eNivaran Online Facility : Income Tax Dept’s new Grievance Redressal System

eNivaran Online Facility _ Income Tax Depts new Grievance Redressal System

Income Tax and income tax filing is still considered as ‘rocket science’ by many of us. But of late the tax department is doing a wonderful job to make tax payers’ life easy. The IT department has launched many online initiatives in the last couple of years.

But one thing that has been missing is, a robust grievance redressal mechanism. If we have a tax related grievance then there is no comprehensive system with the IT dept, to receive,  to track or to speed up the complaint resolution process.

If we have PAN related issues we have to contact NSDL or UTI, if we submit complaints at ASK centers (Aaykar Sampark Kendra) then there is no provision to track the status of our complaints and we need to make multiple visits to the IT dept offices, if we have any issues related to say Income Tax Refund or online IT filing then there is no online facility to submit & track such issues, also the IT department is not equipped with transferring of complaints across the various sub-departments online…and so on

Often it is also been reported that the call centre support is not up to the mark and we need to dial multiple help-line numbers to get the resolution.

Good news, the Income Tax department has recently launched a special electronic grievance redressal system called eNivaran in order to fast track income taxpayers’ grievances and ensure early resolution of the complaints.

In this post, let us understand – What is eNivaran online facility? How to access eNivaran system on IT e-filing portal? What are the grievances or complaints that can be submitted through eNivaran application form?

What is eNivaran?

eNivaran is a dedicated window for grievance redressal. This unified grievance management system integrates all online and offline (physical) complaints received by the IT department. These complaints will then be monitored by the income tax officers (Assessing officer  / Supervisory Officers) to make sure that the complaints are resolved at the earliest.

Through this online portal the complaints can also be transferred to the concerned sub-department. For example – if you submit a grievance related to income tax return filing, and while resolving your issue if the tax officer has to get more inputs on say your TDS details then he/she can transfer your complaint to the concerned department and get the details, so that your complaint can be resolved quickly.

As of now, a tax payer can submit grievances at;

  • ASK (Aaykar Sampark Kendra) : Offline complaints are received at ASK centers and are captured on ITBA (Income Tax Business Application).
  • CPC ITR (Central Processing Centre) : This centre takes care of accepting income tax returns, processing of ITRs and any grievances related to ITRs.
  • CPC TDS : This centre handles all TDS related complaints and issues.
  • E-Filing Portal : The tax payer can submit grievances related to Login, registration, verification of Returns, Password etc related issues.
  • PAN related issues are handled by NSDL & UTIITSL.

Now, with the launch of eNivaran all these modules will be integrated. The new system can be used by the IT department’s staff to record, search, view, transfer, seek information from grievance filer, and resolve the complaints online.

Your grievances from PAN card problems to Income Tax returns, tax refunds, TDS issues, delay in refunds, tax return scrutiny issues, tax notices etc. can all be resolved with E-Nivaran facility.

How to access eNivaran online?

Below is the procedure to access and submit eNivaran online form;

  • Kindly visit income tax e-filing portal.
  • Click on ‘Registered User’ if you have login credentials, else click on ‘Register Yourself’ option.
  • Once you Login to the e-filing portal, you can find e-Nivaran option on the top navigation menu bar.how to login to enivaran income tax portal online 1 pic
  • Click on e-Nivaran menu option to submit, track status or view previously submitted grievances.how to use enivaran income tax application 2 pic
  • After submitting your Grievance, an acknowledgement number is generated based on which you can track its status.

Types of Grievances or complaints that can be submitted through eNivaran online Form

Below is the category of  grievances that you can submit and seek resolution;

