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Investing is easy! Figuring out ‘where to invest’ is the hard part. Irrespective of my quantum of earnings, I have been judiciously saving money for making investments.

As I opined, it can be a challenging task to identify right financial investments. I too learnt the investment lessons the hard way only.

I have been investing in Equities since 2003 and Mutual Funds from 2009 onwards. A major chunk of my investible surplus now goes towards mutual fund investments for two of my important financial goals i.e., my Son’s higher Education (six years to go) and my retirement (wealth accumulation).

Below is the investment planning process that I follow without fail for my financial goals.

Investment Planning Process
Financial Goal Planning – Investment Planning Process

My Latest Mutual Fund Portfolio

My previous article on ‘my MF picks(published in June, 2015) I had mentioned below mutual fund schemes as part of my portfolio;

  • Short Term Goal
    • Aditya Birla Sun Life Regular Savings Fund (erstwhile Aditya Birla MIP II Wealth 25 Plan)
  • Medium Term Goal(s)
    • HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund (erstwhile HDFC Balanced Fund)
  • Long Term Goal
    • Axis Long Term Equity Fund
    • TATA Balanced Fund
    • UTI Mid-cap Fund

Over the last 4 years, I have redeemed units of Birla Regular Savings Fund and utilized the proceeds, have redeemed units of TATA Balanced fund and re-invested in HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund.

I have also moved out of UTI Mid-cap Fund and started investing in Franklin Smaller Companies Fund since May, 2016. (Kindly note that I have remained invested for more than 6+ years in TATA & UTI fund before churning my portfolio).

I have very recently added UTI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund to my portfolio (from May 2019).

So, my existing mutual fund portfolio has below investments..

My latest mutual fund portfolio MF picks 2019 Equity Mutual funds for my financial goals
My latest Mutual Fund Portfolio

Some more important points on my investment planning & strategy..

  • You can notice that I am currently not investing in any Debt Mutual Fund Scheme(s).
  • For Emergency Fund, we (family) used to invest in Fixed Deposits & Liquid / Arbitrage Funds. We now prefer to keep the ‘rainy day fund’ in Bank Fixed Deposits only.
  • I follow a combination of SIP + Lump sum investment strategy. Off-late, my SIP amounts are meager and prefer to invest additional sum whenever financial markets give us an opportunity.
  • Besides Emergency Fund (Cash Fund), we also maintain a ‘Crash Fund’ to invest lump sum amount (additional investments) in MF portfolio & Equities whenever there is a market crash/downturn.
  • Whenever I review the performance of my mutual fund portfolio, I give first priority to check my overall Portfolio returns. I do not initially get too worried about the not-so-good performance of individual Fund/scheme.
  • I prefer to compare my Funds’ performances primarily with their Benchmark returns and not with its Peers. Trust me, the best performers list keeps changing every year, so the best strategy is to stick to consistent performers and also the Funds with decent ‘downside protection’.
  • I make sure that I keep an eye on ‘who are the fund managers’ of the MF schemes that I have invested in.
  • As much as possible, I make sure that overlap % among my Equity Mutual Funds is reasonable. It should be as little as acceptable because if there is a 50-70 per cent overlap then this diversification (holding multiple funds) is only optical. Actually, there is very less diversification. In case of equity, the least of overlap is more desirable. (But, do note that the Fund Portfolios do change over a period of time, so keep keep a track of overlap %.)
My latest Equity mutual fund portfolio Funds overlap analysis
My Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Analysis

So, are these the only best Mutual Fund Schemes to invest for your financial goals? – The answer is NO. These are just my Picks.

Please note that the above mentioned Mutual fund investments are done based on my financial risk profile and goals. This article is for information & knowledge sharing purposes only. If required, kindly take help of a Registered Investment Advisor in designing a Portfolio that is based on your requirements.

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  • jyoti says:

    hello Srikanth, are u planning to update it for 2020?

  • Rajni says:

    Hi Sree, Which fund do you recommend for a new investor, out of Kotak Standard Multipcap or Canara robeco Multicap.

