Online EPF Transfer | How to transfer PF funds to another EPF account Online?

If you are a salaried individual and contributing to EPF scheme then you may be aware of EPFO’s OTCP (Online Transfer Claim Portal). PF subscribers have been using this online portal for submitting online EPF transfer requests (transfer of PF funds from previous EPF account to new EPF account).

However, the EPFO has recently launched a new facility for submitting EPF transfer claims online. This new provision has been provided through EPFO’s unified member portal interface.

What is EPF transfer? – When you (EPF member / employee) change your company, instead of withdrawing PF amount, you can transfer EPF balance to your new PF account. You can transfer EPF funds either through offline (or) online mode. If you submit EPF transfer claim online, the entire process can get over in just few days. It is simple and easy!EPFO Circular on online EPF transfer facility OTCP member portal pic

Online EPF Transfer Facility : Pre-requisites

Below are the pre-requisites to transfer EPF online through Unified EPF Member Portal ;

  • You should seed your Bank account & Bank IFSC Code details to your UAN (Universal Account Number). These KYC details should have been verified by your ex-employer.
  • Seeding of Aadhaar is optional for online EPF Transfer Claims.
  • Your Date of Joining (DoJ) and Date of Exit (DoE) with reason for ‘Exit’ in the previous Company should be available on Unified Portal.
  • Kindly note that only one transfer request against the previous member ID (EPF a/c) can be accepted. (In case, you have multiple old EPF accounts then you can consolidate your EPF accounts using – ‘One Employee – One EPF account‘ facility.)

How to transfer EPF online through Unified Member Portal?

Below is the step-by-step procedure to do online EPF transfer ;

  • Kindly visit Unified Portal (member interface). Login with your credentials (UAN ID & Password).EPFO Unified Member Portal for online EPF Transfer online EPF withdrawals
  • Click on ‘Transfer Request‘ under ‘Online Services’ menu tab.EPFO Unified Member Portal for online EPF Transfer online EPF withdrawals one employee one epf transfer request pics
  • You then need to select and provide the details of your previous EPF account (previous Member-ID). You have the option to submit the online EPF transfer request to your ex-employer or current employer (for attestation). You need to provide previous Member-ID or UAN number in the respective field. In case, your EPF account number format is an old one, you can generate Member-Id (in new format) by clicking on ‘Get MID’ option.Online EPF transfer from previous EPF account Member ID to current EPF account current Member ID UAN pic
  • In the next step, you need to click on ‘Get OTP’ to authenticate your online EPF transfer claim request. Kindly note that an OTP will be sent on UAN registered mobile number only. Enter the OTP and click on ‘submit’ button.EPF transfer online request claim OTP on UAN registered mobile number
  • You are then required to submit the signed copy of the online PF transfer claim (PDF document) to the selected employer within a period of 10 days. (Somehow, I believe that they should have done away with this offline work!)
  • Your employer may then digitally approve your EPF transfer request.

Latest news (11-August-2017) :

Your PF account will be transferred automatically when you change your job….(w.e.f Sep, 2017)Chief PF Commissioner, EPFO. (Source – The Times of India.). The Adhaar number should have been seeded with UAN and it should also have been verified. Kindly read – “Detailed procedure on Auto-transfer of EPF account on change of job | How to stop an auto-initiated EPF Transfer Claim?“.

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(Post published on : 24-July-2017)

  • Sanjeev Raikwar says:


  • Santhosh says:

    Hi Skreekanth,

    I have two UAN for my Previous and Present employer.
    With my previous employer UAN – under service history, I have Previous employer details correctly updated. But my present employer member is getting differed with my one in payslip.

    When i try for online transfer I am getting below error,
    invalid present pf a/c number. in case if pf a/c in trust differs from member’s pf a/c number.

    Kindly help me, how to resolve this?

  • SKS says:

    “details of previous account are different than present account”

    What to do with this error messge while transfer

  • sachin navale says:

    my claim rejected for PF tranfer from my previous org to current with below reason.

    1)Member is not eligible for EPS membership, submit clearfication by employer
    2)fathers name differs

    father name is exactly matching in both the company not sure why they mentioned this

    Even my previous and current organization is not a trust , so not sure what 1st reason of rejection.

    can you please guide how should i approach this?

  • Sudhakar says:

    My former employer has closed the business and has not updated my DOJ and DOE in the PF account, I have a new PF account with the same UAN but I am unable to transfer the previous PF balance to the new account. Please suggest what I should do.