  • You can submit your complaints or queries to AO (assessing officer) on the matters related to;
    • ITR processing not completed
    • Income Tax Refund not received
    • Rectification Return pending with AO
    • Incorrect Outstanding tax demand
  • You can route your queries on Income Tax Returns to CPC – ITR – Bangalore on the below matters;
  • You can submit your complaints or queries to CPC TDS on the matters related to;
    • TDS Statements
    • KYC
    • Form 16 & Form 16A (Read : ‘What is Form 16 / Form 16A / Form 26AS‘)
    • Form 26 AS (TDS details not reflected in Form 26AS)
    • TDS on Sale of Property (Form 26QB related)
    • Correction of details related to Challan / BIN (Book Identification Number) etc.,
  • If you have below queries or complaints related to e-Filing portal, you can seek resolution;
    • Registration on e-filing portal
    • Profile changes
    • Filing of Income Tax Returns or Forms
    • Verification of Income Tax Returns & EVC  (Read : ‘How to e-verify your Income Tax Return?‘)
    • OTP, PIN, Login & Password related issues.
  • You can route your complaints to Refund banker on the matters related to;
    • Refund credited in wrong bank account
    • Refund paid or issued by the IT department but not credited in your account.
    • Misuse of your Login Id & Password
    • Payment of Refund to the legal heir of the deceased
    • Refund amount discrepancy
  • For PAN related matters like below can be submitted to NSDL or UTIITSL;
    • PAN application
    • Allotment of same PAN to multiple persons or entities
    • Delivery of PAN card
    • Wrong details in PAN card etc.,

Kindly note that matters related to RTI, Court judgements, general suggestions & grievances against foreign Government will not be considered as grievances.

Kindly note that your Personal details are pre-filled (auto populated) in e-Nivaran online form. So, you need to ensure that they are correct before your submit the grievance. (You can update your personal details by visiting ‘profile settings’ -> ‘My profile’ option).

It is believed that the Income Tax department is one of the 20 government organisations’ against whom maximum grievances are received on the Centre’s online public grievances resolution portal called the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS).

Let’s hope that eNivaran ensures fast tracking and early resolution of tax payers’ grievances.

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net) (Post published on : 01-September-2016)

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  • sudha devaraju says:

    sudha devaraju,
    Dear Srikanth Reddy Garu,
    we are NRIs and for 26AS I was filling up all the details in the six step process. but I am unable to go beyond the step 2, communication details , ‘from where I am redirected to the main page again and again for last 7days for which I put up it in e-nivaran where it is pending for last 9 days. Can you suggest any solution please.

  • Raghavendra says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    My Aadhar card and PAN has same name say x y z .But the name in the income tax portal is x z y. Because of this i am not able to do e-KYC in EPFO site. For this i have already raised grievance in IT site, now the status is showing as “Transferred to NSDL” since 1 month. Please suggest on any other way to do follow up on my request?

    Need this eKYC verification for PF withdrawal.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Raghavendra,
      Based on your first sentence in the comment, the name format is matching right??
      Is your name format matching @EPFO UAN portal?

      Related articles :
      * How to verify PAN online in EPF UAN Member portal?
      * EPF UAN Name Correction online | How to update your Personal details in UAN? |New procedure

      • Raghavendra says:

        Yes Sir, name in Aadhaar and PAN is matching. But income-tax dept name is different. Due to which ekyc is not happening at EPFO site. Getting error at EPFO site as ‘name mismatch in income-tax dept and pan database’. Please advise how to do follow up on grievance with NSDL.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear Raghavendra,
          Off-late many blog readers have been facing this strange issue.
          The IT dept actually considers the details from the PAN database itself (NSDL’s) and not sure why this mismatch??

          Suggest you to submit your grievances to the EPFO via this link and to the IT dept through e-Nivaran portal, mentioning about the non-resolution of your previous query.

          In case, you find a solution, kindly share it here, thank you!

          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Kindly be aware of this ;
            While applying PAN you would have full name with documents, you can name to be printed on card. So what you seen on PAN and income tax website may vary, Income Tax website shows full name with expansion

            PAN display name can have short initials but in PAN database the expanded initials are saved (should be provided).

        • Mahendran says:

          hi Ragavendra, I facing the same issue with the EPF’s eKYC verification,… Is your issue sorted out..?

          • Sijo says:

            Hi Sreekanth,

            I am facing the same issue with EPFO portal. All of our PAN name is correct in the PAN card. Only its not matching with the IT department. Then how do you say its updated as per PAN?

            Even its not in the expanded format in IT portal. its showing shuffled.

            As per PAN: XXX YYY ZZZ
            IT Portal YYY ZZZ XXX

            I am searching for solution since 1 year. Please let us know how to proceed further.


          • Sreekanth Reddy says:

            Dear Sijo ..Did you try submitting a grievance request at enivaran portal? Did you get any reply from the IT team?

