How to track EPF claim status online?

As a salaried individual, if you are contributing to EPF (Employees Provident Fund) scheme, you can make full balance withdrawal;

  • At the time of taking retirement (55 years)
  • After 60 days of un-employment
  • If you are going abroad on permanent employment, you can apply for PF withdrawal immediately after leaving / resigning from the job (or)
  • A female employee can make early withdrawal (full PF balance) if she is resigning from the service for the purpose of getting married or on account of pregnancy/childbirth.

You can submit EPF Withdrawal forms to your employer. In case, you have active UAN and your KYC details have been verified by your employer then you can submit ‘New UAN based PF Withdrawal forms‘ directly to the EPFO (employer signature/attestation is not required).

After submitting the EPF withdrawal application, how to check your EPF Claim status online? Do you need to visit EPF office to know the settlement status?

NO, it is not required! The ‘online provident fund claim status’ is a good facility to track the status of your Provident Fund (PF) withdrawal application. You need to have your EPF account number to track the status online. You can find this in your Payslip or you can contact your HR to know your PF number.

How to read your EPF Account number?

Before discussing about the online provision, let’s first discuss on EPF Account number format.

Old Format Example: KN / 1234567 / 7654321. KN (Karnataka) here denotes the State in which EPF office is located. ‘1234567’ is Establishment code (company code – Max 7 digits) and ‘7654321’ is your EPF account number (max 7 digits).

In case if your company has one or more branches they may mention it along with the Establishment code. For example: KN/1234567AAA/7654321. In this case ‘AAA’ is the extension number.

The EPF old format was based on the 22 states available with corresponding 2 characters of region code, as listed below.

EPF account number old format region code pic

EPF Account Number New Format: New Region Code / EPFO Office code / Establishment code / EPF account number is the new format. For example – PB / CHD / 1234567 / 7654321. PB denotes for Punjab, CHD for Chandigarh PF office, 1234567 stands for Establishment code & 7654321 is your EPF account number.

How to know my EPF Claim Status online? (Procedure)

Below is the procedure to know the status of your EPF withdrawal online;

  • Kindly visit EPFO portal.
  • Click on ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Our Services’ section.
  • Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’ under the ‘Services’ section.
  • You will be directed to the ‘Claim status’ page.
  • Click on ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’ link.
  • You will be re-directed to a new page with a single field where you can select the State of PF office.EPF Claim Status pf-settlement-status-regional-office-pic
  • After selecting the ‘State’, list of EPF regional offices will be displayed. If you know the region, select the concerned Office Name. Kindly note that the ‘Office Code’ and ‘Region Code’ sections will get filled automatically with relevant data.epf-account-number-format-establishment-code-pf-region-office-code-pic
  • Next, you need to type in the Establishment Code of your Employer in the 3rd box. This code has maximum 7 digits.
  • If there is any extension or sub-code for the establishment code, you need to fill it in the 4th box. If there is no extension or sub-code, you can leave the field blank.
  • Next, fill in your EPF Account number which is a maximum of 7 digits long in the 5th box.
  • Click on Submit button to get the EPF Claim status. The status message indicates any discrepancy in document and application. The status message may also show the action taken by the EPFO with regard to your claim. The exact EPFO claim status helps you to monitor your PF withdrawal claim.

In case if you have only your EPF Account number with you and do not have the details of Establishment code or Region Code, you can get these details based on your Company name too. Kindly follow the below procedure;

How to find the Establishment code for EPF Account?

  • Visit EPFO Search services.
  • You can find out about your company (establishment) details based on;
    • Old Code
    • New Regional office
    • PIN Code (or)
    • Establishment Name (Company Name)
  • For example, let’s say you are working for INFOSYS, Bangalore and you would like to know its Establishment code for EPF related matters. (click on the below images to open them in new browser windows)
  • You can select ‘Estt. name’ option, key in the company name and click on ‘search’.How to find out Establishment code for my EPF account pic
  • You will get a list of companies which have ‘INFOSYS’ as the Establishment name.How to find out establishment code extension code EPF regional office code pic
  • For example, if you are working for Infosys – Electronic City – Bangalore office then KN/0010088 is the old region code followed by Establishment code. Where as PY/BOM/0010088 is the new format. PY stands for Peenya (new region code), BOM stands for Bommasandra EPFO office, 0010088 is the establishment code and ‘000’ is extension number (which is blank in this case).

