How to check online if your Company has deposited EPF dues?

All the companies (establishments) which employ 20 people or more have to compulsorily deposit EPF dues every month. After deducting the Employee Provident Fund from the employee’s salary, the employer HAS to deposit the money with EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization).

It is a crime if an employer does not deposit the EPF money. An employer can be jailed if they fail to deposit the EPF money with EPFO.

Most of the big companies or MNCs might be very prompt in depositing EPF money, but this may not be the case with all the Small & Medium Establishments.

I have received few queries on ‘companies not depositing the EPF dues’ and queries on ‘how to check if the employer is actually depositing the EPF money after deducting the amount from the employee’s salary’.

If you have linked your UAN with Aadhar, you can receive monthly updates of PF credits to your mobile number linked to your UAN.

There is another online provision provided by the EPFO, wherein an employee can check if the company is covered under EPF scheme or not. Using this online facility, an employee can also check if the company has been depositing the EPF dues on a monthly basis for all the employees who are covered under EPF scheme.

If you are employee contributing to EPF then you can also check if your name appears in the list of employees for whom PF dues have been paid on a monthly basis.

How to read your EPF Account number?

Before discussing about the online provision, let’s first discuss on EPF Account number format.

Old Format Example:

KN / 1234567 / 7654321. KN (Karnataka) here denotes the State in which EPF office is located. ‘1234567’ is Establishment code (company code – Max 7 digits) and ‘7654321’ is your EPF account number (max 7 digits).

In case if your company has one or more branches they may mention it along with the Establishment code. For example: KN/1234567AAA/7654321. In this case ‘AAA’ is the extension number.

The EPF old format was based on the 22 states available with corresponding 2 characters of region code, as listed below.EPF account number old format region code pic

New Format:

New Region Code / EPFO Office code / Establishment code / EPF account number is the new format.

For examplePB / CHD / 1234567 / 7654321. PB denotes for Punjab, CHD for Chandigarh PF office, 1234567 stands for Establishment code & 7654321 is your EPF account number.

How to find the Establishment code for EPF Account?

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Services‘ tab and select ‘For Employers’ option.
  • Scroll down to ‘Services’ section and click on ‘Establishment Search’ option.
  • Enter your company’s name (example – Infosys), key-in the captcha code and click on ‘Search’ button.


  • Click on ‘View details’ of your establishment.

View Establishment Details EPF contributions pix

  • For example, if you are working for Infosys – Electronic City – Bangalore office then KN/0010088 is the old region code followed by Establishment code. Where as PY/BOM/0010088 is the new format.

EPF Establishment code EPF account format

  • Also, you can observe that the establishment code in the above image is shown as ‘PYBOM0010088000 – PY stands for Peenya (new region code), BOM stands for Bommasandra EPFO office, 0010088 is the establishment code and ‘000’ is extension number (which is blank in this case).

How to know if my company is depositing EPF dues?

How to check if your name appears in the list of Employees for whom PF dues have been paid or not;

  • Let’s continue with the above ‘INFOSYS’ example. As an employee of ‘Infosys’ you would like to know if your employer is  depositing the EPF dues to the Trust maintained by them on a monthly basis, click on the ‘View Payment Details’ link under the Validity Status section.Employer's EPF contribution payment details pic
  • To view EPF Member names (Employee names), you have to then click on ‘No of Employee’ figure in the new window. Select the entry which has the latest ‘date of credit.’

PF Payment details EPF Amount latest pic

  • Once you click on the ‘no. of employees’ link, you can provide your name in the ‘search box’ (as shown in the below image)If your name appears in the list then your company is depositing the EPF money in your EPF Account with the Trust/EPFO.How to check if my name is in EPF roll or not pic

You may kindly go through my latest article on the above topic with up-to-date Screenshots @ How to check if my Employer is depositing EPF amount with EPFO / Trust?

I hope this post is informative and useful. Continue reading other EPF related articles;

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(Post published on : 30-May-2016)

  • Chandan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I changed my company Oct 2018, and i had initiated online EPF transfer from my OLD PF account to new PF account.

    OLD PF Regional Office : Bandra Mumbhai EPF Office.(Trust)
    NEW PF Regional Office : RR Nagar, Mysoreroad EPF Office, Bangalore.

    Now the problem is, My online transfer claim is being shown as settled over online and it reflect’s in my old PF Passbook as well, but the amount was not transferred/deposited to my new PF account,,,!

    I am tiered of following up with both the regional PF office’s no response or resolution have been provided yet.

    I reside in Bangalore, and i won’t be able to go to Mumbhai EPF office to check on the same, hence i been raising online greivence request to them but no proper action been taken, they just say your claim is settled and doesn’t ans why it is not depositted in my new PF account.

    When i go to my new PF regional office and check them, they say they haven’t received any communication from bandra, mumbhai EPF office…!

    SO i am lost now, how can i get this issue resolved. I would have ignored the PF amount if it’s small one but it is almost 4lac amount, and i can’t just give away tht amount as it is huge for a typical middle class person like me.

    Appreciate your help/guidence on how this issue can be resolved…?

    Thanks and regards

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Chandan,
      May I know, what do you mean by – it reflect’s in my old PF Passbook as well, but the amount was not transferred/deposited to my new PF account,,,! ??

      As your old EPF a/c is maintained by your ex-employer’s Pvt trust, suggest you to kindly first check with your employer on this transfer claim..

      Do not worry, your funds will be safe!

      • Chandan says:

        I mean, my old PF account amount was deducted after I initiated online amount transfer and it reflects in passbook, but it was supposed to be transferred to my new PF account.. which has not happened till date.

  • yogesh kumar solanki says:

    sir my pf not transefar
    3years old

  • Lakhan says:

    dear sir,
    3 years
    My EPF balance around 34000
    EPS balance around 17000
    Total amount of PF around 51000
    have take TDS or Not?

  • Pabitra says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had resigned the Organisation from 2011,but how can i withdrawn my pf balance

  • Suman says:

    Hello Mr. Sreekanth,
    Good article indeed. I wish to know if state government (WB) school teacher department doesn’t provide any PF no how should anyone will collect it from EPFO.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Monica says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    I followed your article, I can see my employer(establishment) details but the records shown on the page are only from 2015. It shows money they have deposited since 2015 till date. I would like to see older records as I worked for them during 2013-2014. Please guide me how can I see old records. Appreciate your time. Thanks.

    • Dear Monica,
      I think old records are not made available online. Are you planning to withdraw old EPF balance? Are you currently employed and contributing to EPF scheme.

      • Monica says:

        Sreekanth, thanks for your response. I am currently employeed but my current company doesnt have PF deduction. However I want to withdraw PF money from my previous employers which are 4 to 6 year old. Also I had gap in between changing companies. I was unemployeed for more than 6 months in between. Please advise what is the best method to see all money from all employers together and withdraw it. Online or offline. Please guide.

  • Sarvesh Amrutha says:

    excellent post. keep continuing good work.

  • Vinay says:

    Good article but instead of this the easy way to check the EPF deposits in UAN site as well .

  • Raj says:


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