Online EPF Withdrawal Facility : Details & Procedure

Online EPF Withdrawal facility has been one of the long-pending requests from the EPF members. At present, the turn around time to settle EPF withdrawal claims is around 30 days. In some cases, it goes beyond 30 days.

Online PF withdrawal facility can end the tedious paper work that it presently needs and make the process a lot simpler for EPF members. The EPFO has been planning to launch the online PF withdrawal facility for the last one year or so.

Good news is finally out.. Today, EPFO has released a press notice that henceforth all EPF Member’s who have activated their UAN and seeded their KYC (Aadhaar) with EPFO will be able to apply for below claims through employees UAN interface / portal directly ;

  • PF Final Settlement (Full PF withdrawal)
  • Pension Withdrawal Benefit (EPS withdrawal) &
  • PF Part Withdrawal (PF Loan / advance)

The physical processing of the above three claims form around 80% of EFO’s workload (claim-processing). So, online PF withdrawal facility may prove to beneficial for both EPF members and EPFO’s employees.Online EPF withdrawal portal UAN Aadhar Bank account EPF online Claim EPS PF advance loan pic

Online EPF Withdrawal : Details & Procedure

Below are the pre-requisites to submit online PF claims ;

  • UAN & Mobile Number : To avail online EPF withdrawal facility, you should have activated your UAN (Universal Account Number) and the mobile number which is linked to your UAN should be in working condition.
  • Aadhar : Your Aadhar number should have been seeded in EPFO website.
  • Bank Account : Your bank account and its applicable IFSC Code should have been seeded with your UAN.
  • PAN : Permanent Account Number (PAN) should also been seeded in EPFO database for PF Final settlement claims in case your service is less than 5 years. (Read : ‘EPF Withdrawals & new TDS rules‘)

How to withdraw EPF & EPS balance online?

  • You need to login to UAN portal (member interface) with your credentials.UAN portal login for online EPF withdrawal url link Provident fund claim pic
  • Kindly check your KYC details whether they are correct and have been verified.
  • You have to select relevant withdrawal claim namely ; EPF full withdrawal (and / or) EPS withdrawal claim (or) EPF advance.EPF balance withdrawal online PF advance loan EPS online withdrawal procedure link url pic
  • You have to authenticate online PF claim using OTP (One-time password) received against the mobile registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to complete the online claim submission. So, your mobile number linked to your UAN and Aadhar should be one and the same.
  • EPFO will get your e-KYC (Aadhaar) credentials from UIDAI and processes your online PF claim.

An EPF member can complete the whole process online. As per EPFO, for online withdrawal facility, there is no need to interact with your employer / EPFO staff. The claim submitted by you would flow in soft form to EPFO database where it will be processed and your bank account will be credited with the claim amount.

For onlineEPF partial withdrawal, you are not required to give any supporting documents. Member’s applying online will be taken as his / her self-declaration for preferring the advance claim.

EPFO says that with the launch of this online EPF withdrawal facility, the settlement of PF claims can happen within few hours. Let’s hope this new provision proves to be useful and beneficial to all the EPF members.

(Kindly note that for ‘Online EPF transfer’ & ‘EPS Withdrawals’, seeding of Aadhaar number to UAN is not mandatory.)

Latest Update (27-June-2018) : EPF Subscribers who resign from their service can now withdraw 75% of their total Provident Fund (PF) kitty after one month from the date of cessation of service. This will be considered as a Partial PF withdrawal (Advance).

Members will continue to have the choice of withdrawing the entire / balance amount, if they want to close the account, after two months , provided the member is unemployed and/or do not make any fresh PF contributions.
Currently, the EPF Scheme allows Final withdrawal (full withdrawal) only after two months from the date of cessation of employment of the members.

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(Post first published on : 01-May-2017) (Source & Reference : EPFO’s Press Release)

  • Abhishek Chandra says:

    Locality in address can only have max 30 characters including alphabets, digits, spaces or special characters(&'(),-/).

    How tp get rid of this error while filling the e-nominee for

  • slot qq says:

    slot qq

    New Online EPF Withdrawal Facility for PF & EPS Claims

  • Mukesh Soni says:

    Hello Sir, I’m trying to submit my PF claim at unified portal since last 20 days but unable to do so. At final step after submitting the OTP it says ‘ unable to submit claim data due to some technical error, please try again later’. What could be the problem. Kindly let me know.

  • Utpal Dutta says:

    Sir,i retired in feb 2020 But i am not getting my pf as my date of birth in adhaar mismatches dob in service book.i am not able to correct dob of aadhaar as dob in adhaar editable only onece in lifetime.sir pls help me to get out of this problem.