  • Kuntal ojha says:

    I have an old ÙAN along with my current UAN. The old UAN is not active.
    1: Do I have to activate first before initiating ‘One member One Account ‘
    2: The DOB is also wrong ( one month difference)…. Can my old company change the DOB from its end.( The old employer has mailed me to change the DOB by Self service.) and then carry out one member one account with existing UAN.

    Any other legal way to take out my money from the old UAN.
    Please guide and help.


  • Rakesh Kumar Jhankal says:

    While we try to claim PF amount for one of our employee at initial stage Aadhar verified by UIDAI and the Aadhar linked with the UAN account. When we try to claim the amount at the final stage it sent the OTP for claim but showing the following reason “OTP verified but the data available against the UAN in system is not matching with the data available with UIDAI (AADHAAR)”. But we hadn’t make any correction on AAdhar. Kindly help me to find a solution for this issue.


    While I try to transfer previous PF amount to current PF account at the final stage it sent the OTP for claim but showing the following reason ” Form Tempered”

    Kindly Suggest.

  • Priyanka says:

    I am getting error while entering the member ID. “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

    Kindly suggest.

  • Radhika says:

    How to withdraw my two pfs under one UAN. Kyc verified ,aadhar verified, when applying claim form it is taking only one pf account.plz suggest.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Radhika,
      Did you get the funds transferred from previous EPF account to the latest one??

      • krishna says:

        I am even having the same issue , can u help

        i have two epf’s linked to 1 uan …Can i withdraw current epf amount ? and do something to withdrawn the old epf linked to same uan ?

  • Manivannan says:

    “failed to verify mid” I got this error when I try it.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Manivannan,
      MID is your Member ID (EPF account no).
      You may try after sometime.
      Are you trying for Transfer or claim withdrawal?

      • Manivannan says:

        I am trying to transfer

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Manivannan,
          Kindly check if your previous EPF account is maintained by a PVT Trust of your ex-employer..

          • Tirath says:

            Same situation!
            I am also getting the same error when I type in MID. My EPF account was maintained by the previous employer.

            Also, When I put UAN, it says “failed to verify UAN” please advise.

  • nidhi jain says:

    the status for my request is Accepted by employer. what are the next steps?

  • Nishant Pruthi says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Need your expert comments

    I joined Kotak in Sept 2014 and left the organization in Feb 2017, my pf number was MH/BAN/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I joined new Organization (ANZ Bangalore) in Mar 2017 and they opened another pf number within same UAN, I left the ANZ in May 2018.
    After that i moved to Toronto, Canada.
    I recently did the PF Withdrawal online through EPF portal but i got just the balance from ANZ pf account number
    So as of now balance in my ANZ pf account is 0 and my Kotak pf account has over 3 lacs.

    My understanding is that pf was not transferred from “Kotak pf account” to “ANZ pf account” when i changed the organization. Although Both are under same UAN.
    Now that I have withdrawn ANZ pf so i am unable to initiate the transfer from one epf acc to other acc.
    So my ques is, only option left is to withdraw PF manually through Kotak Mahindra Bank or i can do that online as well.

    I submitted an online request through”One member one epf account” using option ” Attestation through present Employer” and now claim status shows “Accepted by field office”. I do have a tracking ID there as well.

    Earlier it was showing as ” Accepted by present employer” and now changed to “Accepted by field office”

    When i reached out to ANZ; the office person told me to reach out to Kotak and do the process manually but seems like , online transfer is working

    Can you comment on this issue.

    Please assist.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Nishant,
      If your latest EPF account (ANZ) has been settled (final settlement is done) then I am not sure if the funds (Kotak EPF ac) will get transferred to your ANZ EPF ac..

      If it does then its a new learning to me as well!

      In case, if it gets through then how can you submit final settlement again for the EPF ac which is already settled?? (sorry for cross-questioning!)

      In case, if it does not get through, you may kindly contact Kotak team, can submit offline withdrawal request. If your Aadhaar/KYC has been seeded then you can submit claim form to the concerned EPF regional office directly as well.

      Kindly read : New EPF Composite Claim Form | Single Page Form for different types of PF Withdrawals (Full / Partial)

    • Kiran says:

      Hello Bro,

      Is your PF transferred successfully?

  • Marushka says:


    I have recently joined a new organisation in January 2019.

    My online PF account only reflects my 1st employer history. The 2nd and 3rd employer details aren’t reflected. This is my 4th employer and I’m unable to initiate a Transfer in request.

    Who should I contact to view my previous employers history?

