Sukanya Samriddhi Account – Govt’s Special Scheme for Girl child – Features, Review & Benefits

  • Shaik Siddiq says:

    If I pay lum sum 25000 in a particular year, the next year can i deposit more or less means can i deposit greater than or less than in the next financial year

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Shaik,
      Yes, you can..

      The minimum annual contribution to the Sukanya Samriddhi Account is Rs. 250 and the maximum contribution is Rs. 1.5 lakh in a financial year.

  • Ashwin jain says:

    Can we closed in middle this shecme ssa.

  • Tanya Gupta says:

    This scheme can also be viewed as an initiative on part of the Government, to increase the domestic savings percentage which had reduced from 38% of the GDP in 2008 to 30% in 2013. This scheme is expected to encourage parents/guardians to save for their girl child’s education and future

  • Chetananand Bolbanda says:

    My Self chetan i have one daughter and i need to pay quarterly or yearly how much amount has to pay.

    i want to know how much amt l had to pay and what is the interest rate

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Chetananand,
      You can deposit monthly, quarterly or yearly as per your choice. The minimum amount you have to deposit is Rs 250 pa and the maximum amount is Rs 1.5 lakh p.a.


    Dear sir,If,The parent or guardian unexpected death.any insurance is applicable

  • Lavanya says:

    Who can withdraw the money any time if both the account holder and the guardian is not available

  • Rahim says:

    if i withdraw after 14 years would i get maturity amount benefit.? please suggest…

  • Syed Amjad Ali says:

    My 1st daughter was born on 15.03.2013 and i want to open SSA in P&N Bank which was operated by my wife she was a house wife,if i attached my name as a 2nd account holder will i be able for Tax benefit u/s 80C.
    My second part was if in same bank after some time again,I open SSA for my next child than also can i get tax benefit collectively for both of my daughter collective amounts.
    waiting for your reply pls.

  • Sharath says:

    The information provided is very useful. Thanks.
    I have two questions.
    1) If I invest monthly or Annually, how will I be benefited compared to Interest amount calculated ?
    2) If I pay 2,500 inr/ monthly as a Standing Instruction in SBI, annually it would be around 30,000. Say, by year end I had some surplus amount 20,000. Can i deposit this amount in SSA as well and avail the benifits ?

    • Dear Sharath,
      If you invest say lump sum amount in the beginning of the year, the interest is payable for the entire year.
      This is not the case with monthly deposits. It is calculated monthly on the lowest balance between the end of the 5th day and last day of month,
      2 – Yes, you may do so.

  • MANOJ says:

    I already opened SSA account in my daughter name and i am investing 1.5 Lakh per financial year .Now i would like to knwow who can claim this ( Father or Mother )while filing income tax. How do Income Tax Department verify these.

    I am an NRI and i want to include this investment in my income tax filing to avoid tax against the income earn from India.
    My wife is housewife and she doesnt have to file income tax.


  • Shyam Patel says:

    Dear Sir, My daughter’s D.O.B. was 07/04/2003. I was ppf account on her name from 14/02/2005. i want to open SSA account on her name. Is that possible? And one more thing , Is it possible to migrate PPF account in SSA account. I am waiting for your kind reply.

  • Shyam Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter’s DOB is 07/04/2003. I have PPF account in state bank of india from last 5 years. and i want to migrate my ppf account in SSA. Is that possible? I want to open SSA account for my daughter how and if any other investment government scheme are available? Please guide me for investment.

  • Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter is born on th April 2006 Pune, confirm if the SSA scheme applicable for her, if yes confirm the last date to submitt the scheme form in the bank.
    If not, kindly help any other government scheme feasible me to apply the same for future prospective.


  • b.srinivas rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    if i deposite 1000 every year then how much i will earn after 21 years, kindly send calculation in excel format

    Thanking you


  • Dinesh Ramakrishna says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have opened Sukanya Samridhi Account for my girl child on 11/01/2017. I am planning to deposit INR 1,50,000 annually.
    I have made 1st deposit of INR 1,50,000 on 11/01/2017.

    Now my question is ….
    When should I deposit my 2nd installment ?
    case – 1 : at the start of financial year 2017-18 i.e on 01/04/2017
    case – 2 : at the opening date of next year i.e 11/01/2018
    case – 3 : anywhere in the middle of financial year 2017-18 i.e, say 01/08/2017

    which of the above case would be idle and will benefit me maximum….

    Thanks in advance
    Dinesh Ramakrishna

    • Dear Dinesh,
      Investing every month before 10th (or) in case of lump sum investment before 10th of April every year, you can get slightly better returns to a certain extent.

      • shanmugam says:

        Dear Sreekanth,

        I wish to open next week for my daughter, kindly clarify the following
        1. Is possible to open Post office and SBI (two account for one name)?
        2. I wish to deposit lump sump now, is there is possible to change the mode of payment either lump sump/monthly?
        3. what is the maximum and minimum amount per year deposit?

  • ameen says:

    Hi Sir,

    My daughter 2 years old. If i start deposit 1000 per month, how much child will be getting while reaching 18th years. Calculator link which you mentioned below doesn’t work. Please provide alternate link or can you calculate and let me know.

    Thank you.

  • sam says:

    if i deposite 1000 every year then how much i will earn

  • Sarojani Y K says:

    I am 66 year old homemaker drawing family pension and earning rental income and interest on deposits. Can I open SSA account for my grand daughter and take income tax benefit upto 1.5 Lacs as a legal guardian ? My son is also working and paying income tax and taking exemption under section 80C on other investments like insurance.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sarojani Ji,
      I believe that if parent is alive, a grand mother may not be eligible to open SSA account in the name of her grand child.

  • Lalit Sehgal says:

    Hi Concerned

    While I have read all details provided by you I am still little confused & would request you to please help answer my query as below:

    If I have opened SSA for my daughter in year 2015 who was 10 years old at the time of opening account; her account will get mature when she is 21 years old (i.e 11 years from 2015) or her account is matured after 21 years from the date of opening of account


  • Shyamala says:

    Sir my daughter born on 2/12/2005 she is eligible for SSA

  • sandeep says:

    if i contribute rs.1000 per month for my child how much i get on maturity?

  • Mohd Taher says:

    sir if girl entered in 10 years on oct2016, will she eligible for this scheme? Kindly give clear details on that attain age. I read SSA scheme but i want to know above mentioned age(Now entered in 10 years not completed).

  • parveen says:

    Ya kitna age se suru Karna ha or kab take bharna ha 1000 rs ..or kab widrol Karna ha

    • Dear parveen ..SA can be opened in the name of a girl child from the birth of the girl child till she attains the age of ten years. The scheme would mature on completion of 21 years from the date of opening of the account, with an option of keeping the account till marriage. So, the maturity of the account is 21 years from the date of opening of account or if the girl gets married before completion of such 21 years (whichever is earlier).

  • akansha jain says:

    Plan is good

  • Ajay Jain17 Aksnsha says:

    I have 2 daughter s of 11 yrs 9yrs of age.i have taken sukanya plan from post office now I want to know tht can I get my money backwhen my daughter will
    iattain 21 yrs of age

  • A Mansuri says:

    Is only girl child allow to withdraw the scheme amount ?? in case parents wants to withdraw at pre-maturity/maturity Will parents allowed to withdraw amt?

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