EPF a/c interest calculation : Components & illustration (Employees’ Provident Fund)

  • Ranvir Singh says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    You have covered the complete topic very well. Kudos to you, for that.

    I have an additional query for you. This relates to final withdrawal within 36 months of resigning from the last job, and not picking up any job thereafter, and thus no contributions during this period. However, interest is accrued and credited, as per rules. Now, once the balance amount is withdrawn fully, how will the interest on the amount be calculated in the paying year? This is with keeping the fact in mind that the agreed rate of interest by the government is declared much later after the end of the financial year. And, if the payment of interest is done based on the rate of interest of the previous FY, then does one get arrears later in case the interest is increased for the following year. Also, what happens in case rate of interest decreases? Since the account gets closed in EPF books, how is the individual contacted in both these cases?

    I will be thankful, if you can address this issue.

    With best wishes,
    Lt Col Ranvir Singh

  • Shashank says:

    To all the Accenture folks who are facing the “REJECTED AA EMP REQUEST” issue, let me inform you why this actually happened. So, if your basic salary is below Rs. 15000, you are eligible for the Pension Scheme/EPS. Under this, the Employer Contribution of 12% is split into two parts – 3.67% for the PF part and the remaining 8.33% for the EPS part. So, what actually happened that Accenture credited the entire 12% in the employer PF part. So now, EPFO is rectifying the mistake made by the company. But the process that they are following is incorrect. Incorrect HOW you ask? Well, they are deducting the amount TWICE and then later crediting just ONCE.
    You might have noticed that the PF entry for certain months is missing from your passbook and then there is REJECTED AA EMP REQUEST debit. By doing this, they have basically deducted the amount twice. So even when they are crediting the amount by splitting it in Employer PF and EPS part, the sum total for Employer PF contribution would still be negative.
    Now comes the question of what can be done? Well to be honest, not much. I have raised atleast 20 grievances on their portal and they give the same explanation and then close it. On escalation, the head branch of EPFO gave me the reason that due to Covid there is a shortage of staff, so they’ll look into it later. It’s been almost an year and there is no progress.

  • Lokesh says:

    Looks like Accenture has done mistakes/errors. A lot of people from Accenture are having negative epf balance.
    Wanted to get update from you guys, did you receive your money back or not ?

  • Sandip says:

    Dear all,

    I have got multiple below mentioned entries in my PF passbook and a huge amount has been debited from my PF account what could be the possible reason? Appreciate your assistance.
    OB Adjustment- ( OTHER_APPENDIX_E )- AUTO ADJ

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sandip,
      As per comments from other readers (who have faced similar issue) –

      ” I raised a grievance in Grievance portal. I got a reply that records are updated for FY end reconciliation activities and will get corrected at end of FY audit. So hopefully in few months we should know….”

      You may also submit a grievance request to the EPFO via this link and/or check with your employer as well on this..

  • Sandip says:

    Dear all,

    I have got multiple below mentioned entries in my PF passbook and a huge amount has been debited from my PF account what could be the possible reason? Appreciate your assistance.
    OB Adjustment- ( OTHER_APPENDIX_E )- AUTO ADJ

  • Ronit says:


    How was this EPF amount deduction issue resolved?

    Thank you

  • Alex says:

    I was working for company one for 5 years and was on break then. After 1 year i joined another company two. i was working for company one till April 2018. ( After 36 months (April 2021) this will get inactive and will fetch no interest)

    If i transfer epf from company one to company two , will i continue to get interest
    (after completing 36 months in April 2021) since i will be transferring to account which is active (company two).

  • Chetan Chawla says:

    I left Accenture in 2018 same is with me that in statement showing ob adjustment, can you tell me is there any solution for this till now.

    • xyz says:

      Even i have faced this same issue. I did raise the grievance. But no response received. Nearly 15 k amount is deducted. Please somebody suggest what to be done.

