All you need to know about EPFO’s Universal Account Number (UAN)

  • kritik says:

    i am not alotted uan by rpfc yet and i want to resign and join new company i do not want to disclose my past employment record what should i do

  • Nayan shah says:

    My mobile no change

  • SUHAS says:

    Hi Sreekanth
    I have forgotten password
    i do not have the mobile number active and hence i wont get OTP
    i am trying the option of generating OTP by not receiving it on mobile number
    but, it is not verifying my details even though i am providing correct UAN ; name ; DOB

  • Manzi says:

    Hi SreeKanth,

    While Trying to activate my UAN I am not receiving OTP Could you please advise on this.


  • Shreyas says:

    Hi Sreekanth, I have been applying for PF advance claims for the past three times. All the time my claims have got rejected stating member name mismatch with submitted cheque details. All the documents have my correct name: UAN member details, Aadhar card, Bank account name all of which have the same name. Am not sure why it has got rejected again. I have raised a grievance about 4 days back and am yet to get a reply. What could be the possible reason?Also to note that when i view the pdf in the claim rejection reason, i see only my first name and middle name. I dont see my last name. What could be the possible reason? Does it have something to do with form 11 or something else that needs to be updated?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Shreyas ,
      Is there any mismatch in your name format as given in –
      UAN Vs. Aadhaar Vs PAN Vs Bank a/c??
      Plz check!

      • Shreyas says:

        Dear Sreekanth,
        Thanks for your reply. All my documents reflect the same name in the same format. I have not uploaded my PAN. But UAN, Aadhar and Bank a/c all are uploaded and have the same name and format

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Shreyas,
          Suggest you to wait for their reply..
          You may also check with your employer as well!

          • Shreyas says:

            Thanks Sreekanth! Hope i get a response to the grievance raised and hope it doesn’t go unattended

          • Shreyas says:

            Hi Sreekanth,
            I got a reply from Grievance stating the case has been closed and i could resubmit the claim and it can be processed. I had resubmitted the claim on the same day and today i get a claim reject stating the same reason as “Name mismatch with Bank details”. What do i do now? I there someone whom i could reach out to? I have also submitted my comments in the grievance.

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Shreyas,
            Is there any specific reason for not updating your PAN details?
            Did you also check with your employer for partial claim?

          • Shreyas says:

            Hi Sreekanth,
            At the time of joining , the employer had asked us to submit the aadhar card details, PAN was not asked for. But i have update that also now. What is continuously see in the rejection reason is that my name in the pdf that can be downloaded from the online status claim has only first two names of mine.We are unable to edit that as it is greyed out. My surname is missing in that. But all my KYC approved by the employer has all the three names of mine. In my UAN member portal also all my three names are visible.But only in the online claim status track it appears with two names. Where could probably be the error? What could have gone wrong Sreekanth? I have been repeatedly raising my grievance for fifth time .All rejected. Called up the pf office and they say i could re apply and it will be done but again i get a rejection. No idea as to how to tackle the proble.Nobody has a solution to this


          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Rakesh,
            By any chance is the concerned EPF regional office near to your place??
            Did you check with your employer if they can assist?

  • Nilesh says:

    Hi Sreekanth, my name is nilesh. My uan number is 1002599854**. however, my registered mobile is lost and my aadhaar number is not linked with my uan number. Therefore, I am not able to received otp and change my registered mobile number. What shall I do.

  • Sindu says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    Please find the UAN Number : 100356648945
    As I do not remember the password, tried using Forgot password option, and my registered mobile number is correct.
    However I do not receive OTP SMS on my mobile.
    Kindly can you provide assistance to resolve the issue or provide any reference materials which can be accessed for having the OTP issue resolved.

  • Swapnil patil says:

    My uan number-101414586887 i got massage-
    Your Online Claim Form-31 ( PYBOM200750044140 ) has been approved for Rs. 9900/- on 24-07-20 and shall soon be sent to your bank A/c ending with 0641. But today 27-07-2020 now also not come my EPF money in my bank account please sir check status…

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Swapnil,
      You will recieve it in few days! (2 to 5 business days from claim settlement date)

  • Swathi T says:

    Sir for registration of “Direct UAN Allotment by Employees” i give the phone number which one i registerd for Aadhaar but it showing like Already number is registerd like that but my father also use the same number for his EPFO’s that why its came like that are what i don’t understand ,Can u help on this

  • Lenga purty says:

    Inoperative account help desk . Didn’t


    Dear Sreekanth,

    Thanks for your response, my UAN & Aadhaar name is different,Can you please help me on this.


