK-RO.CHENNAI2@EPFINDIA.GOV.IN” . All my PAN, ADHAAR, PHONE, BANK DETAILS are all already verified in full. Not sure what this F-15G means. Kindly advise if i need to fill in any other forms. Kindly help advise my next steps. thank you.. Veera.

  • ganesh says:

    my claim is in process for more than 3 days. what i have to do?

  • Vignesh says:

    My PF Transfer was rejected with the following reason.


    How to proceed about this?. Do I need get 3A and ECR from previous employer. If I get it previous employer where to upload these?

  • Richard says:

    I left to the United States from my employer in 9/2016 and my let previous employer in 1/2018. But when I applied for PF withdrawal, it got rejected with
    Any Idea how what to do next or the meaning of above rejection?

  • Hareesh T D says:

    My transfer claim status shows “accepted by field office” since 3 weeks.
    What do I do next?

  • Chandan Raj says:

    I have worked for 8 years in a company and its clearly mention on EPFO also DOJ & DOE.And i am not working anywhere from past 4 months. I have attached cancelled check where my name is clearly mentioned on check but still my full PF & pension request i.e Form 19 and form 10C is getting rejected . I have applied twice and both time its got rejected as per below reason.
    Your Claim [ Claim Id – GNGGN210150142072 ] has been rejected due to : 1) AS PER CLAIM DOL 20.3.2017 BUT CONT RECEIVED 10/2020 2) MEMBER NAME NOT PRINTED ON CANCELLED CHEQUE
    Your Claim [ Claim Id – GNGGN210150042776 ] has been rejected due to : 1) AS PER CLAIM DOL 20/3/2017 BUT CONT RECEIVED 10/2020 2) MEMBER NAME NOT PRINTED ON CANCELLED CHEQUE
    Please advise

  • Titli Paul says:

    I had made a claim in EPFO Portal in Oct 2020 and it was approved within 7 days. I have made another claim on the 28th of Jan, and its almost 14 days now and still shows pending status at field office? Is there any wait time between one claim and another?

  • Kay says:

    I submitted my claim online and my claim has been rejected with the following message – “Claim Rejected SUB DELAY SUBSION OF CALIM PRE EMP&RSIDNT STATUS,ONSITE ORDR IFANY RO.CHENNAI2 @ EPFINDIA. GOV .IN”

    What does it mean ?

  • Manju sukhija says:

    Hi Shrikant,
    I have given given resignation in my company on 23.9.2020, but the company did not update the same and they files returns of October month. The last date of contribution in the passbook is showing 15.10.2020. Now they told me that they will update the date of resignation as 31.10.2020. I need to to know now when can I claim my full and final settlement, after which date.

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    Sreekant my form 10c got rejected reason was not an EPS member in present estt please contact employer for remittance of EPS amount please suggest

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    Hi Sreekant, My form 19c got rejected by reason due to technical error Claim is not processing Resubmit Once again please suggest

  • S nagesh babu says:

    What shoud I do now – CLAIM ID
    PARA DETAILS Retirement from service after attaining the age of 55 years
    CLAIM STATUS Settled But Returned
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT has been returned on – 18-JUL-2020

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Nagesh,
      Kindly check if your bank account details provided in UAN a/c portal are correct or not.

  • Debjit Motilal says:

    I have sent a advance request (form-31) on 13th February 2020 it is rejected on 27th February showing incomplete bank details and IFSC incorrect.Then I have changed the bank details which is duily approved by my employer.Then Againg i have raised advance request(Same) on 2nd march 2020 which is now showing(14th March) Pending at DA account.Kindly suggest me what to do in this situation.

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