  • Avinash says:

    My contribution to EPF is 3858 but my employer contribute 550 + 1250 (EPF + EPS)
    Why is the difference.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Avinash,
      Did you check with your employer?

      • Avinash says:

        Yes, but no use.

        Actually it’s a School, does this change anything as they are contributing same for all the teachers i.e (550+1250) even if their contribution is 1800 or more, like few teachers contribute 6000 and more but employer contribution is fixed.

  • Supriya Shrivastava says:

    Hi All,

    Even i faced the same issue. Around 28k got deducted from my previous employer(Accenture) PF balance with these OB adjustments. And this happend when i created a transfer PF request and that too got rejected by field office due to the reason that ECR revision is pending and father’s name mismatch. Do anyone have any idea about ECR revision and? Did anyone got their deducted amount back. Kindly help what to do next!!

    • Suman Roy Chowdhury says:

      Same issue faced by me. Around 23k got deducted from Accenture PF account (previous employer) and my PF transfer rejected due to same ECR and father’s name mismatch issue. I have sent a mail to Accenture regarding the ECR revision as I think that is their fault and waiting for their response. Parallelly, I have registered a grievance to EPFO for the deduction showing in the passbook and waiting for their response as well.
      According to me, this is not related to the transfer, as I can see from the posts here, many people who are facing the issue did not initiate the transfer yet. The date of deduction showing in my passbook is 3rd August, 2020 which I think is the same date for many of us. I think it is an issue between PF office and Accenture and nothing can be done from our side. But for record purpose, we can contact Accenture and can raise a grievance to the PF office.

      • Bhagya says:

        What can we do ?? How can we get money back?

        • Mounika Lakkakula says:

          Hi Bhagya, there is nothing we can do from our side. The adjustments are internal activities between the employer(Accenture) and EPF office. Over 50k has been deducted from my account on 3rd of August. When I raised a grievance to the PF office and Accenture, they said I will get my amount back. But, they didnt tell me when I’ll be getting it back. However, I got half of the lost amount credited to my PF account on 4th of September. Can you check your PF account and let me know if the same happened with you?

          • Aditya says:

            Hi Mounika,
            I am facing the same issue but as you said you have got half of the money, please check again your passbook.
            They have deducted the amount for FY 15-16 and credited the the same by dividing into 3 category Employee, Employer and Pension BUT when you check your passbook for FY15-16 dates preciously you will see they have removed all of your amount for FY15-16. So we have yet to receive full amount not the half.

          • Mounika Lakkakula says:

            Hey Aditya, I am taking into consideration the balance amount which is present at the top of the passbook page in my PF account and adding it to the Pension component. I had the note of the balance which I had previously before Aug3rd. Now, when I see, almost half of the lost amount has been added up in September leaving the rest of the lost amount unpaid. I raised a total PF withdrawal request before August 3rd. That’s when I took note of the amount in my PF account. I am just comparing my balance before deduction(i.e., before Aug3) and after deduction on the whole.

          • xyz says:

            Hi Mounika,

            No amount is credited to my account . And there is no response from Accenture and EPFO grievance is closed with comment necessary action to be taken. Am unable to understand what else to be done 🙁

          • Lokesh says:

            Is you problem solved ? I am facing similar issue. Please guide me

      • Mounika Lakkakula says:

        Hey Suman, there was a deduction from my PF account between 3rd and 4th of August. And on 4th September I received half of the deducted amount into my account. Can you check your passbook again to see if the same happened with you as well? I think the revision activity takes place every month around 3rd or 4th. Im expecting my remaining amount to be credited this october 3rd or 4th.

    • Mounika Lakkakula says:

      Hey Supriya, this happened to me as well when I created a PF transfer and withdrawal request with my previous employer Accenture. My withdrawal request was rejected stating that ECR revision is in process. I googled about ECR. It is electronic challan cum return. I think it is something related to adjustments.

  • Avinas Patro says:

    Hey Guys, I have the same problem. My PF accumulations is not at 50 % after OB Adjustments.

