One Year Blogging Anniversary! Celebrating My First Year as a Professional Blogger

One Year Blogging Anniversary!

Today is a very special day. It’s my One Year Blogging Anniversary! blogging birthday. I can hardly believe that it has been one year already since I took my first baby steps into the Blogging world. It’s been a fantastic year and a great learning experience.

And It would have never been possible without your support! On this special occasion, I would like to thank all my blog readers, family members, friends, mentors and followers on Social Media. YOU are my inspiration.

One Year Blogging Anniversary!

My sincere thanks to;

  • Basavaraj of (The one who inspired me to start my own blog).
  • Padmalochani (My guru, teacher & mentor).
  • Jane Sheeba of Besthostinganddesign (A wonderful person who takes care of my Blog’s hosting and design).
  • Asan Ideas for wealth (Facebook group – A great place to learn about investments) &
  • YOU (thank you for your time, comments, Likes, criticism,motivation..)

The Journey so far I had initially started blogging with a domain name ‘’. I had faced few technical challenges and finally decided to migrate to Fortunately, I had booked this domain name four years back to host my firm’s static website.First step

I took Jane’s help to migrate to from It’s turned out to be a wise decision as the blog’s traffic increased gradually over the next six months.

Over the past twelve months, it makes me feel good that I have been able to publish a number of unbiased articles on Personal Finance topics, which have been loved by the majority of the readers.

Top 10 Popular Articles on

The below articles have been picked out based on the number of views/ comments recorded in blog stats, and also based on number of Likes / Shares on Social Media.

  1. EPF Withdrawals – New rules & provisions related to TDS
  2. Sukanya Samriddhi Account – Features, Review & Benefits
  3. Top 15 best Equity Funds
  4. Top 7 best Online Term insurance Plans in India
  5. EPF Interest calculation – Components & Examples
  6. Your Self occupied property & Tax implications
  7. EPF Online Transfer Claim
  8. How to pay Outstanding income Tax Demand online?
  9. Calculate how much you need to invest for your Kid’s Education
  10. How to participate in Bangalore Development Authority’s E-Auction?

My Favorite articles on

  1. Financial Planning & Einstein
  2. The 6 most common Personal Finance Mistakes
  3. How to set up a Franchise?
  4. Term Insurance – Is it just a waste of your MONEY?
  5. What not to buy (or) not to invest in.. – Blog Statistics

  • Alexa : Website website rank alexa
  • Facebook Page Likes : 1050 +
  • Average number of monthly Pageviews : 1.6 Lakh ( For the last six months. Source : Google Analytics)
  • Blog Visits & Channels (Source : Google Analytics)

    • 78.8% of the visits are through Organic Search (Google & Bing).
    • Around 15% are ‘Direct’ ones.
    • 5% are from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google +)
    • 1.2% are ‘referral visits’ (from other websites)
  • Number of Comments exchanged on : 3,700 +
  • No of posts / articles : 134
  • Total Email Subscribers : 2,600 +
Blog’s objective
  • To make sure that majority of the investors (blog readers) understand the articles. To keep the articles simple and easy to understand.
  • To write unbiased reviews on Financial Products.
  • Not to associate with any Company to sell any kind of Financial products.
  • To value my blog reader’s time.
  • Try to respond to each and every genuine query / comment ASAP.

In the last few months, I have received a lot of proposals to write positive reviews on specific financial products. I have rejected all of them. I am not associated with any company and will never get associated in future too. I will keep writing articles based on the facts and highlight the pros & cons associated with financial products / services and help my blog reader to take informed financial decision(s).

Let me know your favorite article(s), what you like / dislike on Kindly give your opinions and suggestions to make it better.

(If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.) (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

About The Author

  • I’ve become fan of your blog since the day I visited it! It’s simple, detailed and well explained. You’re doing a very good job of helping people with your knowledge. I do the same thing, helping people by my knowledge,on my YouTube channel (which is same as my name). You can visit that in your free time. I’m reviewing some android apps related to Mutual Fund and Investments. I’ve some questions to ask-

    1. What’s the difference between ELSS and Balanced MF (equity oriented) ? Since they both invest in equities about 60%.
    2. What is meant by 3-year lock-in-period in ELSS ? Can I not redeem my money before 3 years once invested? Or I can do that after one year without paying LTCG tax? Or within one year with 20% tax?
    3. If a person has utilized 1.5 lakh of 80c with ELSS and say EPF/PPF, should he/she continue to invest in ELSS or should invest in other MF products? If so, what are your suggestions?
    4. Can a salaried tax-payee citizen join both PMJJBY and PMSBY at the same time? Will nominee get 2+2 lakhs in case of accidental death?
    5. For SIP investment, is there any option to invest in a centralized fund from where the money will be automatically divided into best performing SIPs in appropriate portions ?
    6. And finally we need an article on health insurance,how to start,points to remember etc. I’m reading your articles on 80D benefits and on best Health Insurance Companies now. While talking about insurance, I’ve seen people thinking only about life insurance. We also need an article on some essential insurance covers everyone should consider. In my opinion, ideas and knowledge should be- life oriented.

