EPF UAN Name Correction online | How to update your Personal details in UAN? |New procedure

  • Venky says:

    I am trying to activate my UAN but getting message in the EPFO portal that “Name/DoB/Gender or Aadhaar is/are missing in UAN. Please contact Employer to complete the details”
    I reached out to my Ex.Employer but no response yet.. is there another option to get my details updated?

  • Aditi Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,
    How can i change my name in epf if uan is not active.

    • neha says:

      Firstly get your uan active, process available on google.it will take 6 hours to get updat. then you can change the details

  • Sanni says:

    Name mismatch problem uan not activating

  • Ashok says:

    Dear Srikanth,
    I need your advice here,
    My Aadhaar is already linked to UAN and after that i have update name under Aadhaar but UAN KYC section Aadhaar name still showing old name in it, rest other places updated. I tried Joint form submission but no help.

  • akash says:

    my epf account 10 year old. password change time aadhar seeding problam face from epf portal so suggest idea….
    empoyar not avilabe…

  • akash says:

    same problam

  • surya says:

    Hi Team,

    Unable to login in UAN due to mismatch name in EPF and Adhar

  • PH Chuthailiu says:

    Please help in updating name in PF as I have forgot my password

  • Aditya chavan says:

    dear team,

    May i know the process for name change if i forgot my password & my name differ from aadhar & pf name
    My name in PF Mr.Aditya chavan & my name in Aadhar Aditya Suhas Chavan

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Aditya,
      You may kindly calculate the GSV yourself using the following formula – GSV = (GSV Factor X Purchase Price) minus the total amount paid as annuity till the date of surrender The GSV factors for LIC New Jeevan Shanti are – 75% if the policy is surrendered in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd policy year. 90% if the policy is surrendered in the 4th year or after.

      Also, suggest you to contact your Agent or LIC branch for exact Surrender value on your Policy.

  • Sandeep Kumar Singh says:

    Update details pending requests cancel kar dijiye sir,🙏

  • aishwarya says:

    dear team,

    May i know the process for name change if i forgot my password & my name differ from aadhar & pf name
    My name in PF Aishwarya Subhash Ghorpade & my name in Aadhar Aishwarya Shekhar Dhamal

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    EPF UAN Name Correction | New Online Procedure

  • ahmed says:

    Dear Sreekanth Reddy:

    while we try for pf advance,
    there after, this error are showing ( invalid bank account number : kindly update your bank account detail through self mode or employee (DB) while i checked in kyc portal account number correct, but name are mismatched against current update kyc ,but i am unable to correct or change my name can u please advise me how can i resolve this issue go throw online …

  • Rina says:

    Hi Sir

    I have changed my name (new name – Rina R Mandaliya) in Aadhar card, PAN card, Bank and all other documents. But my PF account shows old name (Rina V Cherian)
    I requested twice for the name change on EPF portal (first in Nov 2021 and then in Jan 2022) but it was rejected saying to submit the hard copies to Delhi North office. I have sent the original (Declaration form, gazette, affidavit, aadhar-PAN card copies, Bank cancelled cheque cooy signed and stamped by my employer) to the EPF office (in Jan 2022) but no update from them.
    Please advice how can I get my name updated on EPF portal.

  • Sumit says:


    Subject: Name and DOB change in UAN.

    I have raised Grievance on 14th Jan 2022.as my ex employer doesn’t exist now.

    Then I have visited EPF regional office on 22nd and submitted the declaration form with Bank Manger stamped sign instead of employer.

    Note : I have all the documents proofs for my DOB and Name like ( 10th Certificate, Aadhar , Pan & Passport)

    But EPF has not any supporting documents for DOB and Name in UAN.Which was mistakenly filled by ex employer. And Now the company doesn’t exit also.

    Why should we employee suffer for the employer always.

    Expert – please suggest the way forward.As am not able to join the new company for the same.


  • RAJESH KUMAR says:

    father name correction kab karo ge . ? last doumeant 10.NOV



    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear VENKATRAMAN ji,
      Suggest you to kindly contact the concerned PF regional office and submit your grievance request.

      Related article : EPF Whatsapp Helpline Number for Grievance Redressal | Whatsapp Contact numbers of EPFO Regional Offices

  • r.manikumar says:

    sir , my name is R.MANIKUMAR name change in pf account as sur name full ramachandruni .manikumar but in pf acct. r.manikumar showing aadhar ramachandruni manikumar .full name .our farm shoutdown now .so how clear my problem in pf name correction . can u sugest me sir

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear manikumar,
      You may have to get your name updated either in Aadhaar or EPF UAN..
      Kindly make sure your name format is same across all other documents as well like PAN..

  • Subin says:

    In UAN my dad’s name is velayudham but my dad’s actual name is velayudhan should I submit for name correction

  • sukumar pradhan says:

    Dear Sir

    I am unable to withdrawal my PF amount due to my name not correct in UAN portal. after my name . in coming how can i change please advice me

  • Ashay says:

    Hello sir…My father’s name is invalid In Epfo website…we have updated and it is also approved by the employer.
    Employer has sent request for further procedure but is getting rejected and also kyc is not getting updated.
    Do you have any idea regarding time taken to rectify name? Pls help

  • Sumit Galhotra says:

    Hi Sreekanth, due to kyc validations I’m getting rejection msg as EPFO SMS Service.
    Your request to change Name/DOB/Gender in unified portal is rejected by EPFO field office
    Reason : one time already corrected.

  • Dinesh says:

    Hi my father name and relation is missing in EPF portal .I have reached my Hr and he has forwarded to concern team. How many days it will take to reflect my father name in EPF portal after they resubmitting the request.thanks in advance.

  • Radha says:

    Hello brother,
    My mothers surname is different in job and aadhar, now in pf website it is not uploading the aadhar details what can i do for this, is there is process with out changing the name in aadhar card?
    Please reply me
    Thank you

  • SUNEEL KUMAR says:

    Sir modify basic details not found now,how to correct my emp. name online,kindly suggest.

  • Shrikant Mhetre says:

    Aadhar not seeded in my pf account and also name incorrect. how to I withdraw pf.
    Name as per Aadhar Mhetre Shrikant Arunrao. but pf profile name is Shrikant Arun Mhetre

  • Lokesh says:

    Given aadhar number is incorrect in the EPFO, suggest how to correct it

  • murugammal kaveri says:

    hi sir… i forgot my password, i lossed my registered mobile number and not yet linked withaadhaar or PAN…. how can i solve my problems

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