    Hi sir,

    When i tried to activate My UAN it throwing “Your Member name is not valid”and iam gave exact details which is mention in payslip but iam still not able to activate.Can anyone plz suggest me how to activate my UAN

  • Bhagwati Prasad Gupta says:

    Dear sir my UAN number 3 first UAN number Patrol Amount withdrawal second UAN No not activate second UAN number invalid not activate

  • sridhar says:

    thank you sir, after transfer can i take the loan from that or part withdraw which one safe and fast sir

  • Sridhar says:

    sir i am applied the my PF Transfer, min and max what time it will take sir

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sridhar .. It may take around 15 days..
      Kindly follow it up with your ‘selected’ employer to speed up the process..

  • Jagdish says:

    Hi Bro,

    Do UAN account expires , my last company has PF facility and now i dont, so just queries to know 1. if their is no deposition in my UAN account will it be closed. 2. is there any minimum duration in which i need to withdrew the amount. 3 if yes then in how many days i should withdrew the amount.


  • KAMLESH says:

    Can i generate UAN If my p.f account of 2011 .

  • Naresh vallepalli says:

    HI Srikanth,

    I have got new UAN number from the current employer and i have old UAN too.Once i activated the new UAN ,couldnt login to both the UAN accounts.I waited 2 days after changing the password but still the result is same.Even if i try to change the password also it is not working .whom should i contact.could you please help me.

  • Janani says:

    Hello, I tried checking my PF balance online but I’m getting the error- “Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PF/****/***”

    I have entered all exact the details correctly as mentioned in my salary slip, not sure what the mismatch is. Kindly help on how to resolve it. I want to check my balance and withdraw my PF amount ASAP. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Janani .. Kindly submit your grievance to EPFO online, (or) contact your employer regarding name correction.

      • Janani says:

        Hi Sir, There’s nothing wrong with my name. My name is correct in my PF account but still why am i getting such mismatch error? And do you have any idea if the would actually respond to grievances promptly and how long would it take? Appreciate you help !

  • Karthik says:

    is pf mandatory for an employee..?
    what exactly happens if company doesnt do the pf,hence no UAN exists…?
    how can we produce a new uan no..if newly joined company ask you for UAN number..?

    • Dear Karthik ..If a company does not offer EPF then an employee can not contribute to EPF scheme.
      You can generate new UAN by yourself if it is first time, else you may ask your company to generate one for you.

  • Santhosh says:

    Hi actually i have worked for a pvt company due to some misunderstanding from the Hr the PF has to be done in Grocery Firm but my HR has done in another firm now the company is closed and @ present where i am working the company doesnt have the PF, Kindly suggest me what to do and how to do??

    • Dear Santhosh,
      I am unable to understand this sentence ‘ due to some misunderstanding from the Hr the PF has to be done in Grocery Firm but my HR has done in another firm ‘.

  • KISHORE says:

    Hi I am working in Pvt company for past 3years I want to apply my pf but my company HR & manager not even singing into pf form any options is thy to apply driect in online from of office



  • nirmal says:

    I’ve joined new company . and want to continue same PF a/c with uan no.
    New company hr also deducted pf from my present salary.
    But last few days i can’t access my uan portal a/c.
    i need to mention my present company pf share works( can you tell me now what is the actual process)

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear nirmal,
      You have to continue using same UAN number but will get new EPF a/c from your new employer.
      Did you submit your UAN number to your new employer?
      Kindly check with them.

  • Rupesh Borkar says:

    I am unable to Transfer previous company PF to Present company PF.
    UAN was not created for previous company but it has created for present.
    while doing claim transfer i am getting error your Date of Birth Did not match with EPFO portal database.
    My previous not cooperating with me now.
    I have also submitted joint declaration form for DOB correction via my current employer.
    But still this error persist.
    Please suggest, is that any helpline number to discussed about this issue.

  • Bishal says:

    I quit my job a year back and haven’t joined any other firm yet so haven’t contributed to my EPF corpus. Can you kindly advise on the steps that I must take in order to withdraw it?

  • Sumit says:

    I have left my company in 2012. It’s more than 4 years now. I am not able to check my UAN status. I want to know my account details mainly which bank is registered. Can you please help.

  • Jani says:

    I changed my cell phone number.i didn’t get any messages form to activate the present cell phone num to EPFO num nd I don’t the UAN num also

  • anirban says:

    i have uploaded the aadhar card and bank account details in uan but its showing uploaded by member

  • Pushparaj says:


    I have my UAN and PF account linked with it.

    Recently I have changed company and they [new company] has added another PF account under same UAN (as they are claiming)

    But am not able to see any new PF account under my UAN [ideally after 3 month it should be visible still it is not visible and have completed 6 month almost in new company].

    When i go and to UAN website and check for the option

    “Previous Member ID “-> “List Your Previous Member ID ”

    And entered new PF account to get the details

    I got following error

    “Name against member ID entered by you does not match. Kindly contact to concerned EPFO office.”

    Kindly help what is going wrong?