    Sorry for bombarding you with lots of questions, but you’ve inspired us to learn – ask! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Dear Sujoy,
      Thank you for your kind words and following my blog. I too visited your YOUTUBE channel and you are doing great work!
      1 – ELSS & Balanced funds are equity oriented funds. ELSS funds are primarily chosen for tax saving purpose. Balanced funds do not offer any income tax benefits (tax deductions). Kindly read my articles : Balanced funds & ELSS funds.
      2 – The ELSS fund units can not be redeemed for 3 years from the date of investment.
      3 – If tax planning is taken care of then it is better to invest in other Equity oriented funds.
      4 – Yes, can join. Rs 4 Lakh will be the claim. Go thru my articles on PMJJBY & PMSBY.
      5 – It is a value added feature and may be available on few online investment platforms.
      6 – Will surely write more articles on other types of insurance covers too. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Bhagyaraj Nair says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Kudo’s for your big achievement!

    I want to thank you whole heartedly for all your exceptional contibutions. All your articles are crystal clear & simple to undestand…became a fan of you 🙂

    To be honest when ever I need any information about finance subjects I used to google but now its only one website & thats

    Keep up the good work & my best wishes


    • Dear Bhagyaraj,
      Thank you for you kind and motivating words.
      It is a small achievement and a long way to go. My sincere thanks to all the blog followers / readers like you. Your motivation means a lot to me 🙂
      Keep visiting and kindly share the articles with your friends. Thank you!

  • Ritesh says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Congratulations on the achievement!!!

    Your articles have been very educative and informative.
    Keep up the good work . You have my best wishes.

  • Milan says:

    Congrats Sreekanth on your achievement.

    You are really doing a great job and helping so many people like me to understand the importance of investment/financial planning along with the guidance of investment. Hats off to your effort!


  • Congrats on the first anniversary and bravo for the numbers! Looks quite healthy too.

    Stumbled here from Jane’s site and so happy I did.

    Bravo for all the future endeavors and good luck!!

  • Jane says:

    Hey Sree,

    Congrats on completing one year. That is indeed a great achievement. Not all bloggers who start blogging are able to do that. The learning curve is pretty steep during this period and it takes quite a bit of hard work and persistence to complete the first year.

    I’m so happy to see your blog’s numbers – they look very healthy.

    I wish you all success in your blogging career. Thanks for the shout out! I’m very glad to able help.


  • Rajesh says:

    Congratulation Sree:) and wish you all the best .

    So far the information you have given very usefull to me as well as my friends. because of your valuable information i have learned lot of investment do’s and don’ts and i have developed my knowledge about finance.
    it’s fully washed my fearness about mutual fund, insurance products & etc.


  • senthilkumar says:

    Billion Thanks for your Brilliant move!

  • Rajesh kannan says:

    Congratulations sir. you are doing a very good job. Wishing all the best.

  • Congrats sreekanth because of u and basav I can teach people for financial planning esasily with your blogs…. Keep going and best wishes form me….


  • gupta says:

    1. congractulations for your achievement.

    1. need for unbiased views for all is needed.
    2. good interactions and prompt replies is added value.
    3. well initiative.

    keeep up

  • prasad says:

    congratulations and all the best..

  • SVK says:

    Hello Mr Sreekanth,


    My husband introduced me to just about 2 months back. Since then I have become a frequent visitor of your blog.

    Your posts are very simple and easy to understand for even a person from a nonfinancial education background. And, of course your posts are very informative.

    Great going 🙂

  • laxmikant sabane says:

    Congrats Sreekanth 🙂 You are doing very good job from last one year and helped many people like me to invest in right direction. Keep it up !!!

  • Mukul says:

    Congratulations Sree… Keep growing..

  • Sreekanth, Congrats on your first anniversary. Yes the way you said is your articles are simple and easy to understand. I feel this is the single most think which made your blog success. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  • Amit says:

    Thank you so much for writing consistently for one year
    and that to always with fresh information
    i am very regular reader at this site and off-course your all blogs are informative

    i wish you every success in your like keep writing keep smiling

  • ARao says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    How can I write to you directly?
    Your email id please.
    Need some help to decide about investing in a property in Bangalore

  • Naresh says:

    Hello Sreekanth Congratulation on your anniversary.. i was visiting your bolg to know about Investment related stuff and i like those articles very much. Now my family is in need of opening an FD

    i need your ideas Like do i need to invest everthing at one bank or do i need to split it up? because if i go to bank with 1 crore they will ask for the sources but i dont think i can provide(even if i earned it legallY) can you please help me with this?


  • Srinivasa Rao says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Hearty Congrats and wishing you all the Best, Looking forward to know few more interesting articles ..God bless you !


  • Akshat Shah says:


  • Akshat Shah says:

    Great Work Dude… (y)

  • Hi Sreekanth,

    Congrats and Best of Luck 🙂

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