Below is a short video on, how to check EPF claim status online. (Video Source : epfoservices)

I have checked with one of my good friends who works for EPFO, whether an EPF member can check the Partial Withdrawal claim status also, my friend has informed me that one can check the status of any claim submitted to EPFO through this facility(Full withdrawal or Advance PF withdrawal and EPS also).

Till the time, ‘online EPF withdrawal facility’ is made available, this is the best way to check the EPF claim status.

You can track your EPF claim status through your UAN interface and/or UMANG App as well.

EPF balance withdrawal online PF advance loan EPS online withdrawal procedure link url pic

(Post published on : 30-November-2016)(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

  • Aman says:

    Hi sir,

    I had applied for pf but it was showing as rejected, now again i have applied it is showing as settled

  • ANUPAM SHEE says:

    My UAN is already linked & verified with Aadhar, PAN, Bank details & passport.
    To make Full & Final Settlement of both EPF & EPS, I submitted required documents (composite claim from, 2 copies of 15G, PAN xerox & cancelled cheque) OFFLINE to Bhubaneswar EPF Regional Office via Speed Post and India post tracker is showing that packet had been duly received.
    It’s over one month but I’ve received neither any SMS or email from EPF RO and claim tracker is showing: “no record found”

    My questions are:

    1) Can one check claim status ONLINE (means will it be updated online by authority) when he has claimed through OFFLINE mode?

    2) I want to claim again but this time via ONLINE mode. Will these Double claiming ( 1st Offline & then Online) generate any problem during settlement of claim request?

  • Prasuna says:

    Hi sir,

    I have applied my PF throughu office in the month of Dec 2016, still is didn’t recieve my amount. My office person is not replying now. How can I get my amount, can u plz help.


    Dear Sir,
    Iam apply offline. Now my status-Claim Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-DLCPM171000026451 Member id-DLCPM00258140000000086 received on this-13-OCT-17 and is under process. till date no change my status pls advise

  • Upenderreddy says:

    How many days it takes pf withdrawal to get processed. I got acknowledge copy on 8th nov’17 and still it is under process

  • Gurmeet kaur says:

    Sir I applied for pf in december last year & that was rejected due to father’s name differs .Now again I have submitted the form to HR in september 2017 .Since then the HR team asked me to wait for only 15 days ….Its been more than 2 months now & not getting the satisfactory answer or claim ….the online status is showing the last update for April 2017 i.e rejected ….How long should I wait ….or where can I complaint for the same

  • rakesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    i had submitted offline PF form 45 days back at pf office delhi north but till today i have not got any reply and my online status is showing under my pf no. “NO RECORD FOUND”.

    what should i do? please help to advise.


    • rakesh says:

      further to my mail above i had also submit grievance on 27th oct 2017 but got no reply on the same till date and today 16th nov 2017 i had discussion with PRO and he confirmed me that my PF form has been received at PF office dtd 17th oct but no status is showing.

      kindly request you to please help to advise on the same.


  • R.mohan says:

    hi sir ,
    my self am mohan
    i have one doubt
    In my PF account my name mentioned (R.MOHAN).
    In my bank account my name (R.MOHAN)
    is there any problem for offline claim ????

  • Kiran says:

    Claim id-APHYD171000038110Member id-APHYD00724440000001809 has been settled. Payment sent on- 1-NOV-17 via NEFT. but i am not yet recived.
    can you please help me.


  • Dear Karthi..Kindly note that we are not associated with the EPFO.
    You may submit online grievance to the EPFO here..

  • Sivaprakash G says:

    I received one amount only balance how many day will come?

  • Sivaprakash G says:

    The PF Status mentioned below:

    Claim Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-DLCPM171000047540 Member id-DLCPM00268090000012154 has been settled. Payment sent on- 10-NOV-17 via NEFT.

    But yet not received the payment. What I do sir?