    My name appears in the list of employees under the respective Company search option of EPFO.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Marushka,
      Are the all EPF accounts been linked to same UAN? Did you consolidate your EPF accounts (transferred the funds from previous to latest EPF ac?)

  • Gulam says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Thanks for your wonderful post.

    I worked for an employer from 2012 to Aug 2018 lets say A and then joined company B(PF under Trust account) from Sep 2018 (will be resigning this month) and will join Company C in Mar 2019.

    Currently I can see Two PF accounts under my UAN account and I never raised a request to transfer amount from A to B and I don’t know if its done automatically.

    So my question is, Since B is trust account I cannot see the balance in PF passbook (1) How can I know my balance In B passbook? and (2) Is there anyway to know if it includes my balance amount from company A?

    If B doesn’t have A amount included, then once if join C (3) Can i raised a transfer request to move A to C and B to C?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Gulam,
      As this transfer is from Unexempted EPF ac to Exempted to EPF ac (Trust),
      you can get this done online thorugh member portal.

      Kindly go through this link..
      Yes, you can do that way also as mentioned at the end of your comment.


    when i open my UAN account, I would see present employer details where they created new PF account under same UAN number.I could see my previous employer details and current employer details but error is getting like below.

    Online Transfer claim request cannot be processed as :- Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    In my First employer PF money contributed regular till my Last working day but current employer created PF account and couldn’t deposit payments in PF account(in feature also they don’t deposit payments).Now I am unable withdrawing money from 1st company.If I change to 3rd company can I get money from 1st PF account? it means can I make online PF transfer from 1st pf account to 3rd PF account?

    any one pls suggest me.kindly help me.

  • RAMKUMAR says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I recently joined to my new company on 28th Jan 2019 and my last working day in previous company was 25th Jan 2019. Now when i open my UAN account, I would see present employer details where they created new PF account under same UAN number. But I could’t see my previous employer details and transfer option too.

    I see be error in the bottom of the same page

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :- Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    I have 2 questions here

    1. Will this issue get resolved once my current company start depositing PF amounts to the UAN/PF account?

    2. I already submitted partial PF withdrawal from my Previous Company PF account on same UAN. Will this request will process through or not?

    Please help me on this.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Ram,
      1 – Yes
      2 – If it is partial claim (and if eligible), it will be processed.
      After few days, you may try transferring the funds from previous EPF ac to current EPF ac.
      Is your previous EPF ac maintained by the Pvt Trust of your ex-employer?

      • RAMKUMAR says:

        Thanks Sreekanth for the information.

        Previous EPF was maintained by ex-employer only.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear RAMKUMAR,
          For transfer of funds from a Pvt trust to non-trust, you may contact your ex-employer and submit the transfer request..

          • Ramkumar says:

            Hi Sreekanth,

            Now my PF transfer request shows “Accepted by employer”. May I know what is the next state and how many days will it take to complete transfer request.

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Ramkumar ..It may around 7 to 15 business days (as per my observations..). Keep a track of your claim and Passbook entries.

          • Ramkumar says:

            Hi Sreekath,

            I have raised PF transfer request and it got accepted by my current employer on 9th April 2019. After that there is no updated on this. Any way I get information about the current status? Please help me…

  • R Prem Sai Reddy says:

    I’ve initiated online transfer (using EPFO website) of PF from my previous organisation (unexempted) to current organisation (exempted) on 18-Jan-2019.
    The status of this transaction is still showing as ‘Submitted’. I’ve submitted the ‘Form 13’ in my Previous organisation too (attestation to previous employer)

    Do my previous employer needs to approve the transfer request? They were saying like there isn’t any necessity of approval in online process. Is that true?

  • Amit Gandhi says:

    Hi Sreekanth

    My current Employer pf account is with Trust. When I applies to transfer/merge (from older to current) these accounts.

    After i provide PF No. (Trust) in following format

    I get following error,

    “Invalid present PF A/C number. In case if PF A/C in trust differs from member’s PF A/C number, then maximum allowed length is 20. Please enter valid data.”

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Amit,
      I believe you need to contact your ex-employer and get the funds transferred through offline mode….

    • Puspadhar Gogoi says:

      I think Your ex ememployer has Put wrong date of exit in your epf portal .Contact your Ex Employer.

      • Amit Gandhi says:

        Thanks both of you. It was a system validaton glitch, it worked finally.

        • Raj says:

          i am also getting the same error.. how it was resolved for you?

          • Amit says:

            You can try different browsers after clearing the cache, browser history.

            It requires PF no. for your current account as mentioned in your payslip. For example for me it was GNGGNxxxxx by default.
            So For trust PF no. i had entered like GNGGNxxxxx
            and for EPF no. I had added GGNxyyyyy. Make sure it is as per the required format.

