How to make EPF Death Claim by Nominee of a Subscriber? | EPF/EPS/EDLI Scheme Benefits

  • GD says:

    the widow of the deceased person has got a letters of administartion from high court to claim PF /EPS/ EDLI/ gratuity
    she has minor child who is 17 year old

    husband used to work for multinational which has a provident fund trust.

    as the LOA from is categorical that only the widow has right to claim all is it neccesary to still give details of minor daughters, her bank account and aadhar etc.?
    the company where husband was working is insisting on daughters aadhar. daughter doesnt have aadhar

    can the mother as a natural guardian of the child opt out of the claim in favour of her mother ?
    can the child when he she turns major opt out of claim as a nominee when she turns 18 ?

  • Tina Paripati says:

    My father was a EPS pensioner and now after his death, we want to claim widow pension for my mother. We have filled up the Composite Claim form for Death Cases, but it asks for Signature and verification by the employer. Is this necessary or only my mother’s signature (claimant) is sufficient? Thank you!

  • Shiva says:

    Hi Srikanth Sir,
    My name is Shiva,
    My mother use works in muncipal Nagara Panchayithi died in 2014, My father also died on same day,our fate.
    Pf Active member for 2 years.
    Initially we have submitted Claim,file sent back reason is employer not paid 2011-2012 yearly pf amount.
    At that time my sister is not married.
    Now we want to submit the claim, should we apply both sis and me as dependents or only on name of mine.
    And very important one, respective nagarpanchayath pf consultant saying that we are not Elgible for EDLI thing mentioning like employee should die in duty time only then only can claim edli benefit. make us to fill two claim forms Separately for each one me and my sis even after there is composite claim form. EDLI contribution will have every employee or any exception. Kindly help us Sir, we will be very thankful to you.

  • sampreetha says:

    My husband has not linked his all old PF account to UAN number. I do not have any of the all old PF numbers and pension numbers. Need your help and guidance to claim the money. For my kids education.

  • Amit says:

    Dear Author,
    I have a question. After the death of member, spouse will get the pension amount. And if the nominee is also died getting pension amount for 2 to 3 year. Can legal heir can withdraw the remaining pension amount. If No, then what would happen to the remaining pension amount of 8.33% deposited in EPS for all these long period. If yes, what is the procedure.

    Thanking you,

  • azi says:

    If Employee and nominee both (husband & wife) dies. Since there is only one nominee then will all amount goes to child even if child was not assign as nominee?

  • Deepak Rajora says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please confirm how much time it will take for after document submission for death claim, pension and pf claim ?

    Deepak Rajora

  • Shashi says:

    Hello Author,

    Thanks for the detailed article. Nicely Written. Can you please confirm what happens if some of the nominees pass away. How does that distribution happen between surviving nominees?

  • Shyamlal Rajliwal says:

    All Required Form and Document for Employee Death Claim

  • Dakshinamoorthy says:

    Hi Srikanth, How to calculate EDLI in case of death of an employee who worked less than 1 year. (9 Months)

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Dakshinamoorthy,

      There is no minimum service period for availing EDLI benefits.
      The procedure for claiming is same as given in the article..

  • Aditya says:

    Dear Sreekant– kudos you are doing a great job of educating general public.

    My query – can e-nomination on UAN portal be done post death of the subscriber ?

  • Shri says:

    My sister’s husband is passed away. She is having 10yr old son. What are the formalities to claim and features

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Shri,
      Please go through the points given in the above article.
      If nomination has been mentioned (can check with the employer as well), can claim through EPFO portal as beneficiary.

  • Pandu says:

    Hi Sir,
    I submitted death claim on October 2020 and still not received any response from them.How much time will they take to credit the PF and EDLI amount as it is around 5months but still not credited?

  • Ramya says:

    Hi Sir, i have submitted death claim on 10dec 2020 offline and have not recived any response.
    How many days will it take to process the claim ?

  • Saurabh says:


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Saurabh,
      The documents that need to be enclosed with EPF Composite Death Claim Form are;

      Death Certificate of the EPF Member.
      Joint photograph of all the claimants (nominees/legal-heirs).
      Date of Birth certificate of children claiming pension (if any).
      EPS Scheme Certificate (if applicable).
      A copy of cancelled cheque or attested copy of first page of bank Pass Book.

      • pavithra says:

        Hi sreekanth, please share me your no. I need to understand more on this..please share ur no.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear pavithra,
          I do not provide suggestions over phone, apologies!
          In case, you dont want to publish your query here (in public domain), you may kindly reach me through the Contact us page..

  • Hari says:

    In case death of member unmarried his father govt servent and mother is house wife. Is mother or father is eligible for pension

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Hari,
      As per the EPFO’s rules – only DEPENDENT parents can claim the EPF pension.

      “As per the EPF Act, only defined family members can be nominated in an EPF account.”Under the EPF Act- (i) in the case of a male member ”family” means his wife, his children (whether married or unmarried), his dependent parents and his deceased son’s widow and children…..”