  • ADIL FAHEEM says:

    The status shows as below:

    claim ID MRAGR171100001141 & MRAGR171100001142


  • Anilkumar says:

    I had applied for PF transfer from old company to new company via Form 13 manually since online is not working. My old company had cleared all the process and issued a “HDFC CHEQUE” to regional provident fund commissioner which is Bandra office, Mumbai to credit the amount to new PF account on OCT 8 2017. How ever the amount is not reflected in passbook till date.

    How many days it will take to reflect the amount in passbook and also when checked with my old company they said that from their end entire process has been completed. But when I checked with my new company they are saying it is not pending with us and it is pending with provident fund commissioner.

    What action I should take to get my amount credited in my new PF account. Please guide me.

  • RCP says:

    Hi, I have checked my claim status yesterday, and it showed : “Under Process”, and today when I clicked on the PF number, nothing is being displayed, not even yesterday’s message. Its just blank. Is this a server error or there could be a possible update that takes time to reflect on system?

    • Abhi says:

      Dear RCp, your epf amount has been forfeited by your employer. For more information pls visit epfo e-court management system

      • Dear Abhi,
        Could you kindly explain – what is e-court mangmnt system? When to approach or file case here?

      • Abhi says:

        Dear Rpc, please ask that whole epf amount forfeited by company or employer share? Kindly share it

        • RK says:

          No employee can forefeit the EPF amount.. there maybe some technical issue. Please wait.

          • Abhi says:

            Employer, can forfeit only employer contributions not employee contributions

          • RK says:

            Thanks Abhi.. Why employer would stop the benefits which employee deserves. Will it happen only in case of employee gets terminated?.. What form employer need to submit if they want to forefeit employer contribution.

          • RK says:

            are you confident about this answer have you seen this happening to candidates before… can this happen vene if the form got rejected.

  • Ekta sukhadwala says:

    our company new employee join in 2 months so first step new uan register .worker aadhar details send me and i have prosses uan number .i try online uan number aadhar details same details fillup online site but one errors pf online site

    aadhar authentication failed. please this error solve this problem

    • Abhi says:

      Hi Ekta, your Adhar details and epf details like dob, name, may be not matched so pls check it, if any questions pls call 09621966001

  • Ekta sukhadwala says:

    Dear sir,
    i have left service 3 years my company is ahemdabad but i live in surat and i am working surat but pf deducted is ahemdabad pf withdrall pending .my company wrong update my aadhar number online pf site so i am trouble my pf withdrall how can my pf withdrall please help me.
    my kyc is complited but company update wrong aadhar number so i try online withdrall prosess but i am fail so please help my how to online withdrall prosses.

    • Dear Ekta,
      I believe that you can update aadhaar number afresh and verify it online.
      Else, you can also visit any common service centres of EPFO and link correct Aadhaar number to your UAN.

  • Saurav says:

    The status shows as below:

    Claim Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Illness) Claim id-DSNHP171150000108 Member id-DSNHP09372520000005676 has been settled. Payment sent on- 07-NOV-17 via NEFT.

    However I have not received the amount yet.

    • Dear Saurav ..Kindly check if your bank account details provided in UAN interface are correct or not.
      If everything is fine, you may have to wait for 2 to 5 business days (from the date of claim settlement) to get the credit.

  • Raj says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I have applied for PF partial withdrawal through my employer and they have submitted the documents to concerned PF office on 23rd Oct 2017. I haven’t got any message to my mobile number from PF office but i checked the status in EPFO portal on 25th Oct and there I could see the claim id against my UAN and it is in ‘Under Process’ status.

    If i try to check the status now, no results are showing against my UAN. Kindly suggest what should i do now. Shell I wait for some more days or shell i contact my Employer/PF office.


    • RCP says:

      I face the same issue. I couldn’t see anything. Its just blank today, but yesterday its showing “in process”. May be someone from this group, who have faced similar issue can help educate us

  • Pavan says:

    Hello, How to transfer EPS (Pension amount) when we change from one company to another. Although I submitted the EPF transfer form, since the previous company was having a PF trust, only EPF amount was transferred to the new employer. Now I would like to know how to check if the EPS is transferred or not? If not transferred, how to transfer.