            The other possibility is that your ex-employer had entered wrong exit date as mentioned by Puspadhar.

          • Tarun says:

            Hello Amit, I am also getting same error. My EPS and EPF numbers are different. By default I am getting the EPS number in that box. After entering PF number, it is displaying the same error of maximum 20 Characters.
            My PF number from trust: GNGGN000XXXX0000XXXXXX.

            Did you remove all 0’s?

          • Parmesh says:

            Hi Tarun, I am also facing the same issue. Did you get the solution?
            It would be great if you can plesae help…

  • Kiran says:

    I have two PF accounts (same UAN). I am trying to transfer, after selecting “Attestation through Present Emplpyer and Entering UAN, I am not getting any any details upon clicking ” Get Details”. I have the same mobile number updated in Aadhar and UAN portal. Please help me.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Kiran,
      Kindly check if your previous EPF account is being administered by a PVT trust of your ex-employer..

  • Nagaraj says:


    I got two UAN numbers and old UAN having having two employer which having issue with date mismatch. But, they have not given date of exit for withdrawal. Both the employers are not responding for the above issue and it’s not allowing me to transfer either due to account mismatch error. Kindly guide me for the mentioned issue.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Nagaraj,
      Your Employers have to co-operate with you and update the DoJ/DoE details for the respective EPF accounts. Kindly follow it up with them..

  • M. V. CHAVAN says:

    Sir my transfer claim is Accepted by employer . what is next stage.

  • Dhairya Chaudhary says:

    Dear shreekanth,

    I have two pf member ids, I want to transfer my old pf into new one. I chose attestation through present employer, I sent hard copy with signature to present employer. But the previous employer is denying to confirm it.
    What should I do?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Dhairya,
      Any specific reason for non-cooperation?

      • Dhairya Chaudhary says:

        Yes, actually he asked me to sign resignation letter. But I denied because he has 30k arrear due of me. He wants me to forget arrear and then he will approve for pf. Its totally harassing

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Dhairya,
          You may submit your grievance to the EPFO about this via this link..
          If the issue is not resolved, you may let your ex-employer know that you may escalate this issue with the concerned Labor court. (I am assuming that your final settlement/arrears have also not been settled…)

          • Dhairya Chaudhary says:

            Yes you are correct, he is adamant to not giving arrear. Even he say you do whatever you want. As he has company he has lawyers also. Will it be easy or should I forget my arrear amount.

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Dhairya,
            That YOU need to decide..

  • Ambica Mohapatra says:

    Sir I was working in one company previously he allotted me one UAN number.I left that company and joined another company. Instead of creating new UAN number new company started using same UAN number for my PF amount. Now I want the whole PF amount of previous company. Is there any way to get it? Please suggest me sir.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Ambica,
      As you are currently employed and contributing to EPF scheme, you can not withdraw full PF.
      Suggest you to kindly get the funds from your previous EPF ac to current EPF ac (if not yet done).

  • Ambica Mohapatra says:

    Sir,how many days it takes for advance withdrawal of PF?

  • basheer says:

    i have left my previous company on 11/2/2009 and i have not claimed my PF. My
    previous company is already shutdown. I do have my old PF no.Request you to guide me to withdraw my PF.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Basheer,
      If you are employed and currently contributing to EPF Scheme, you can get the funds from your previous EPF ac transferred to the latest EPF ac.
      If you are unemployed then you can withdraw the funds.

      Suggest you to contact the EPFO via Inoperative Helpdesk facility.
      If possible, you can also contact the concerned EPF regional office (where you old EPF ac is administered) and get the funds transferred.

  • Ajeesh says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    Do you have any idea about why the epf site showing error FORM PARAMETERS TAMPERED

  • Rophy Philip says:

    I was working with a chennai based limited company 15 years ago. There was a pf deduction on my salary. How can i claim my pf amount since i dont have any PF number or any salary slip available and moreover the company already been shutdown. I dont have any documents available to claim my pf amount. Please advise whether i am entitled to get back the amount or the case is closed for ever.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rophy ji,
      Do you know/remember which EPF regional office used to take care of your EPF contributions??

    • Rophy says:

      T nagar chennai and
      Company name was niche risk advisory services pvt ltd.

      • Sreekanth Reddy says:

        Dear Rophy ji,
        You may try visiting the office in person, can inquire about the unclaimed PF funds based on your ex-Employer Company name. If they do not respond, can file an RTI..