  • Rajni says:

    Hi Sree,

    How do you evaluate this portfolio:

    Axis Long Term Equity
    Mirae Large Cap
    Mirae Emerging – Large and Mid cap
    HDFC Hybrid Equity
    Kotak Standard Multicap

    Do you suggest any addition/removal?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rajni,
      May I know your investment objective and time-frame??

      • Rajni says:

        ThankYou for replying. About 7-10 years. Goal is to build wealth.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Rajni,
          The portfolio overlap between Mirae Large and Mirae Emerging funds is around 60%. So, you may avoid investing in Emerging fund.

          The rest looks fine.

          Read : Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Comparison Tools

          • Rajni says:

            ThankYou, What about removing HDFC hybrid coz after few years its still giving me 3-4% return. Do we have to have a hybrid fund in a portfolio? I was thinking of removing HDFC hybrid and adding Kotak Multicap(I dont have currently) . I have these four:

            Axis Long Term Equity
            Mirae Large Cap
            Mirae Emerging – Large and Mid cap
            HDFC Hybrid Equity

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Rajni,
            I am a strong advocate of hybrid equity funds.
            Personally, i too have investments in hybrid fund.
            A MF investor can make include hybrid fund as part of his/her core portfolio.

            In most of the scenarios, hybrid funds give almost similar returns as that of typical multi-cap equity funds, but with a better risk-return trade-off.

            If you are not convinced with HDFC, you may switch to other hybrid funds..ICICI Equity/Debt, Mirae Hybrid, SBI etc.,

          • Rajni says:

            Thank You so much. I will take your advice into consideration to organize my portfolio 🙂

  • Boopalan says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    Glad that you are active to respond to all our queries and posting great finance articles that helps plenty of people.
    Keep doing it !!!

    I’m investing in below funds through SIP from last 1 year, looking forward to do for next 3-5 years

    Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 – 5k
    Axiz Long term equity fund – 5k
    SBI BLue chip fund – 4k

    Suggest me that do i need to modify the amount for those funds or is it good to continue in the same way?

    Also i’m planning to add one more fund (~4k), recommend which one suits for me by comparing with the existing funds?

  • Prakash M says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Would like to hear from you about my MF portfolio (risk profile is moderate) which is as below
    My Debt part is seperate which lies mostly in one Liquid fund & one Ultra short term fund.
    Equity part
    Near future Goal (5 years) – HDFC Hybrid Equity-Direct Growth
    For long term wealth Creation – Kotak Standard Multi Cap – Direct Growth &
    Mirae asset emerging Bluchip – Direct Growth

    Confused bit regarding the overlap between these funds. Is it ok to Invest in Multicap and large and midcap MF or should i replace Mirae asset with any index fund (since i m not ok with the returns in actively large cap MFs)

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Prakash,
      5 year goal – Fund is fine. But, kindly do not stay invested till the 5th year, can be a risky bet. You may make partial withdrawals from this corpus before you reach your goal year and switch to safer investment avenues.

      The other two funds are fine.
      But if you want to invest in a large-cap specific fund then index fund can be a better choice – Ex : UTI Nifty Fund.

  • NITIN says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    First of all I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for running this beautiful site.

    Now, Lets move to the query….

    I am 30 Year old male want to build wealth for my own house & daughter education in next 15-20 years.

    My daughter is 2 years old now & I can wait for next 12 to 15 years for her higher education & I need around 75 Lacs for that.

    I want to purchase a house in next 10 to 15 years & I need 75 Lacs for that.

    My mutual Fund Portfolio is as below. (Investing 23000 PM via SIP route in different funds).. Investing from last 3 years..
    1. DSP Tax Saver Fund (SIP-3000 PM)
    2. ABSL Tax Relief 96 Fund (SIP-5000 PM)
    3. ABSL Banking & Financial Services (SIP-3000 PM)
    4. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities (SIP-3000 PM)
    5. DSP Small cap (SIP-3000 PM
    6. SBI Small Cap (SIP-3000 PM)
    7. L&T Emerging Businesses (SIP- 3000 PM)

    My question is that, Am I investing in right mutual fund.?
    Or If any correction to be done than pls suggest which mutual fund to be stopped or merged with other.