    Thanks for your help!! You are doing a fabulous job in addressing so many questions from users.

  • kavita jaiswal says:

    I live in Hyderabad and i sent an application to withdraw PF with all the supporting documents to the 37 Royapettah road, Chennai on Oct 6th 2017
    And the courier shows delivered on Oct 7th 2017. But i am not seeing any update or any information from them on the EPF site.

    How can i get an update or status

    • Dear Kavita..Did you check the status as given in the above article?
      If the status shows ‘no records’ then the EPFO might not have received your post.
      I believe that only speed post or regular post (India Post) is accepted and not through courier.

  • KARTHIK says:

    Sir, iam applying my status Claim Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-DLCPM171000026451 Member id-DLCPM00258140000000086 received on this-13-OCT-17 and is under process. my form accsept or not? alomost 25 days finish no change my status.

  • Srinivasan says:

    Hi, I’ve initiated online PF transfer and it’s showing as ‘Accepted by Field Office” for almost a month. Though I’ve mapped my cell number which is given for Aadhaar with UAN, I’m not getting any messages about the current status. How could I find the current status. Please assist.

  • Vigneash says:

    Hi Sreekaqnth,

    This is the status that I could see, please advise what is CPAS wrong entry??

    CLAIM ID MHBAN171000043320
    RECEIPT DATE 14/10/2017
    CLAIM FORM TYPE Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)
    PARA DETAILS Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate
    STATUS Rejected
    REMARKS Claim-Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-MHBAN171000043320 Member id-MHBAN00484750000371243 has been rejected due to :- WRONG CPAS ENTRY DONE/OK

    • Dear Vigneash,
      CPAS stands for – Computerized Payment Accounting System.
      Not sure whether the wrong entry has been made at EPFO or at your ex-employer level.
      Suggest you to submit your grievance online to here

      Have you submitted the claim offline or online?

  • Roja says:

    CLAIM IDTNMAS171000029566
    RECEIPT DATE23/10/2017
    CLAIM FORM TYPEForm-19 (EPF Final Settlement)
    STATUSUnder Process
    REMARKSClaim Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-TNMAS171000029566 Member id-TNMAS00844240000000793 received on this-23-OCT-17 and is under process.

    CLAIM IDTNMAS171000029572
    RECEIPT DATE23/10/2017
    CLAIM FORM TYPEForm-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)
    PARA DETAILSWithdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate
    STATUSUnder Process
    REMARKSClaim Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-TNMAS171000029572 Member id-TNMAS00844240000000793 received on this-23-OCT-17 and is under process.kindly suggest what to do next?

    • Dear Roja..If this is an offline claim, the EPFO may take around 20 to 30 days to process your claim. Online claims means, they may take around 10 days to settle the claim.

      • amrut says:

        अगर offline claim किया है और receipt date show हो रही है तो क्या उसके बाद भी ऑनलाइन claim कर सकते है क्या ?

    • Amol Naik says:

      Dear Sir,

      Please help for my PF amount not yet receive. Kindly check and update below UAN number asap.

      UAN No- 100081452312

  • Ashish Garg says:

    Dear sir

    I have 2 UAN no’s. i have submitted offline docs to transfer my previous uan amount to current Uan pf. can u tell how much time it ll take? because i have submitted 4 months ago & still it shows under process.

  • Hanumanth says:


    I initiated the transfer request online and it is successful. It not generated any physical files which I need to submit at my present/previous employer. Is this Normal during an online process? Also, when I’m tried to check the status of my transfer, it is always showing an message “Something went wrong!!!Please try again after sometime!!!”. What is this? How can I check the status of my transfer claim?

    • Dear Hanumanth,
      I believe that your transfer claim has not been submitted successfully.
      You have to submit a physical copy.
      You can check the claim status as mentioned in the above article.

  • vivek says:

    Hi sir,
    I applied Pf in my previous company I got money only very low so I checked online it shows for form no 10c it amount settled and for form no 19 settled but returned what is the problem how to solve

  • suresh says:

    Dear sir,

    Claim ID : BGBNG170800029780
    Claim ID : BGBNG170800029777
    showing this there any confirmation given by pf office before claim settled?? kindly suggest what to do next??