  • Karan Singh says:

    My UAN No is 10002240xxxx.
    The last I worked was with Employer B from 11/2015 to 08/2016. Recently, I could apply online for final PF and Pension settlement. The same however did not allow me to choose the Member ID/PF No. It by default was auto-filled with the last i.e. of Employer B. The claim was settled and has now been credited to my bank account too. The updated Passbook now clearly shows the contributions made by both me and the employer, and the balance which now stands as Zero after the claim.
    Before that I worked with Employer A, from 03/03/2014 to 01/10/2015. The DOE for Employer A has been updated just two days back, wasn’t mentioned before (there was never an issue with the details pertaining to Employer B). The PF Passbook for this clearly shows the contributions made by both me and the employer.
    My concerns are as follows:
    • How can I apply separately for Employer A as well, when the form doesn’t allow me to fill or select the member ID/PF No (as I said, it automatically is auto-filled with the last one i.e. of Employer B)?? I cannot register/activate Employer A separately either, as it says this (UAN 10002240xxxx) is already activated.
    • If the provision of claim is only for the last Member ID/PF No and not any other from before, and I hence need to transfer first all previous balances into the last one before claiming for final settlement, how can I do that when the ‘One Member one PF – Transfer Request’ option is not letting me do it giving me the error message “Online claim request cannot be processed as: – Present employer has not made payment in your PF account”??
    Kindly suggest.
    Thanks and Regards
    Karan Singh

  • Deepak says:

    Hi Shreekant,

    I am currently not working in India. I was working in India till June 2017. but my PF account is credited with interest on March 2016. and interest is credited after that, could you pls suggest how to fix this?

  • Bhima says:

    When I generate MID in EPFO site and click on ‘get details’, I am getting below error.
    ‘Failed to verify MID!!! Please try again later!!!!’.
    even I entered correct PF account number. Could you please help me how to tackle this?

  • Swarup Das says:

    Hi sreekanth,
    I have Claimed for online EPF transfer from previous to my Present EPF Account. Claimed ID showing that Settled on 02/03/2018 but till now not reflecting on my present EPF Account. I want to how many days need to transfer one pf to another pf account? & what should be the next Step to khow about my preveous pf Current status.

  • Rehman says:

    Hi sreekanth,

    Tis is rehman.i have previuosly worked in two companies for which my UAN is same but when i logged into my UAN portal it shows two different pf numbers from my previous two companies. I am not in the service with those companies anymore. Is it possible to merge those two pf accounts to withdraw my complete pf amount?

  • Rahul Singh says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    Good day!!
    Is it really necessary to send the Form 13 signed copy to the designated employer chosen.I can see above where few ppl have not done that and can see their claim transfer status changed to “Accepted by Employer or so” under epfo portal.Can you please clarify if this is really needed otherwise what is the need of online submission of this process if we still need to send the hard copy signed?

    Please revert back to me with your comments asap

  • Karan Parekh says:

    No previous employment details found against this UAN.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Karan,
      Kindly check if your previous EPF ac is maintained by a Pvt trust (by your ex-employer) ??

      • subbarao says:

        Hi sreekanth
        mine is the same case.what do you mean by Pvt trust.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear subbarao,
          Kindly note that your Organization can be an Exempted establishment or Unexempted one. A company having its own trust for provident fund is exempted from getting it self registered with the Provident Fund Authorities. So, if your employer has their own Trust then your monthly contributions get deposited with the Trust and not with the EPFO.

    • Pratik says:

      Check in the member portal if it has DOE(Date Of Exit) updated by your previous employer. If not make them update it and try again from the new uan for the transfer.

  • rohit says:


    My old epf account details is not showing under online pf account transfer Tab. How can I transfer my old pf into in pf account.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear rohit,
      Mostly your previous EPF ac is maintained by the Pvt Trust of your ex-employer. Kindly contact them.

  • Ar says:

    Im unable to initiate the transfer. For ‘Attestation through ‘ Previous/Present its saying invalid member ID or UAN. Every time its giving different error message. Even of I choose Present Employer and UAN ID, error message says ‘previous employer ID wrong’

  • Hina says:

    I want to transfer any PF amount into my new account and I don’t have member I’d how to get that please advise. When I click on get MID I get 3 optios namely enter established I’d 2 enter extensions 3 enter a/c no.

    Can you advise what I have to fill in these options

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Hina,
      Member Id is your EPF account number.
      You can find it in your Payslips (previous Company’s).
      Also, you can contact your ex-employer and get the details.

      You can go through this article about the EPF account number format..

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