How to update or change EPF UAN Account Mobile number online?

  • Rajini says:

    Hi, I have forgot my password and I clicked forgot password. Then I have given all the details but in Aadhar card my dob month is different, so I m not able to create new password and not able to login. Can I know what is the solution

  • Jitendra Chaudhary says:

    Mera uan login Nahi ho Raha hai 100760353278

  • Narendra singh says:

    Add to my aadhar number and password add please help me

  • Lourdhu Annal mary says:

    Adher link

  • Durga says:

    My UAN is not active. but I want to change my registered mobile number. is there any option to change?

  • sowmya says:

    i have changed my mobile number and when i am trying to login in forgot password its says aadhar not linked to UAN what is the procedure now

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear sowmya,
      Did you update the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar with the new one??

      • Durga says:

        I too also facing same issue. i updated the mobile number in my aadhar. but i didnt activate my UAN. with out activation how can i change my mobile number? is there any way to change?

      • Sumit kumar says:

        I am also facing the same issue.
        Mobile number changed and not updated in the portal. And when I go to forgot password, it shows Aadhar not linked. Kindly help how to login now

  • suresh kumar says:

    Hi Srikanth Sir,

    My Uan is active,I forgot my password,Changed my mobile no,Changed the company,My details are not matching,What is the option to it

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Suresh,
      You may get the details match between your old EPF account and current EPF ac and can then get the funds transferred from old EPF a/c to new one..

    • TENZIN says:


  • Makesh says:

    I am trying to activate my UAN continuesly showing that dob missmatch what will I need to do

  • Shrinivas Ekkuluri says:

    I’m trying to register my UAN number, i’m getting error “”Member name does not match with available data”. I tried to activate UAN with middle name, last name & first name


    i have changed mobile number but when i clicked claim form at online the mobile OTP will get old mobile registered number ..please help me how to solve it

  • Anees says:

    Hi Sree,

    I want to change my mobile number (linked mobile number is using by one else now) which is linked with UAN, unfortunately i forgot the login password to the UAN protal, when i am trying the other option by entering my details like Name, DOB and Gender getting error message as details are not matching. In this case what should i do for changing my mobile number. Please help me to sortout this issue. Thanks in Advance Anees.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Anees,
      You might be entering incorrect personal details. Kindly check with your employer and get the details (if required) as given in your UAN account.
      You may also submit your grievance to the EPFO via this link..

  • vidya says:

    i have 2 uan no i, 1 company i am exit last 1 year still i am working apollo campany have give one pf a/c & uan sir tell me previes pf fund trancfer my new a/c hi sir i try online fund trancfer

  • Srivithya says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    I am applying my PF through offline. I am sending 15 G as well. In 15 G form i see there is schedules to show up for dividends, securities held and interested earned. I have 5 year fixed deposit do i need to show it on any one of the schedules, if yes in which schedule. also it asks for estimated income of previous year will that be net income or gross income as per ITR-1. Could you please guide me on the same.

    • Dear Srivithya,
      Yes, you need to declare the fd interest income in schedule 3.
      Kindly read : How to fill Form 15g?

      You need to mention the expected income (including PF withdrawal corpus) for FY 2018-19 (if you are withdrawing the balance in Fy 2018-19).

      • Srivithya says:

        Hi Sreekanth,
        Thank you for your mail.
        The assessment year would be 2018-2019 right. Also as said before i hold 5 yr FD, but i am not getting interest for it now, it would be credited on the maturity time in this case how do i show it in line 23 along with the estimate of income earned in 2017-2018.
        Estimate income calculation would be salary income – allowance – professional taxes – deductions under 80c to 80g. is that right. Please do confirm on it.

        Thanks & Regards,

  • rashmi says:

    Thank you sir for your reply . I will talk to them . Thanks alot for your support .

  • Farhan Abaji says:

    Hello Sreekant,

    I worked in an organisation just for 2 months, and i had to resign . I do see that PF number in my UAN service history and also can view the passbook. But, can I withdraw the of a company if I have only worked for 2 months? If no hen how can I use hat money.
    My DOE is not mentioned on UAN when I am trying to transfer that PF to my current PF, its not giving me the option to do it, it rather gives the option of the older PF account which is already settled. So please guide for a solution

  • rashmi says:

    hello sir

    i want to withdraw the pf but as i am facing difficulty in applying online (“final payment settlement” is not coming only advance payment is showing) so i decided to go to pf office . The thing is my pan card is not updated online . so i update it online but it is in pending for approval . My query is if i go to office and there i will submit the pan card photocopy and withdrawl form then any tds will deduct or not. My service is less thn 5 yrs and amt is above 50k . Pls do reply sir

    • Dear rashmi
      Mostly your ex-employer might not have updated your Date of Exit and Date of Joining in your service history. Kindly contact them. Once they update these details, you will get to see the options for EPF withdrawal (Form 19) and EPS withdrawal (Form 10c).

  • Karthikeyan Shanmugam says:

    When I check PF status yesterday it showed “Under process ” . Again now I checked it shows “Not available”. Could you please tell me will they approve my PF partial withdraw?

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