          • Sijo K G says:

            Hi Sreekanth,

            Thank you for the replay.

            I have submitted grievance and there is no update yet.

            Sijo K g

        • Mounika says:

          hi Ragavendra, facing the same issue with the EPF’s e KYC verification,… Is your issue sorted out..? If yes kindly share it here.

    • Siva says:

      Hi Raghavendra,

      did you get any solution about this. Im facing this same issue. if you find any solution pl forward it.


    • K SARAVANAN says:

      I am pan car and aadhaar card name is OK but income tax name is change so solution please

  • sanjeev kumar says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    My pan card has been deactivated by the ITD without any intimation. I applied for same pan card but getting the below status in income tax site.

    “PAN provided in your request for ‘New PAN card and/or Change/Correction in PAN Data’ has been deleted / deactivated by Income Tax Department and is under examination at ITD”

    Could you please assist how i will get my pan card. Or i will be grateful if you will assist me the process of activating pan card.

    Sanjeev Singhai

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sanjeev,
      My suggestion would be to submit a grievance request on the same to the ITDept through e-nivaran portal, and inquire about the ‘reason for deactivation of PAN’.

      You may need to write a letter to your jurisdictional AO in the Income Tax Department for activation of your PAN.

      Kindly go through below links ;
      Article – 1
      Article – 2

  • Pratyusha T says:

    Hi sreekanth garu,

    Even i am also facing the same issue. my name in aadhar and pan card details are same but it is different in e filing site. I already submitted name correction form but problem was not resolved i am not able to upload my pan details in UAN site.
    pls suggest me solution

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Pratyusha,
      I do not have correct answer to your query.

      For Tax return processing, I believe that IT dept goes by your name format as in PAN database.
      Suggest you to submit your grievance to them through e-Nivaran portal.
      In case, you get a valid response, kindly share the information here, can be useful to all of us!

  • Sindhu says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    My Aadhar card and PAN has same name x y z .But the name in the income tax portal is y z x. Because of this i am not able to verify the PAN on the site as the name in the UAN site is also x y z according to the aadhar.
    Need this verification for PF withdrawal.
    Is their any way to change name in income tax portal?

  • Prakash says:

    Even i am facing the same problem becos of that its showing as failed in epfo site.. so i kindly request 2 help me out in this matter

    How to update name in IT website

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Prakash,
      The name format (First name, surname and middle name) between PAN and UAN may not be matching. Kindly re-check.

  • gurijala nageswara reddy says:

    hi sirkanth,

    My name in PAN card and income tax records are not as same. name in pan is correct and it is shuffled in income tax records.

    examples : in pan card name is xxx yyy zzz but in income tax records it is zzz yyy xxx.

    it would be grate if you can suggest the process to change my name in income tax records.

    regards, GN reddy

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear nageswara,
      For Tax return processing, I believe that IT dept goes by your name format as in PAN database.
      Suggest you to submit your grievance to them through e-Nivaran portal.
      In case, you get a valid response, kindly share the information here, can be useful to all of us!

  • Badaka Ramesh says:

    Dear Srikanth,
    My name in income tax portal is not same as in my PAN card. What is the procedure to update my name in income tax records so that names in my PAN card and name in my income tax records to stay same.
    in IT Dept: Name Surname.
    in PAN card: Surname Name

    • Dear Ramesh,
      The IT dept uses the details which are in PAN database only.
      You may check your ‘Personal details’ as in PAN under ‘Profile Settings’ after login to e-Filing portal. If you wish to change these details then you need to submit ‘name correction’ PAN application.

      • Rajesh says:

        Hi Sreekanth

        Even i am facing the same problem becos of that its showing as failed in epfo site.. so i kindly request 2 help me out in this matter

  • Nirankar Sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    It is just very recently only that on exploring the available services on E-filing web site, through the link *Pending Action* for my account – it has come to know my knowledge that a Demand Notice on 02-09-2011 under Section 143-1a of Rs.20670/- in the manually filed ITR for the AY:2010-11 has been uploaded by my JurisdictionalAO. Never any communication has ever been conveyed or delivered to me, nor any notice under Section 143(1a) is available in the records of CPC site.