    For my retirement my Employee Provident Fund will take care.

    Best Regards,

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear NITIN,
      Are the ELSS funds (1&2) for tax saving as well?
      Any specific reason/strategy for picking two Small cap funds?

      • nitin says:

        Dear Sreekanth

        Yes, I am saving tax also under 80C from my ELSS funds.

        Reason for investing in small cap is for higher return as my time horizon 10+ years.

        Serial no 5,6 & 7 in my portfolio are the small cap funds. I need your suggestion on that… Should I continue with the same funds or any change/merge required in the funds.?


  • Rahul says:

    I want to invest in debt mutual funds (equity portfolio already running). As of now, I have extra 5 lacs which I dont need for 2-3 years. With your old debt mutual funds post (hope u will write new one shortly 🙂 ) and my own research, I have sorted 5 debt mutual funds. Returns are almost similar but I want to diversify little bit so that is why selected 5 funds, just in case, something goes wrong.


    Please click on above mentioned link – I have done Fund comparison on valueresearch.

    My priority is – safety, better return that FD/NSE & lastly most imp LIQUIDITY which we dont have in NSE and FD (early redemption charge + TDS).

    So, I wanted to ask, if u were in my situation, how would u have spitted 5 L LUMP sum amt in above funds? Which one to avoid? Which new one I can add ? (if u have any suggestion)? I mean, returns are almost similar so which funds are safest to go with. 🙂

    Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rahul,
      If safety is my first priority then I would invest in Bank FDs.

      In case, you wish to take some risk and are aware of the possible risks associated with debt funds and considering your investment time-frame, you may shortlist Franklin Ultra Short Bond Fund and Kotak Low Duration fund.

      But, both these funds portfolios have medium credit quality

  • Hemant says:

    Hello Sree,

    I would like to do a Lumpsum investment for 1-2 years. What type of fund do you recommend for better returns in comparison to Bank fixed deposits.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Hemant,
      But do note that better returns come with higher risk profile.
      You may consider an Ultra Short term Debt Fund.

  • Rahul says:

    brother, I am curious to know, on what reasons you have opted for UTI next 50 instead of UTI 50 index fund. Thx in advance!

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Rahul,
      I have opted this fund keeping in view of my overall Portfolio.
      I wanted to pick a low-cost, passive index based fund that has large+mid-capish orientation, as I came out of UTI mid-cap fund.

  • Anisha says:

    Hi Sreekanth. Thank you for sharing your portfolio. Ever since I discovered your blog, I have learned a lot about financial planning and have also shared your blog with colleagues. I am 30 years old and my financial goal is to buy my own home in 10 years and create wealth of 2 crore for retirement in 25 years. Here’s my SIP portfolio:

    HDFC Hybrid Fund – Rs. 5000/- (Since 1.5 year, increased from Rs. 1500)
    SBI Bluechip Fund – Rs. 5000/- (Since 1 year)
    L&T Mid Cap Fund – Rs. 5000/- (Since 9 months)
    Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund – Rs. 5000/- (Since 2 months)
    HDFC Small Cap fund – Rs. 5000/- (Starting next month)

    Apart from this, I invested 1 lakh lumpsum in Aditya Birla Tax Relief 96 last year and have Rs. 10 lakh in FDs. Is my portfolio looking alright?

  • Pradipta Mahato says:

    Currently I invest on these three funds
    1) Hdfc hybrid equity fund almost 9 years ongoing
    2) Nifty next 50 for last one year ongoing
    3) Parag parikh long term equity last. 5 month

    Is it fine.

  • Abhinav says:

    Thanks Sreekanth for sharing the same. Just a suggestion if its suits you – if you can tell the % amount you have distributed in the selected funds and risk appetite which explains why the selection of these funds … may be a new topic to start a thread …… just a suggestion if you are comfortable in disclosing the same.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Abhinav,
      My current allocation is around 50 to 60% to Hybrid Fund, followed by ELSS fund, minor allocation to Small cap and Index Fund.

