Great opportunity to own a residential site through BDA’s (Bangalore Development Authority) e-auction

Since 2012,  BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) has been aggressively offering the plots for sale through e-auction. These are residential sites in well developed localities of Bangalore. Bidding is a hassle-free way to own a property in Bangalore.

It is a naked truth that in most of the property deals in India there is always a difference between the Registered value and agreed/market value.

So, this is a great news for those who want to fund the property deal through a home loan. Especially salaried individuals who want to avoid any sort of black money in real estate transactions.

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Advantages of buying a BDA Plot/site through auction:

  • The bidding process is completely online (it is like stock market trading)
  • The process is transparent. You can view the bid prices quoted by the other bidders on the screen
  • Most of the properties offered are corner plots
  • BDA layouts are comparatively well developed with good infrastructure
  • BDA Layouts have  drinking water supply facility
  • You can easily fund the property deal through home loan
  • You are the first owner of the property
  • No issue of black money. The entire property deal amount should be paid through Demand Drafts (DDs) or money transfers.
  • No Agent or mediator involved in the process. The entire decision making process is in your hands
  • Anyone in India (citizen of India) can invest in these properties
  • Different plot measurements are available ( from 400 square feet to 4000 sq ft and above)
  • You may win the auction at less than the current prevailing market price
  • Auction notification has location and site map details. Hence it is easy to locate the property

Difference between BDA Allotment and Auction:

BDA has so far formed about 62 layouts in Bangalore. Bangalore BDA maintains a seniority list of applicants who has applied for sites in BDA layouts. After forming a layout, BDA generally allots the plots based on certain criteria and lottery system. The e-auction process is different to this. Any citizen of India can apply for auction. There is no lottery system. The highest price bidder of a particular plot will win the auction.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Applicant should be a Citizen of India
  • NRIs & Partnership firms also can participate in the auction
  • Applicant has to pay Rs 4 Lakh per site as Earnest Money Deposit (Deposit amount is refundable )
  • Successful bidder has to remit 25% of auction amount in 3 days

Key points on E-auction process (how to create login id and participate in e-auction):

  • Visit this link ( BDA’s e-auction website)
  • Click on User icon
Bangalore realestate bda auction login
  • Click on “New user : Register”
  • Fill your personal and bank details
  • Pay Auction Fees & Earnest Money Deposit of Rs4 Lakh (per site) online or through DD.
  • If you do not win the auction then Rs 4 Lakh will be refunded to your bank account
  • The successful bidder has to remit 25% of auction amount to BDA in 72 hours
  • Generally BDA will give you around 45 to 60 days to remit the remaining 75% amount
  • There will be Delta time of 5 minutes on the final day. The auction can go on till the time there is no new bid quoted before the end of the delta time (as shown below).
Auction screen

From Bidding till Registration- The entire process – Important Stages:

The entire process from bidding to Registration will get over in 2 to 4 months. The below process flow gives you clear idea about this.

BDA auction to registration

BDA’s Latest e-Auction Notification 2019-20

Latest News : Click on the below image to view BDA’s latest e-Auction Notification details : BDA e-Auction November 2019 – December 2019 (last date for BDA e-auction is 03-12-2019).

Since 7 years BDA has been consistently issuing the e-auction notifications every quarter. I have participated in the e-auction in 2012. I have been keenly tracking all the auctions. Some bidders have won at the base price itself and some have won at crazy prices.

(The next step after property registration is “Khatha Registration”. Read my article on “How to get Khata Registration done?“)

Are you planning to buy a property in Bangalore? Do you want more information on e-auction process? Then, kindly leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to reply to your comments. Cheers!

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  • Ashwath says:

    Hi Srikanth,
    can one applicant become successful bidder in more than 1 or 2 or 3 auctions he is eligible to buy and hold property in his name multiple BDA sites. I read in some Karnataka housing board allotments & BDA allotments one family (Husband/Wife) will be allotted only one site as rule. This rule is limited to allotment sites and not for corner auction sites??

  • Naganaresh Katta says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    How to get the location details for the sites in the e-acutions.

  • jp says:

    can a BDA existing site owner buy E auction sites now

  • Sanju says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Thanks for maintaining a wonderful site, with a lot of useful information.

    I have a question regarding the joint applicants. Can 2 siblings (brothers) jointly participate in the auction for the same plot, and if they submit a winning bid, is it possible to jointly register in their names?

  • ani says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    this is a good work. Keep going.
    I have couple of questions today. I am doing it first time.

    1. what is the recognition process to get an confirmation if I was the top bidder in the list till last ?
    2. is BDA going to create a final deed for registration for me or I need to hier lawyer for same ?

  • Karthik says:

    1. Sreekanth Reddy very informative comments from your side. I have a question, in case we win a successful bid apart from 6% registration charges do we also have to pay additional 5% fees for the corner site?

    This rule applies during registration as we have to pay additional charges for corner sites, do you have any idea

    2. I saw some of the corner sites as small as 400SqFt to 450SqFt next to each other, is there a demand for these smaller sites Individually? do you have any idea

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Karthik,
      1 – There is no ‘additional charge’ of 5%.
      2 – Smaller plots generally have more bidders.

      Suggest you to kindly post your queries in this forum, you may get more responses from real-time bidders as well.

  • Vikas says:


    Is class 3 DSC (digital signature certificate) mandatory to participate in auction.


  • ramesh says:

    where can we find the final successful bid rate at these auctions? Is there a site where it is published.

  • Mys says:

    What if there is only one bidder for a site. I was the only bidder and just increased 500 rs from the actual price.. did I get that allotment? What’s is base price mean when you are the only one bidder?

  • Praveen says:

    Hi, i found all your blogs and comments helpful in this regard. However, I have question on bidding amount.

    What amount should I enter in the Bid page for example if the initial bid charge is 35k persqmt and multiple of 500rs shld be entered as bid change amount as per BDA resources. Now, say suppose I want to raise the bid by 1000rs persqmt … how should I do this meaning shld I enter the change value per sqmt or compute the change amount for total site dimension and enter? Please explain how this works. Your help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

  • Sameer says:

    Hi Shreekanth,
    Thank you for sharing the information about e-auction. If a person wins the bid, do you know if the person has to visit in-person the BDA office by the first 45 days to provide the proof of fund transfer and complete the registration? Or can the person provide the power of attorney to someone for this process?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sameer,
      I believe that one can send an authorized representative to get this done. But, do check with the BDA on this..

  • Padmanabha Reddy Chappidi says:

    Hello Srikanth, Good morning

    Have a quick question

    in e-action website, I see the following message

    All the bidders are requested to ensure that they are using Class 3 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) with valid expiry end date. Bidders whose DSC is already expired or due for expiry should renew their DSC before participating in any Tender/Auction.

    this means, we have upload all documents with digitally signed ?


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Padmanabha Reddy,
      No, digital signature is not mandatory..

      • Aneesh says:

        Hi Sreekanth,

        Firstly, thanks for the article – very useful !

        Are you very sure DSC is not needed? It costs no less than 2999 and has no use beyond this bidding process, hence want to avoid if possible.

        The plot I am trying to bid for is not listed in the plans, i.e. map is not displayed for the area(plot) – is there a way to check or find out the plot map elsewhere? Is it a risk to proceed without looking at the map?

    • Santhosh says:

      Dear Sreekanth, information was very useful. Thanks for posting. Had on question, if lets say if he/she wins the bid, does that mean he/she will be sure shot given the ownership of the land by BDA. Is there a possibility, even after winning the bid, BDA will not allot to them?

  • Rupesh says:

    Can we bid for multiple sites with a single registration EMD

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