    In support of my disagreement to the demand in question I am furnishing below the following facts in the support of my disagreement to this demand:

    a) There is a MISMATCH between the Tax Computation Sheet uploaded in my account and the statement of Tax Credits in form 26AS for the AY:2010-2011.

    b) It is apparent from the Tax & Computation Sheet that in raising / uploading the outstanding Demand in question; Tax Credit of Rs.9315/-ONLY in item number 1 of Part A of 26AS for the AY:2010-11 has been taken into account out of the total amount of available tax credits of Rs.26655/-(PART A 9315+4680 + PART C 12660).

    c) For the no reasons at my end: Amounts of Rs.4680/- in item number 2 of Part A and Rs.12660/-(Rs.12289/-Tax+Rs.311/- paid as Interest) in Part C of form 26AS have not been taken into account in computing the outstanding Tax Liability on me.

    As such I am senior citizen in the age of 70 years and presently not stationed at the city of my Jurisdictional AO – Should I seek a solution through Enivaran portal of income tax ?

    Please provide me a suitable advise on the matter.


    • Dear Nirankar ji,
      Do you mean to say that there are wrong TDS entries which do not belong to you in Form 26AS?
      Did you receive this notice recently or is it on 2/9/2011?

      May be, advisable to consult a CA regarding this matter.

      • Nirankar Sharma says:

        Dear Sir
        There is nothing wrong with TDS Entries in Form 26AS and belong to me only.
        Never I have received or been delivered any notice prior to 2/9/2011.

        I have come know to about this demand recently only on cheeking the Pendin Actions in my account on Efiling site.

        Incometax department has never reminded me also about this demand during 6-7 years.

        I feel it to be not an inadverbtant mistake on part of concerned dealing hand.

        I think only REDRESSAL open for me is to remain silent or file grievance on Enivaran portal.

        Please oblige through further advise.

        Thanking : Nirankar Sharma

        • Dear Nirankar Ji,
          Yes, its advisable that you submit a grievance request online through e-Nivaran.
          You may provide the details of this notice in the request and can ask for the resolution.
          In case, there is an outstanding dues for the last 6 years, it can be huge amount as penalty/interest will be levied on the dues (if any).

  • I have SCSS Account in Post Office who are deducting TDS every quarter from the interest but never submit proper TDS Return which results into incorrect entries in my Form 26AS. I visited the Post Office many times but correct entries did not appear. Ultimately I filed Income Tax Return showing correct TDS amount and submitted Grievance through e-Nivaran to CPC-TDS. After a few days CPC-TDS asked me to submit the Grievance to AO of my Ward. I have raised another Grievance to AO of my Ward attaching copy of previous Grievance.

    I hope to get it resolved before my Return is processed for Refund.

  • roshan says:

    I filed my IT returns in ITR 1 by mistake. LAter I filed ITR2 as revised return. Is this ok?

  • Mahim Agarwal says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I got a signing bonus of Rs. 50000/- from my company when I joined. But, I resigned after 1 year and had to return the bonus amount to the company. Now, I received 40000 (=50000-10000 tax) in the financial year 2016-17 but I have returned Rs. 50000. Kindly advise on how can I claim back the tax deducted in the previous year.

  • Ramakant kankani says:

    My grandmother having a age of 86 and unable to walk and also have a eye eye and ear problem. She do not have àny adhar card how i can file the return . Tds was deducted on their interest iñcome

  • Dr. M L BHATIA says:

    For some time my daughter has been abroad, hence she could not obtain her Aadhaar card and thus she has not been able to submit here IT Return for AY 17-18. Please help us as to whom we can approach/contact in income tax deptt by telling us their (online) email addresses. Also she wants to file her Returns for AYs 2013-14 and 14-15 and claim refund for those years. whom can she approach/write through email for permission to file returns for those years.
    Her Father

    • Dear Mr BHATIA .. The due date for filing belated returns for the mentioned Assessment years is over, I believe that she cant file those year ITRs now.
      You may advice her to submit her grievance through e-Nivaran portal.

    • Dear Mr Bhatia..Kindly note that the last date of ITR filing for AY 17-18 has been extended till 5th Aug, 2017. One can file ITR and subsequently can link PAN with Aadhaar but before 31-Aug-2017.
      Kindly note that NRIs can not apply for Aadhaar.

  • charan says:

    Good post and great explanation which makes it easy to understand and use it.. Thanks.

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