      Hybrid fund gives me a downside protection to my portfolio, plus risk – reward trade off is much better in case of Equity Hybrid Funds.

      I strongly believe that one can seriously consider a large cap index fund or Large midcapish index fund if one is looking for large-cap fund.

      • Abhinav says:

        Thanks Sreekanth for your reply.
        So 50 to 60% in hybrid is for long term Goals?? I believe in some other post (which i read now) you told 40:40:20 in midcap:elss:bal fund … Anyways it’s as per user risk profile. But i believe 40-45% would be good idea for Midcap/Small cap for long term (about 10+ yrs goals)

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Abhinav,
          40:40:20 for my portfolio?

          Kindly go ahead with your investment strategy/plan and conviction.

          Do note that I factor in my family’s investments and my investments in other Asset classes (especially, real estate ones) before allocating my investible surplus to my MF portfolio.

          Also, I invest monies in HDFC hybrid fund for both medium + long term goals, hence higher allocation in % terms..

          • Abhinav says:

            I was talking about:
            this article ..
            Below line under Long-Term Financial Goals

            /* I have been holding TATA & UTI funds for the last 6 years or so. The percentage of allocation among these funds is 40:40:20 (UTI : Axis : TATA funds respectively). */

          • Dear Abhinav,
            Got it!
            Yeah, the allocation was way back in June 2015.

          • Arun says:

            Dear Sreekanth, it would be good to know your strategies around real estate too. Are they part of this blog?

  • Avisek Dey says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    First of all I want to thank you for your blog. You have been doing a fabulous job. Now coming to my question…
    My age is 35. I have been investing in SIP since last 3 years. My current portfolio has the following mutual funds.
    1.DSP Small cap fund (Investing since 03/2016)… 1K/Month
    2. HDFC Mid Cap Opp (Investing since 03/2016)….2K/Month
    3.Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 (Investing since 11/2017)……3K/Month
    4.SBI Bluchip (Investing since 12/2016)……2K/Month
    5.SBI Magnum Midcap (Investing since 03/2016)….1K/Month
    6.Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 (Investing since 01/2018)……3K/Month
    7.Reliance Small Cap (Investing since 01/2019)
    Shall I continue with these funds?
    Please do let me know if you need any other information which can help you to answer my query in a better way. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

  • Arun says:

    What is market crash for you? Is there any specific rule that tells you it’s right time to invest lump-sum?

  • Nimish says:

    Sreekanth sir, I’m a regular reader of your blog. I’m also parking my money in MF. All short term/ mid term and long term in different MF schemes. Recently I came to know about a new feature of scam done by MF with our hard earned money. LT Finance was having reliance power shared pledged by AA or his company against the fund. The pledged shares were counted for cost around Rs. 60 at the time of lending money. Now the company has shown no willingness to pay money against pledged shares. They do not in position. So LT MF sold its share in market at Rs. 10 just few days back, and height is that.. the sold shares purchased by AA group company only, some other than the comapny came to pledged it. It means that they gave shares to LT MF @ 60 and buy back from MF @10. MF invested our hard earned money and ultimately it make loss of our money. LT MF has not invested anything from their pocket.
    Can you show some way to find out such MF, which are involved in such dirty game? so retail invester like us can be saved. – Nimish

  • albin chacko says:

    Hi Sreekanth sir, You r doing a glorious job with these posts. No matter how, it comes with great responsibility.
    I am in 30 now,have ppf,rd, ncd for debt part.Now planing to invest in MF,start with Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Plan – a monthly SIP of 5000 for 10-15 years.I would like to do more MF invests in small cap,hybrid mf in a couple of years and all are for long term too. So what do u think about Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund for such a long term investment?

  • Gaurav says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    I have been investing for last couple of years using all the advice from you- so thanks for that.