  • P Sudhakar says:


    I will be 61 years in April 2021. My contributions towards EPF and EPS started in November 2013 and they are being reflected in Employees Pass Book regularly without any break. As on date, I am still working. During Corona pandemic last year in June 2020, I withdrew 90% of EPF before retirement. Since, I still have some balance amount in my EPF, I again applied for 90% advance before retirement, which was rejected for the reason, I have exceeded the permissible limits.

    Please advise on the following:

    EPF final settlement – Which form should I use?
    EPS amount withdrawal – Since I have completed only 8 years of service, I am eligible for full settlement of this amount accrued in EPS. Which form should I use?

    Who will approve EPF/EPS final settlement (May be employer). What is the criteria for applying. My KYC is current with EPFO. Is it online or offline.

    Per rule, employees crossing 60 years of age cease to contribute towards EPF/EPS, as I will be treated as a contract employee, but enjoying all benefits except EPF/EPS deduction. As I am still working, please advise on this status.

    Thanking you in advance and appreciate your time.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sudhakar ji,

      1 – Form 19 for EPF withdrawal claim
      2 – Form 10 C for EPS final settlement (withdrawal claim)

      You can apply through online mode (both EPF/EPS).

  • guest says:

    Hi Dear , Please help ,

    While I am applying for PF WITHDRAWL, at the last after getting the “VALIDATE OTP N SUBMIT CLAIM” I am getting below error.

    Noe:My UAN n Aadhar mobile no.s are SAME . All details are same.

    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature for e-KYC XML (it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority) And Claim Not Submitted On Portal, Please Try Again Later.

  • RRRRRRRR says:

    i also face one problem like Error while verifying service details ..please solve my problem …


    since yesterday I am trying to upload my pension form 10d, but always I am getting a message ‘error while verifying service details. what should I do? maluchuru vijaya bhaskara reddy

    • Manoj says:

      Hello Vijaya Bhaskar,

      Was this resolved.. I’m facing the same error. Not sure why this happens.. Please let me know how if you were able to resolve.

  • JOICE says:


  • swapna says:

    I have quit my job 60 days back and I could submit EPF withdrawal claim, but when I try to submit claim for EPS, getting message “total service is greater than or equal to 9.5 years or service length is less than 6 months.” I have 9.6 years total experience. Now what should I do about my EPS money? Kindly advise.


    Hey Sreekanth, what an amazing website and what a competent advisor that you are!!! Tell me how to resolve the E03: Scheme certificate does not exist or Invalid Scheme certificate number issue. I encountered the same while submitting Form 10D. Incidentally I believe the certificate no is same as my PF account no and I used the same number for certificate and submitted Form 19 successfully. Please assist me to resolve ASAP.

  • GIRIDHAR says:

    I have with drawn my 2nd company amount and the 1st comapny was pending since 2014. I tried to caim, but was able to see only 2nd comapny account while submiting the claim. Can you please suggest.

    • Neelakandan says:

      Hi Giridhar

      Ideally, you should have transferred 1st company PF first into the latest 2nd company. Then you could have withdrawn both amount together. As far as I know , you need to file offline claim thru your 1st employer

  • Parth Dhruvkumar Shah says:

    Hi Sreekanth , your posts are really helpful for me. I was able to use it and execute. Though there is one query , which i did not get answer anywhere. I have worked for 4 years with one employer & 4 months with the other employer. ( last job) . I can see both accounts and relevant balances in pass book . But under claim ( Form 19 – 31) , i am able to find only one account ( Last account). What should i do ?

    Note : I have not moved my old account under one account scheme.

    • Neelakandan says:

      You should file transfer claim of first company into second one,. Then file withdrawal claim for accumulated amount.

  • Nilay Basak says:

    Hi Sreekanth , I need one help . I have been trying to submit the Claim for PF + pension but After giving all the details , when I am clicking ” Validate OTP and Submit Claim Form” Its not working . I have tried several times with different browsers but had no luck . Why this is happening and why its not letting me to proceed ? Please suggest and help

  • Pratik says:

    I have to apply for epf withdrawal but for FORM 19,10C & 10D is not available there. My previous employer already updated the DOE.
    Please Help

  • rama says:

    i want a help regarding online pension form submission. i cant submit it online it need scheme certificate no and i dont hv the same.

  • kvg says:

    I am retired Senior Citizen (retired an 17 months back. My family pension portion is unsettled. Online submission for gives

    EPFO: Collect Online Claim Receipt
    Unable to reach CIDR servers. Url – 56 And claim not submitted on portal, Please try again later
    Validate OTP and Submit Claim Form
    Enter OTP *

    The above error is there always whenever I submit, I am trying since last few days. Please advise

  • Raju says:

    When I tried to raise claim, it shows error while aadhar authentication. Service not available, please try after some time.