    I have been planning to transfer my Accenture PF account to my current employer. Please suggest if I should initiate a transfer at this time or wait for these discrepancies to be corrected ?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Avinas,
      Advisable to get the transfer done after sometime.
      Meanwhile, kindly check on this with your ex-employer as well!

    • Mounika Lakkakula says:

      Hey Avinas, even if you initiate the transfer request, it will be rejected by them with the comment “ECR under process”.

  • Wasim pasha says:

    Dearf Sreekanth,

    I have got multiple below mentioned entries in my PF passbook and a huge amount has been debited from my PF account what could be the possible reason? Appreciate your assistance.
    OB Adjustment- ( OTHER_APPENDIX_E )- AUTO ADJ
    TRRNO #~#3101504009013 MMYYY:42015 REJECTED AA


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Wasim,
      Looks like there is some ‘rectification of accounting entries’ going on.. not sure if this is a technical glitch.. Suggest you all submit a grievance request to the EPFO and also check with your employer(s).

      In case, you get a ‘confirmed’ information, kindly share it here, can be useful to other readers.

    • Mounika Lakkakula says:

      Hey Wasim, the same thing happened to me. However, I got a response from the EPFO team that the deducted amount will be credited to the pension balance from the PF balance soon after getting some approvals from their end. This happened due to their account discrepancies. There is no action needed from our end. So, no need to worry 🙂

      • Wasim says:

        Thank you for the info mounika. Nevertheless I have raised a grievance in EPFO portal and yes I contacted Accenture PF team. Awaiting there response.

        • rameshbabu subramanian says:

          how to raise grievance i too lost some 78 k

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear rameshbabu,
            You can submit your grievance via this link..
            You will not lose your Funds, kindly dont worry!

          • Mounika Lakkakula says:

            Hey Ramesh, did you get some amount credited to your account this september 4th? I received half of my deducted amount on the said date. I’m assuming that the revision activity will be conducted probably the first week of every month. So, I think I’ll be receiving the other half this october.

      • Sreekanth Reddy says:

        Thank you dear Mounika for sharing this info!

      • Sonam Gupta says:

        Hi Mounika, I have lost a lot of amount to OB Adjustment.. what to so?
        I am an ex-accenture employee.

    • Rohit says:

      Same issue faced by me. Did anyone received the PF passbook update with the correction details?

      • Mounika Lakkakula says:

        Hey Rohit, did you receive half of the deducted amount on 4th of September?

        • Rohit Kumar says:

          I have received the amount which was deducted for 11 months as a cumulative amount on 4th of September. So the negative and positive makes equally now. But for the months which has been deducted it’s still showing zero amount for 11 monthS and still my 28k is not added.

    • rawat says:

      hi wasim
      have u got the solution of your issue plz confirm

  • Mounika Lakkakula says:

    Did anyone receive any reply for the OB adjustment deductions from the PF office??? Over 50,000 has been deducted from my account.

    • Himanshu Singhal says:

      I received the reply that Employer (Accenture) had not deposited Pension Fund Contribution (Rs 1250 p.m. ) due to which money shall be diverted from PF to pension fund from Employer contribution and all entries will be corrected shortly.

      • AshishTalreja says:

        I left Accenture company in 2019 and I see many entries with negative amount in all entries, should I raise a grievance request or it will be corrected automatically.

        • Mounika Lakkakula says:

          I left Accenture a couple of months back. I got the same response as that of Himanshu’s for my grievance request. Looks like this has happened only to employees linked to Accenture. Is there anyone who is not linked to Accenture in any way?

  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    I have also got same issue what Himanshu and Prateek have explained. I have raised grievance to the EPFO and it is also with Tushar Wankhede:)

  • Deepak Singh says:

    Sames issue what Himanshu and Prateek have explained. Does anybody know about it?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Deepak,
      Suggest you to submit a grievance to the EPFO..You can now contact them on their new Whatsapp helpline number as well..