  • Aman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have pending EPF with my two previous companies. Can i place the request for both of them at the same time to transfer the amount to the existing PF account?


    Dear Sir,

    iam applying pf form 19 & 10c my both form status .received on this-13-OCT-17 and is under process.Kindly check my form accept or not,and confirm how many days credit amount in my account.

  • Madhuri says:


    I have submitted Re-authorization letter due to change in account number, how many days it will take to get it settled.

  • JD says:


    I left my organisation 3 years back, now last week they signed gave me form 19 for withdrawal and I submitted the same to PF office. They rejected stating DOJ an DOL does not match with their records.

    My HR now gave me another date and signed the form again and I submitted the application.

    Today when I login to UAN portal I found that DOE is not updated in the UAN portal. It was left blank. Will they reject my application stating DOE is not matching their records?

    Is this the main reason for rejecting my application?

    • Dear JD.. For online Withdrawals DoE should be provided.
      Did they mention Date of Leaving in second withdrawal form? If so, there may not be any issues. You can track your claim status online as mentioned in the above article.

      • JD says:

        Thanks for your reply…I think you didn’t get my point..

        HR put a date in the application form for the first time as well. But when I checked my service records in the UAN portal that does not have a DOE.

        If I understand correctly, the service record information in UAN portal is what EPF has in its records. so I think they may reject my application my understanding correct?

  • Timmoti says:

    Dear sir
    I have applied offline 4 months back ,I got only one amount 2 months back still ididn’t get full amount , system shows payment under process

  • dushasan senapati says:

    Hi ,

    I have transfer pf online PF account DL/939549/3110 to PU/PUN/34224/195456 ,I have checked that claim status showing settled by NEFT but it not reflected passbook. Again i did transfer pf account PU/PUN/34224/195456 to my current employee.

    I have checked claim status the amount has settled in my current employer pf account only the current passbook amount previous employee. But the PF account DL/939549/3110 amount is not deposited in current employee pf account ,so could you please help how can I solve the first pf amount.

    Dushasan senapati

  • kheema says:

    DSNHP00188350000022763 has been rejected due to :- 15G/H REQUIRED./OK
    eska kay matalb hai sir 15g and 15h foram kaha jama larna hoga


    hello sir my name is arshdeep singh uan no 100654656288 maina sir 22-06-2017 nu form apply kara si us da 3 week baad ma epfo noida gal kari oh kehda paise dal diya hai par sir abhi tak paise account ma nahi aaya hai bahut war call kayi office ma wo har bar bol deta hai ki paise account ma dal diya sir plz sir help me 98140-749**

  • dushasan senapati says:


    I have transfer my pf previous employer to current employer online the amount is credit in my current employer but EPS(pension contribution) amount is not credited should I claim again.
    please suggest me.

  • kheema says:

    Hi, I have submitted PF Withdrawal Form on august 29, 2017 but still i have not received any information regarding the same apart from one message which was received on 04/10/2017 could not be verified due to mismatch in details. kindly update your details.

    mai pf office gaya to koi nahi bata raha ki kay porblem hai kaha ki 10 din mai aa jaega

    Grievance complaint karne se unka reply aaya

    “This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number DELSO/E/2017/12930.
    It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
    claim form received to this office and the same under process at this office level as soon as necessary action will be taken ”
    one month ten days ho gaya form submit kare

    • Dear Kheema..If the claim (assuming it as offline claim) status is under process then you may have to wait for at least 10 to 30 days for the EPFO to settle offline claim.


    Hi Sreekanth,

    I resigned my job on 10th August 2017 i have aadhar,pan,bank details seeded in the portal. When I tried to claim the amount an error showed up saying “Cant claim less than 2 months of exit date.”.

    I tried claim again yesterday i.e, 11th Oct 2017 and it allowed me to submit the claim ,I selected Form 19 for PF Final Settlement. Initially claim status is shown as “Under Process” but today when i saw its says “Claim Rejected” I am little worried here lately i was hoping to get my PF money back i have to get above 1lak. Can you please advise what to do? I have resubmitted my claim. But thought about asking you the suggestion.


