How to check if my Employer is depositing EPF amount with EPFO / Trust?

All the companies (establishments) which employ 20 people or more have to compulsorily deposit EPF dues every month. After deducting the Employee Provident Fund from the employee’s salary, the employer HAS to deposit the money with EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization).

It is a crime if an employer does not deposit the EPF money. An employer can be jailed if they fail to deposit the EPF money with EPFO.

Most of the big companies or MNCs might be very prompt in depositing EPF money, but this may not be the case with all the Small & Medium Establishments.

I have received few queries on ‘companies not depositing the EPF dues’ and queries on ‘how to check if the employer is actually depositing the EPF money after deducting the amount from the employee’s salary’.

If you have linked your UAN with Aadhar, you can receive monthly updates of PF credits to your mobile number linked to your UAN.

There is another online provision provided by the EPFO, wherein an employee can check if the company is covered under EPF scheme or not. Using this online facility, an employee can also check if the company has been depositing the EPF dues on a monthly basis for all the employees who are covered under EPF scheme.

In case, you are an employee who is contributing to EPF then you can also check if your name appears in the list of employees for whom PF dues have been deposited on a monthly basis.

How to find if your Establishment is an Exempted one online?

Kindly note that your Organization can be an Exempted establishment or Unexempted one. A company having its own trust for provident fund is exempted from getting it self registered with the Provident Fund Authorities. So, if your employer has their own Trust then your monthly contributions get deposited with the Trust and not with the EPFO.

Under this scenario, it is even more important for you to check if your name is enrolled in EPF Scheme or not.

So, let’s first understand the procedure to know if your organization is an Exempted or Unexempted Establishment;

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Services‘ tab and select ‘For Employers’ option.
  • Scroll down to ‘Services’ section and click on ‘Establishment Search’ option.
  • In the new window, you have to provide your Establishment name, its code number (optional) and captcha code. Click on ‘Search’ button. I have considered ‘INFOSYS’ as an example for Establishment name.How to find my establishment details for EPF account pic
  • Click ‘view details’ of your Establishment under List of Establishments.View Establishment Details EPF contributions pix
  • Under Establishment Status, you can know if your Organization is an Exempted or Unexempted EPF Establishment. Infosys is an Exempted establishment as they have their own PF Trust. (Here, you can also find details if your company is operational or closed, under Working Status.)How to know if my company is an exempted establishment for EPF company operational or closed pic
  • Under Establishment Details, you can find the concerned EPFO Regional office that administers your Establishment’s Trust.How to know which EPFO regional office is linked to my EPF account pic

How to check if my name is in PF rolls or not? Is my company depositing EPF amount to Trust/EPFO?

Whether your Organization is an exempted one not, if you are contributing to EPF scheme via Trust or to the EPFO directly, your name has to be available in the PF roll maintained by the EPFO.

Let’s now understand the procedure to check if your employer is depositing EPF amount periodically or not..

  • Let’s continue with the above ‘INFOSYS’ example. As an employee of ‘Infosys’ you would like to know if your employer is  depositing the EPF dues to the Trust maintained by them on a monthly basis, click on the ‘View Payment Details’ link under the Validity Status section.Employer's EPF contribution payment details pic
  • To view EPF Member names (Employee names), you have to then click on ‘No of Employee’ figure in the new window.PF Payment details EPF Amount pic
  • Once you click on the ‘no. of employees’ link, you can provide your name in the ‘search box’ (as shown in the below image)If your name appears in the list then your company is depositing the EPF money in your EPF Account with the Trust/EPFO.How to check if my name is in EPF roll or not pic

I hope this post is informative and useful. Continue reading other EPF related articles;

(Post first published on : 28-August-2018)

  • vaibhav says:

    I have only PF account number of my past organization (no UAN), the PF no I have looks like this KN/12345/6789. I do not have any UAN neither i am able to contact the old organization and this account is not showing under my UAN login.
    How can i withdraw this PF. Please help!


  • vaibhav says:

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    I was employee of Motorola in Jun2012 to Jun 2013 My pf was deducted by Motorola how can i check with EPFO office at that time no UAN was provided pl help me

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