      • Deepak Singh says:

        Thanks Srikanth, however the wassapp number for Bandra is infact the landline number. Which is not reachable most of the times, rather always. The OB adjustment looks to happen for quite a few people as it seems. Please address. Thanks for being the voice.

    • Mounika Lakkakula says:

      Hi Deepak, have you got any information about it?

      • Deepak Singh says:

        Hi Mounika,
        I haven’t got any revert as such. That’s said I feel okay that I am not the only one who had this incident.

        I have raised a grievance on EPF grievance site.

        • Mounika Lakkakula says:

          Thank you for the response Deepak! Please let us know if you get any further info 🙂

          • Mounika Lakkakula says:

            Hey Deepak, have you initiated your PF withdrawal claim recently? I resigned from my job and have applied for the withdrawal and currently, its status is “under process”.I’m just trying to figure out if this has happened only to people who have applied for the withdrawal.

          • Mani T. says:

            Hi Mounika, I am currently working with Accenture, haven’t initiated any withdrawal but the same happened with me, `50k got deducted from my PF Account on 16th Feb 2021. Have raised the same to Accenture Payroll and have also initiated a grievance with the PF department, awaiting a response.

  • Himanshu Singhal says:

    Hi, I got multiple entries as OB Adjustment on 3rd Aug 20 as – ( OTHER_INTEREST )- INT AMT AUTO ADJ
    TRRNO #~#3101504009013 MMYYY:42015 REJECTED AA
    EMP REQUEST and amount of approx Rs 1 lakh is debited. Also the balance is now showing less by about Rs 2 lakh. What can be the reason?

  • James says:

    Hello Srikanth.
    You have explained it very nicely. How the interest in PF is calculated after resignation and not in job for one year. Is it calculated on the total amount of PF or considering the last basic salary pf contribution amount.

  • pavan says:

    I withdrew my EPF about 2 years ago but a year later I got this in my Particulars: I got a credit of this money in my employee and employer particulars.


  • nidh says:

    Thanks for wonderfully explained step by step!
    There is only concern.. how it works when one changes organisation and transfer PF, how interest calculated on that years contribution? there is mismatch if i use same formula.

  • Vinod says:

    Hi Sreekanth.. Your Blog was really helpful. I got answers for all of my queries. Only one confirmation I need is—– My current balance PF balance is around 34,000. I will withdraw the amount strictly after retirement(easily after 05 years). The amount will easily be more than 50,000. Will i need to update PAN under KYC of PF?? Actually I am unable to update PAN details under KYC of PF due to name mismatch. Awaiting your response.

  • ramesh says:

    This question is on PF contribution rate in companies with less than 10 employees.
    Is it mandatory in this case to restrict employee contribution to 10% instead of normal 12%? Also, if the employee contribution is considered at 10% how is the EPS and Employer contribution split? will it be 8.33% and 1.67%. Please clarify

  • Sharanappa says:

    Hi Sreeknath ,

    How PF interest will calculate ,If a person working last 12 years in the same company .Suppose FY 2018 Accumulated balance is 5 lacks and FY 2019 each month contribution 14000 per month (8%+3.63%) will Interest call for amount 15.14 lacks like 514000*8.67/12 or 14000*8.67/12

  • Debaditya Ghosh says:

    Kindly advise how to procure the Annexure-K Document from EPFO Office? Had raised the request through grievance (EPFiGMS) and requested them to send/share the copy on my registered e-mail id. But they did not provide one till date!

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Debaditya,
      Generally they do share it via email based on the Grievance request.
      You may re-try submitting your request..

      • Debaditya Ghosh says:

        Dear Sreekanth,
        Thanks for your reply. Have again raised a ticket today! Let’s see what do they reply.

    • Manoj Garg says:

      Please file an RTI..you may do so online as well. Sure shot way to get that.