  • k seshu kumar varma says:

    WHEN I AM APPLYING PF. IT WAS SHOWING Locality in address can contain alphabets, digits, spaces or special characters(&'(),-./). BEFORE SUBMITTIBG OTP.

  • BHARAT says:


  • krishna says:

    dear sir, my pf account is not marge how can I withdraw my bf I have 2 accounts still am working…

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Krishna,
      What is the error that you are receiving?

      If you are currently working and contributing to EPF scheme, you can not withdraw funds. Have to consolidate your EPF accounts..

  • Karishma says:

    As Your Establishment is exempted in pf plz submit your withdrawal case to concerned trust
    Please suggest me for this error

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Karishma,
      Your ex-employer manages PF through their own PVT trust, hence you have been advised to contact them for claim..

  • Rakesh says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    I have 10 + years of service and I wanted to do PF partial withdrawal for construction of house. I have seeded by bank account and aadhar verified, however the Pan is not verified due to full name mismatch in It dept. Will I be able to do PF partial withdrawal online?

    Thanks in advance
    Rakesh s

  • Pavan Kumar Kulkarni says:

    Hello sir,
    Submitted to online portal on: 30-jul-2019.
    Sent to field office on: 31-jul-2019.
    Current status is showing: under process.
    What does this mean. When can I get my amount credited.All my Aadhar, Pan are verified and online withdrawal is done as per procedure. Kindly let me know when can I expect my amount in my account.
    Thanks. Pavan

  • Lohith says:

    I am applied for pf withdrawal ,my stage is under process when i saw that time one message appear fill e nomination form and profile pic .

    My question is :-
    Can i edit this ?
    Pf is under process can i edit this ?
    Please solve this issue as soon as possible

  • Asha says:

    I have applide for a pf advance of 50k and after that I got a messege like only 5k is approved. Why??

  • Gaurav Kumar says:

    Sir more accont mai 2 of no the Maine preSENT PF KO WUTHDRAWAL KIYA LEKIN Previous ko transfer nahi kiya.maine present ko withdrawal kai baad previos ko presnt wala mai transfer kar liya.transefe to ho gaya lekin kya ab wo withdrawal hoga Kyuki present wala sai withdrawal kar chuka hun

  • Rajiv S says:

    Hi Dear Officials Please help,

    While I’m applying for PF advance, below error is showing and message is not deliver to Aadhaar attached mobile number.

    “Error: Please check file Properties/input values , Client Id, keys, Password.”

  • Rajeev says:

    Hi Dear Officials Please help ,

    While I am applying for PF advance, at the last after getting the “VALIDATE OTP N SUBMIT CLAIM” I am getting below error.

    Noe:My UAN n Aadhar mobile no.s are different .

    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature for e-KYC XML (it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority) And Claim Not Submitted On Portal, Please Try Again Later.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rajeev,
      I guess, when we get Aadhaar done, we would have given a mobile number right, that mobile number and the one which is updated in UAN should be the same to receive OTP.

  • SHRADDHA says:

    if pf sdvance form filled and amt gets credited what will be the impact of this.

  • Yogesh says:

    Hi ,

    I am getting the error while applying claim for form 31 “OTP verified but the data available against the UAN in system is not matching with the data available with UIDAI(AADHAAR).

    Please suggest

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Yogesh,
      Kindly check if your personal details like Name format (surname, middle / last given name), Date of birth, gender etc are matching or not, between EPF UAN and Aadhaar..

      • deepak saini says:

        hi sir,
        I apply for advance pf (form 31). but the claim rejected without mentioning reason. I wrote mail to epfo. they said that there appears to have got certain changes/modifications done in the Aadhaar details with UIDAI leading to the error message due to mismatch with UAN data.

        In view of aforesaid, it is requested to get the changes/modifications done in the UAN in consonance with Aadhaar details. The member may use the following link in this regards:

        Kindly use the Tab Manage — Modify Basic Details at the URL

        but when I tried to modify my basic details, message shows ” aadhaar is already verified, your details are not editable.”

        please help
        Deepak saini

        Please mail the answer at”deepaksaini**”
        I shall be highly oblige.

  • Azhar says:

    Hi sir I resigned my job and applied pf four times it got rejected, my portal page is showing only form 31 and I can’t see form 10/19c and every time I apply it shoelws error if left the service member may submit withdrawal claims, please suggest me what should I do.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Azhar,
      Mostly, your ex-employer might not have updated the Date of Exit/Dated of Joining under Services history menu tab. Kindly check with them.