    • Dear Shiv..Are you currently employed and contributing to EPF again?

      • Shiva says:

        Hi Sreekanth,

        Currently I am unemployed . I sent the same to EPF office and I got below response.

        member is advised to fill withdrawal form manually ( 10c ,19, (15 g if your pf amount is more than 50,000) get it attested by your company and submit to your regional pf office along with necessary documents(pan and aadhar , cancel cheque ).
        Your name should be mention on cheque and your uan must be activated if not please visit on link

        I am still not understanding even after bringing online facility why they are making the process complex.. Can you please guide me how to proceed further ? As I’ve already told my bank details aadhar pan were linked in the portal.


  • Madhuri says:

    Hi, I have submitted PF Withdrawal Form on September 20, 2017 but still i have not received any information regarding the same apart from one message which was received on 09/29/2017 stating it is under process, still how long it might take to get it settled?

  • VENKAT says:

    Couple of months back am applied PF final settlement ,Now status is showing “PF account ˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟˟1733 is approved for payment via cheque. Payment under process”

    How many days will take PF amount credited into my Account? Kindly advice

    • VENKAT says:

      Yesterday the PF amount credited into my account aganist of Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)

      When i will expect to receive one more credit aganist of Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)

      Both are applied same date and now status also showing Claim setteled

      Till not yet credit amount of aganist of Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)
      How many days will take credit into my account? Kindly advice

  • bhaskar ghosh says:

    10 years service is running & in my pf account employee share is Rs.117000.
    I have withdraw Rs.58000 for my sister marriage purpose in October 2017.
    Can I withdraw share for self marriage purpose when & how much?

  • Uday says:

    Hi Radhe,
    For full settlement the account must have the date of exit, once it is updated form 19 for full settlement will automatically unlocked. Tp update date of exit contact your HR

  • TILAK says:



  • Radhe says:

    Hii sreekanth,
    Just claimed my PF via form-31 online, also track status, which says- “Claim Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Natural Calamities) Claim id-GNGGNxxxxxxx Member id-GNGGNxxxxxxx has been settled. Payment sent on- 05-OCT-17 via NEFT”

    But not received in my bank account, how much time it takes to show in my account? where i can raise my concern if not credited ?
    Also only partial amount is settled, i think only employee contribution,!!
    how can i Claim my whole amount including pension amount !

    Please Reply!!

  • Dipen Bothra says:


    I received my PF amount 2 days back but haven’t received my Pension amount yet. The claim status reads “Claim Settled”. Does it get transferred separately?

  • Akash Jadhav says:

    Hii sreekanth again my form no 10c has been rejected by pf department. Right now I m not working any where then what could be the reason why again and again my form getting rejected. I already received my pf amount but I did not received my pension withdrawal amount and i worked for 1 year with precious organization. Waiting for your valuable reply guide me how to withdraw that pension amount. Thanks

  • Sayed says:

    It has been more then 2 days showing as claim settled but i dint get money in my bank account is there way to know what’s happening can anyone suggest.

    • Paul says:


      Check your Passbook and see if amount is showing in Withdrawal section. If yes, then play the wait game. It will come for sure. 🙂

      • Sayed says:

        Yes it’s showing in withdrawal section from employee side but it has been more thn 3 days showing claim settled but how would i get the amount of employee side do i need to apply again for that please clarify

        • Paul says:


          Since its debited it will be transferred shortly. Just wait for sometime may be a week or two. If still didn’t come you can raise concerns on same.

          • Sayed says:

            But u dint answer to my another question Paul about the withdrawal from employee n employer side

          • Paul says:


            It’s a question with no answer. In fact I am trying to find ans to same. If its advance which u took, then I believe they give 90% of total amount (excluding pension). But I have heard people saying they come separately. So, I am waiting to see if any amount gets deducted from Employer section or not. If it does, then amount will come. Else better to ask a PF employee. 🙂

          • Sayed says:

            Thanks Paul still waiting for the pf amount.

          • Sayed says:

            I got my pf money credited..

          • Paul says:

            Awesome. Enjoy now. 🙂

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