  • Debaditya Ghosh says:

    Hi Sreekanth! Fantastic Illustration. But as you know in case of EPF Transfer, the corpus gets realised immediately while the interest on the corpus being transferred in shown in the contribution for March. In this case, how is the interest calculated?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Debaditya,
      The interest gets accrued on the entire balance as per the prevailing interest rate(s)..

      • Debaditya Ghosh says:

        Dear Sreekanth,
        Thanks for your reply! What my query precisely was, I transferred my EPF from A/c-1 (WBCAL00xxxxx0000000xxx) to A/c-2 (WBPRB00xxxxx0000000xxx) on 12/08/2016 which finally got transferred on 19/09/2016. Following is the entry of transactions :
        “Cont. For 072016
        Cont. For 082016
        TRANSFER IN (Old Member Id-:WBCAL00xxxxx0000000xxx )
        Cont. For 092016
        Cont. For 102016
        Cont. For 112016
        Cont. For 122016
        Cont. For 012017
        Cont. For 022017
        TRANSFER IN – INTEREST AMOUNT ONLY(Old Member Id-:WBCAL00xxxxx0000000xxx )
        Cont. For 032017
        Int. Updated upto 31/03/2017”
        As you can see, the EPF corpus from A/c-1 is being shown in conjunction to the time of transfer and thus accrual of interest on it started with immediate effect. But the interest component on the EPF corpus (being transferred), is shown in March 2017, does this mean that accrual of interest on the Interest component (being transferred) will start from immediate effect from March 2017??

        Furthermore, though my EPF corpus got transferred, but my EPS for A/c-1 is not transferred/shown in my A/c-2. It is still being shown in A/c-1. Does this mean that the EPS needs to be transferred separately??
        Looking forward to your reply/advice!

  • Kumar says:

    Can u explain ob adjustment- ( auto appendix back period ) IPR back period

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Kumar,
      I am not very sure on this!
      But found on the net that – You get this when your PF contribution was not updated automatically into your PF account but had to be manually done by the EPFO department.

      You may check with your employer /EPFO.

  • nagaraju says:

    Dear Sir

    This is regarding my Balance Amount Not Getting From EPFO

    When I have left the JOB after 2 month i have applied PF Form 19 for withdrawal

    1st Time i have received PF Amount Rs,116171/- on 27/10/2018

    and 2nd time i have received Amount was Rs,399328/-

    and after 3rd time when i have applied it was rejected

    Still my E-Pass Book Showing Balance amount 300206/- why i am not able to getting Balance amount what is the issue



    Pension Contribution

    Employee Share

    Empolyer Share

    Employee Share

    Empolyer Share






    Balance amount i have to get Rs,300206/-

    and when i have checked Miss Call Service EPFO 01122901406 AND 7738299899

    BOUGHT the Sms showing Balance amount as per above

    SMS Alart Showing as per below

    Dear Member, Your UAN : *******,NAME : NAGARAJU,DOB : 23-05-1975, AADHAAR :Not Available, PAN : AE*******6B, Bank Details : Available, TOTAL BALANCE : 300206, LAST CONTRIBUTION : 803 (05-2017).

    So It’s Humble Request kindly advise and i have given my grivance two time
    to EPFO They are telling their is no balance in my account
    but how come my e-pass book and sms alert showing balance till date 26/12/2018

    and know last month i have applied form 10c.



  • P N BABU says:

    Sreekanth Reddy,
    What would be EPS amount received if worked for 9.6 years. is it latest basic salary*9.33.
    And how 9.6 years calculated if joined EPS in OCT 2009

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Babu,
      Employees are eligible for EPS only if they complete 10 Yrs of service or attain the age of 58 or 50 Yrs of age.
      You may kindly refer to this blog post..

  • Aalok says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I recently changes jobs. The interest credit in the PF Account opened by my ex-employer is still pending.

    Recently, I have submitted an online request to transfer my PF accumulation from the PF Account of my ex-employer to the PF Account opened by my new employer.