    Is there any issue with name conflict in my new PF account and old one?


    • Dear Pushparaj,
      Probably yes. Kindly check with your employer.
      If the name recorded by the new employer is wrong, you may ask them to correct it/ask them to send name change request to EPFO.
      You have to then transfer old EPF a/c monies to the new EPF a/c.

      • Bhaskar Reddy says:

        Hi Sreekanth,

        My case also simalr to above, but my name was wrong in UAN portal from previous employer, In present company it is correct, but getting the same error whe I tried to get details for new PF in UAN portal.

        Is it possible to correct my name from current employer or I should go to previous employer?

        Please suggest me.

        Bhaskar Reddy

  • Pragyan says:

    Hi Sreekanth.

    I have two queries.

    1.In Update KYC link there are two bank account nos of two different Bank are linked. One is my previous organization salary account and another is current organization salary account. Can I delete Previous bank details as I am not using for transaction now. If yes please let me know the procedure.

    2. For the current Bank account I have just given the IFSC code and account no but have not uploaded cancelled check . But its been approved by my current employed. How do I upload the cancelled check there , because I could not see any edit option there.

    Kindly respond.


    • Dear Pragyan,
      Kindly check the required procedure details with your employer, as a self-employed person I do not have access to UAN portal and do not have the required info to provide to you.

  • ankita says:

    Is my last employment releasing date will be visible to my new employer through UAN?

  • kannan v says:

    can i know my register dob

  • Mallikarjun says:

    Is it possible by new employer to know the pf deduction by previous employer please let me know asap

  • Kuldip C says:

    Hello Sreekant,

    I was working with one organization in Pune from January 2011 to February 2013. Then I shifted to my home town Nagpur. After coming to Nagpur i send them PF form for withdraw. They provided me PF number to check status online, but that number also wrong. Now I contact them for PF number they again provided wrong number as well said UAN number not generated thats why I am not able to see PF amount online.

    What I can do in this scenario. I need PF money urgently. Can I send them any notice from PF office. What is the convenient way to get PF successfully.

    Please reply.

    Kuldip C.

  • Satheesh kumar Narayanasamy says:

    Dear Sir,

    My UAN number is 100340389***. Currently i have working new company they give one pf number. All pf amount withdrawal upto previous compnay. How to merge my current PF to my UAN number. I told to current HR about this. They does not help.

    Satheeshkumar. N

  • Ravi Kuzhanthaisami says:

    I have UAN (1003102923***)account where I could see that my DOB was updated wrongly. How to proceed this.

    Should be 01-Feb-19**

    Ravi K.

  • Patel says:

    how to activate employee UAN number ??

  • Premal says:

    KYC details not digitally approved by employer & it shows verification status pending & in UAN card it shows KYC: No
    Now my company is closed so what to do???Please help………

    • Dear Premal,
      Suggest you to personally visit your respective EPF office and try submitting withdrawal form, affidavit (declaring that the companies are now closed), PAN card copy, Cancelled cheque leaf & Form 15G (if required) . Kindly get the documents attested with a Gazetted officer (like Bank manager where you have savings account, MLA, MP, Tahasildar etc.,)

  • Mudit says:


    I have added a wrong PAN number on my EPF Member Portal and I am not able to edit it. I have tried logging in with aadhar but it is still showing no option to edit my PAN number.

  • Vikramjit Mandelkar says:

    Hello I have the wrong date of birth in the UAN portal i have requested to change the date of birth online .how can i check and get update regarding the date of birth has been change or not.

    • Dear Vikramjit,
      Did you submit the documentary evidence regarding the DOB to your employer? and they in-turn have to submit the docs to the EPFO.
      I believe that there is no online tracking facility to check the status, as of now.

  • Preety says:

    my previous pf account, uan login, pf transfer portal have same name.
    Now after marriage i have joined other company with name changed. new pf has changed name. also if i am downloading uan it has also name changed. however uan login, and pf transfer portal still have old name.
    What should i do, which name i should use for pf transfer under personal details option , and for pf withdrawal and all

    • Dear Preety,
      If you would like to continue with the new name then you have to submit ‘name correction’ request to your Employer/EPFO. You also have to enclose necessary ID proofs which reflects the new name.

  • yaswanth says:

    Dear sir ,
    I have already registered in the UAN (100209241078) portal. Unfortunately, I lost my mobile and does not have access to the phone number that is registered with the portal. Also, I don’t remember the password to log in, if I try with “forgot password”, the message will be sent to the lost phone number. Because of this I am unable to login and change the old number to new number. Please assist me here. thanka you sir

  • jay says:


    I have registered the my company name & PF linked to the UAN by myself.. Now company also registered the same.

    Now I can see both account on UAN.. Can you please let me know how can i delete which i registered by my self.


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