      “Family, in respect of whom nomination may be made, is defined differently for the purpose of Provident Fund Scheme and Pension Scheme. In the case of EPF, a member has an option to nominate even his/her parents, apart from spouse and children. However, in the case of EPS, a member can nominate only his spouse and children.”

      “In case of EPS if the person is unmarried, then pension will be payable to dependent father/mother.”

    • Hari says:

      In this case pension contribution amount is paid to father/ mother or not

      • Sreekanth Reddy says:

        Dear Hari,
        Legally, as they are not dependent, pension is not payable.
        Kindly check with the concerned employer as well..

        • yaram kotireddy says:

          hi br just information employees working unexpected is was death any help in family member pf money depend person no but children bank deposit

  • R.Radha krishnan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Our employee was Suicided at his 36 Year of Age on 14.12.2020 and he was EPF Member for more than 6.5 years .His wife is eligible for EDLI Claim and Monthly Pension as a legal hire.

  • Mahesh says:

    Hi i trying to apply for Death claim filing by beneficiary but i m getting error msg date of death is less than nomination date what it means

  • Sarathy says:

    Dear sir,

    Your doing excellent service by solving queries of innocent people.

    My queries are

    1. Can E nomination be filled after death of person ?
    2. If yes, Can Online EPF Death Claim be made by Beneficiary?
    3. Is legal heir certificate compulsory for filing 2.

    Your response would be highly useful.

  • Rangha says:

    Dear Sreekanth,
    I wish to thank you for taking an initiative to give very useful information to the people. There are many who want to know the information at the required point of time.

    My Query: My father 80 years old was drawing pension from EPFO. No dependents. All are above 30 years. Kindly let me know what formalities to comply with.


    Hello sir, which form is applicable for death claim in epfo whether it a composite form or form20, form 20D and other form

  • Rijin says:

    What are the benefits will get a widow of Epf pensioner after his death..? Any insurance will get also..?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rijin,
      The Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme(EDLI) is an insurance cover provided by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). A nominee or legal heir of an active member of EPFO gets a lump sum payment of up to Rs 6 Lakhs in case of death of the member during the service period (active EPF member).

      Kindly go through the above article..

  • Ricky says:

    Hi sir I have updated nominee Details but I’m not able to get into death claim page getting error as something went wrong
    Does it take time once we update nominee

  • Ricky says:

    Hi sir one of my relative passed away and I have updated he wife as a nominee after the nomination I’m trying to process the death claims but I’m getting error massage as something went wrong doesn’t it take time once we update the nominee datails

  • Trupti says:

    Hello Sir,

    What to do if employer throws Death Parson online on the portal for wrong reason.

  • kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I submitted my friend’s death claim at Hyderabad barkatpura office on 31st July 2020. But till date, there is no any message regarding the settlement. kindly help me on how to track epf death claims offline mode.

  • nisha bharat bhise says:

    Please help to claim my pension. my husband death happened last year april 2019 all formalities done. service certificate all other docs asked provided. but at vashi pf office branch no one responding on phone. phone just rings 27813314 / 27812022 / 27814315 . please get back to me on 91368619**.

  • Mohammed fatha says:

    My brother died on April 2020 my mother register epf eps edli on August 13 when she get the claim

  • Amit says:

    Mother was getting EPF pension every month, now My Mother is also expired. Then what about the remaining pension amount. Should it will be withdrawal. If yes. What is the procedure.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Amit,
      In case the widow/widower is receiving the EPS amount, they will continue to receive the amount until his/her death. After that, the children will receive the pension amount until they attain the age of 25 years. In case the child is physically challenged, they will receive the pension amount until his/her death.

  • Umesh Kumar Sigh says:

    Please suggest the how to claim EDLI scheme.

  • Umesh Kumar Sigh says:

    Hi Sir, Our friend expired in last month June 2020 during his service at the age of 42. Should his wife get the benefit of EDLI scheme.

  • Ashwini says:

    hi How can I submit the epf death claim through online

  • archana s says:

    my husband expired in feb 19 during his service at the age of 45. should i get the benefit of IDLI scheme.if yes how?

  • M Tharun Kumar says:

    Epfo death claim purpose please help me sir

  • Vinitha says:

    Can a son of 26 years avail of EDLI on mother’s death? Father has already passed away & there are no other siblings

  • Pravin Amin says:

    My wife after marraige has put 2 nominee me husband and her mother in EPF office inl this who will get the EPF amount as legal heir husband or both. Secondly how can we check who is the real nominee is throgh online.

  • vijay lohar. says:

    Now can i apply for edli claim, my fathers hart attak death in hospital befor 19 years ? [EPF member ]

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Vijay,
      Though I am not very sure on this, I believe that you can go ahead and claim the EDLI amount. The amount can be based on the then rules/provisions.

      If you have EPF a/c details, you may contact the concerned EPF regional office/employer on this..

  • Bharani says:

    Is there a website or a method to find if there is any unclaimed epf benefits from my parents?



    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Amanul.. As of now, there is no online provision to submit EPF Composite claim form in death cases..

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