    Once again, need your guidance.
    I am going to buy a property next month for which I shall be taking a home loan.
    While I dont plan on and dont need to redeem my existing MF holdings, I will not be able to continue the SIPs once the home loan EMI starts.
    Do you suggest it is OK to “stop” SIPs and stay invested till I can restart (may be in 2 years).

    My MF portfolio is around 2-3 years old and giving me around 15% returns avg.

    How should I go about it? Please advise.

    Thank you!

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Gaurav,
      How confident are you that your investible surplus (Income – expenses – EMIs etc) can be good after 2 years?
      May I know your other financial goals (besides your Retirement..)

      • Gaurav says:

        Hi Sreekanth,

        Financial goals-
        1. Buying this house for which I have the query
        2. Retirement
        3. Child’s education and wedding(kid is 6 months old at this time)
        4. Wealth generation

        The reason I feel confident of investible surplus two years from now is that EMI + all current expenses will be 70% of our current income.
        Over 2 years, the income will go up and so the saved percentage will increase beyond 30%.
        Although expenses around the kid may also increase, I feel at least 25% can still be set aside as investible surplus.

        Please advise.


        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Gaurav,
          Ok. But, kindly do not over leverage (stretch) yourself regarding the budget (Property cost). Is this property for your self-occupation?

          You may also go through this article @ Investing in Mutual Funds while paying Home Loan EMIs | Cost-Benefit Analysis

          • Gaurav says:

            Hi Sreekanth,

            Yes, property is for self- I currently live in a rented accommodation.

            I read through the article, and seems like investing any surplus in MF through SIP while paying home loan EMI will be a good choice- I will plan accordingly, instead of hoarding up to prepay my home loan.

            Please do advise on whether there will be any problem in “stopping” my current SIPs for some time though- till I can figure out how much I can invest and then restart my MF SIPs.
            Or should I close all current SIPs and use them to increase downpayment on my loan?


          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Gaurav,
            Suggest you not to redeem your existing MF Units for now.
            Based on your financial position after 2 years or so, you can re-start your SIPs, may be, with slightly higher SIP amounts to achieve your long-term Fin goal values..

  • Pradeep says:

    Thanks for sharing your portfolio and the changes in past few years.
    Is this the end of road for UTI Midcap fund?
    I was hoping that there could be a midcap rally this year that will prop up the returns of this fund.
    Interesting to see you have moved from midcap to a smallcap fund.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Pradeep,
      Yes, there has been a correction in mid/small cap stocks last year and there is no decisive up-tick this year till date.
      May I know the other scheme names that you have invested in (if any)??

      Franklin SCF is a midcapish small cap oriented fund 🙂

      • Pradeep says:

        Hi Sreekanth,
        I am also investing in UTI Midcap. The other schemes are Franklin India Equity, Smaller Companies, Mirae Largecap. I started Kotak Emerging Equity as an alternative to UTI Midcap, but not yet stopped. Perhaps its time now?

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Pradeep,
          Personally, I prefer HDFC Mid-cap or Franklin Prima funds in mid-cap space. These funds have very long track record and have seen different market cycles.
          UTI mid-cap : The risk – return trade off is not in its favor and the fund’s performance Vs its benchmark has not been well for the last 5 years or so.

          • Pradeep says:

            Hi Sreekanth,
            I ignored HDFC fund due to its size while I have 2 Franklin funds already. So I chose Kotak fund. But I agree that UTI fund isnt going back to the glory days of Anoop Bhaskar. I will also get out and possibly UTI Nifty Next 50 is an option.

  • Suresh KP says:

    Good to see your portfolio Sreekanth. It has balanced fund, small cap fund, index fund and tax saving fund. I usually invest in largecap and multipcap and midcap too along the above categories as these funds tend to perform differently in various market cycles.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Thank you dear Suresh for sharing your views!
      I consider Tax saving Fund (Axis LTE) as a typical Multi-cap fund.

      My portfolio has a higher allocation to Hybrid Fund, followed by ELSS fund, Small cap and then Index Fund.

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