    My question – Since the interest credit pending and if the transfer gets completed before the interest gets credited, will I loose the interest that I am entitled for.

    Please advise.

  • Murali says:

    If I withdraw my EPF in Sep-2018, I am assuming interest for FY2017-18 will be added and EPF balance will be transferred. when will the interest for Mar to Sep-18 paid to me? Will it be paid at all after the EPF Settlement?

  • Vijayan says:

    I had employee share balance of Rs. 7,60,424 (Rs. 7,05,646 balance as on 1.4.17 and Rs. 54,778 as int. updated up to 31.03.17). From Apr 17 to Feb 18, my contribution was 1800 per month (employee portion only). EPFO has given me an interest of Rs. 60,675 as on 31.03.18. When calculated as per your excel sheet example, there is much difference. Even only balance amount of Rs. 7,60,424 should fetch me an interest of Rs. 65,016 @ 8.55 per annum. Could you please analyse this and explain?

    • Manoj Garg says:

      Actually EPFO should have calculated the interest the way explained here BUT they do not.

      I file an RTI for their detailed calculation and come to know they eat up one month interest on each contribution. What happens is lets say you started working in anuary and your EPF will be credited in FEB. They will calculate the interest on opening balance. January interest would be zero obviously. For FEB they calculate interest ZERO as well as opening balance of feb is also zero and EPFO contribution would added on 1st Feb. This way you will get the interest for contribution for January salary in March only.

      This is how they are cheating 5 Crore employees. But nobody complaints!

  • S Ray says:

    Hello Sreekanth, this is a very informative post. I would like to know how to get the interest amount credited to an PF account where there is no active contribution since Feb 2017 due to terminatuon of employment but the accumulated amount is not yet withdrawn.

  • arun kumar tiwary says:

    sir i am not got intrest last financialy year .can you tell me why.

  • dinesh chandra bhargava says:

    Sir, interest on last years PF balance is taxable, since employee terminated services and went abroad. Return for filing of Returns in India has come. How to calculate interest for 2017-18?
    If last years total balance including interest was, say, Rs. 30 lakh, will taxable interest this year be Rs.30 lakh x 8.55 % = Rs.2,56,500?


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear dinesh,
      The interest income can be taken from EPF Passbook.
      If there were no fresh contributions in FY 2017-18 then you may do so.

  • suvidha gawade says:

    actully i dont understand the break of which i had withdrwal my pf amt plz suggest

    • Dear suvidha ..May I know your exact query??

    • suvidha gawade says:

      what the exactly received because in bank a/c received 30174

      but how i know exact which amt i get

      please give me break up for the same

      and please can you contact on my no 86691599**

      for sharing this imformation………..

      • suvidha gawade says:

        deposit withdrawal
        employee share 19328 employee share 19328

        employershare 5912 employershare 5912

        pention contribution 12401

        my question is if 19328+5912=25240 but what about pension amt can you give reply on the same and also you can contact on 86691599**

  • Vivek says:

    I had withdraw my previous 3 of already, however in my current organization am working from 5 years. My UAN is just showing current employer of details,so if now try for part-time withdrawal will my previous employers 7 years would be considered as well

  • Ramesh Chatterjee says:

    Dear Srikant,

    These are the details mentained in my EPF.I would like to know whether the PF can be withdrawn without employers signature .Though I left the organisation in May 2015 and my account has digitally verified my PAN number and bank details but my AADHAR is not seeded.Can I withdraw the amount online /offline

    Please find the details given in website

    PF Exemption UNKNOWN
    EDLI Exemption UNKNOWN Pension Exemption UNKNOWN
    Reason for Leaving NOT APPLICABLE

    Please do needful


  • NN says:

    I have seen the statement of balances from UAN login link and observed that the last time the interest was credited was in 2013. All queries to Delhi North EPFO office went unanswered and the toll free number doesn’t work either. Same is the case for others. Anyone made a similar observation?

  • krishna murthy a says:

    hi how many years pf ill be double ?

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