  • Hirendra says:

    I have left my job 3 months ago and now not working anywhere. How can I get my epf amount of my two previous employers? While trying claim epf amount only last service is showing.

    Please help

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Hirendra,
      You may get the funds from your two previous EPF accounts (consolidation) to your latest one and then can apply for full PF withdrawal.

  • Kalpesh says:

    Hello sir,

    I have withdraw pf under portal epfo but not able to withdraw pension amt in online no option showing of form 10c. Kindly help me how can i withdraw pension amt. Exit date is also mentioned.

  • Kalpana says:

    Halo Sir,

    I worked for an organisation from Nov 2009 to Oct 2018 (8 Years 11 months). I want to claim (withdraw) both EPF ans EPS amount.
    While trying to do it online, after verifying my bank details it is giving me only 2 options in drop down i.e.a) Only PF withdrawal and
    b)Only pension withdrawal, composite (both PF and EPS) option is not available in drop down.
    My KYC is completed. Please assist on how to go for claim ?


  • Mohammed Asif says:

    hi Ashish,
    i have two passbooks so i would like to withdraw my previous company PF. it is showing mentioned below

    Something went wrong! Please try again later!!!

  • Ashish sharma says:

    Hi, need help, when i go to uan website and try to claim it only shows me form 31, not form 19 an 10, i am currently working with my new company so do i need to transfr pf from old to new pf no, will it give me then option of form 10 and 19 or do i need to to leave my current job and sit idle for 2 Months to withdraw my pf

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Ashish,
      If you are currently contributing to EPF scheme, you can not make full PF withdrawal (Form19/10c).

      Suggest you to get your old EPF ac funds transferred to your current EPF ac.

  • lakshmi says:

    Hi. Last week we claimed PF online(illness as option) and we also received the amount. Today for the same of account, when we try to claim again, it says AADHAR is not linked to Phone # or email id. We did not do any changed and we also verified the phone # and email in however still it shows AADHAR is not linked to Phone # or email id. Coyld you please help how to claim the of now.

  • Lakhya Bikash Borah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing a big issue with my previous employer and not yet able to witdraw my PF & EPS amount. I had worked in my last organisation for 4 yrs 09 months but due to immediate joining in my current organisation I fail to complete 90 days notice period for which my PF & EPS not yet settled. Kindly suggest how can I get my own money ! HR of the orgsnisation not helping me for the same.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Lakhya,
      Suggest you to settle this issue amicably with your ex-employer.
      Request them to make final settlement, update the Date of Joining/Date of Leaving.
      You may then transfer the funds from your previous employer to latest EPF ac (if employed again), else you can withdraw the funds online.

  • Palash says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am getting an issue while claim epf amount of my past organisation. While trying claim epf amount only present service is showing but no past service is not showing.
    But under services tab, my past as well as present services are showing.

    Please help.


  • AMARJEET says:

    Thank you, sir, Very informative article its help a lot

  • Abhimanyu Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    In my UAN portal, PF pension withdrawal option is not indicating, only option is there of PF advance and i need to withdraw or transfer my last PF pension, please suggest..??

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Abhimanyu ,
      Mostly, your ex-employer might not have updated the Date of Exit under Services history menu tab. Kindly check with them.

  • Suraj says:

    11 months back i had applied for PF withdrawal, I got my PF but not full amount. I got to know that i have to complete 2nd stage of PF withdrawal i.e. 10C form but it is not showing on my EPFO account so what to do?
    Please help me

  • Joshi says:

    Hello Srikanth,

    I just submitted the online application of EPF withdrawal under medical reasons. The form didn’t have any options for uploading required documents. So, at what stage I will have to provide the proofs?

  • vinay says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am unable withdraw advance money with form 31, but its showing EXCEPTION: PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. I have to tried lots of time but showing same error again and again.

  • Hari says:

    hi All,

    Please note,

    Date of exit of previous employment updated, still am unable to get option “PF withdrawal”. Am only getting “PF advance” option.

    Please help me on this.

  • Rattan says:

    Hi Santosh,

    I submitted form 19 and 10C.. Form 19 got settle, now Form 10C status is showing Rejected with status as – REJ PL submit along with Form 19.
    But when i am trying to claim again, its only showing 2 option- Only PF withdrawal and Pension Withdrawal.

    Could you please guide, shall i re submit the Form 10C or there is another way to go.


  • Gagan manglore says:

    Im not able to withdraw pf n pension amount it says it still in pENDing but the claim is rejected im not able to withdraw anything the pf and pension button is freezed
    Its been more then 2months i quit the organisation but other then pension none of the option to withdraw and could u help me with this query after getting claim rejected why is it still says pending

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