How to do EPF e-Nomination with Beneficiary Aadhaar & Photo? | Latest & New Online Procedure

Nomination Beneficiary

We all know that life is short and unpredictable. In this short journey, we all take lot of investment and financial decisions. We earn, save and invest money in various financial products like; EPF, PPF, Bank Fixed deposits, real estate properties, Shares, Mutual Funds, Insurance policies etc.,

But, how to ensure your assets are properly distributed to your loved ones? What options do we have?

The first thing that comes to our mind would be, Nomination. You can declare a nominee(s) for your investments and your nominee can claim the ownership of your investments or assets after your death.

EPF is one of the popular long term saving instruments for many salaried individuals. So, it is of utmost importance for an EPF member to update nomination details for his/her EPF account.

Upon the death of an EPF member, the Employee Provident Fund amount is paid to the nominee that was nominated at the time of opening of the account. If there was no nominee assigned then the EPF amount is paid to the immediate members of the family.

EPF PF Provident Fund after death of EPF member nominee legal heir family member pic
Who can claim EPF on death of EPF member?

How to update Nomination details for EPF Account?

An EPF member can submit nomination details and register nominee(s) through Form-2 (offline mode) via his/her Employer.

In 2016, a facility to change/edit the nomination details online has been made available through the previous version of UAN portal. But, this is not an end to end online process. You have to take the print-out of the online nomination form and then have to submit it to your employer.

In 2018, the EPFO has come up with e-Nomination online provision, where-in there was no need to submit the online form to your employer, this process is independent from your employer. Also, it can be e-signed through Aadhaar OTP verification and can be directly submitted to the EPFO.

Now, EPFO has gone one step ahead and introduced a revamped version of EPF e-Nomination online facility in UAN Unified Member portal.

An EPF subscriber can now update or change his/her nominee details and can provide beneficiaries’ (Nominee’s) Aadhaar number, Bank Account details to receive EPF death claim amount, address etc.,

God forbids, on death of an EPF member, his beneficiary can apply for EPF death claim online based on Aadhaar number.

Salient Features & Pre-requisites of new Aadhaar based EPF e-Nomination functionality

  • UAN should have been activated.
  • Aadhaar number should have been seeded and verified in UAN portal.
  • Aadhaar number should have been linked with PF member’s mobile number.
  • An EPF member has to upload his/her profile photo.
  • Aadhaar number(s) of all the family members (nominees / beneficiaries) in nomination is mandatory.
  • EPF member can authenticate his/her nomination details through Aadhaar based e-Sign mode (using Aadhaar Virtual ID).

How to add/update Nominee details in EPF account using EPF e-Nomination online facility?

Below is the latest and new online process to check, update or change Nomination details in EPF account online;

  • Kindly visit Member Interface of EPFO Unified Portal.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Click on ‘Manage’ menu tab and then click on E-Nomination option.
EPF Account Nomination details online UAN PF EPF Account eNomination facility UAN member portal epfo
EPF e-Nomination option in UAN Member portal
  • If you have not updated your Profile picture, you have to update it through View -> Profile option, else you can not proceed further.
Upload epf member profile picture photo to proceed for e-nomination
  • You have to upload your profile photo in the portal by clicking on ‘change photo’ link.
Upload photo in epf member portal for e nomination
EPF member profile photo in UAN Portal
  • Once you are done with uploading your photo under Profile section, you can go back to Manage menu option -> click on E-Nomination link.
  • Your profile page, with details like UAN, Name, Date of Birth, gender etc., will be displayed. You have to provide your ‘Permanent Address’ details in the relevant field and click on Save button.
  • After saving the details, system will prompt ‘Having Family : Yes/No“. If input is given as YES, system will ask to enter your family member details. If input is given as NO, system will directly prompt to PF nomination details (non-family members as beneficiaries/nominees).
  • You can provide your nominee’s (family member) details like Aadhaar, Name, Date of birth, Gender, Relation, Address, his/her bank account details, Guardian details (if beneficiary is minor) and can also upload nominee photo. There is also an option to remove nominee from the list.
    • You can click on ‘Add row’ to add multiple beneficiaries as nominees to your EPF account.
    • Click on ‘Save Family details’.
how to update Nominee details in EPF e-nomination facility online beneficiary family member aadhaar number bank account address
EPF subscriber’s Family member/Nominee/Beneficiary details in e-Nomination facility
  • After that go to EPF nominations details, provide the percentage of EPF share to your nominee(s) as you wish and click on ‘Save EPF nomination’ button.
  • After completion of EPF nomination, system will prompt for EPS nomination in case (wife/son/daughter) is not available.
  • Once the EPF nomination details are saved successfully, you can scroll to ‘Pending Nomination’ section and click on ‘e-Sign’ option. For Aadhaar based e-Sign, virtual ID is mandatory. You can generate virtual ID for your Aadhaar by visiting UIDAI official website.
  • After e-signing, your e-Nomination gets registered with the EPFO. There is no need to send any physical document to your employer or ex-employer.

(What is e-Sign? – eSign is an online electronic signature service in India to facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document. The signature service is facilitated by authenticating the Aadhar holder via the Aadharbased e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service.)

If an EPF member completes this EPF e-nomination online process, it can be very useful.

The main benefit is – a member can easily file the online EPS Pension claim (Form 10D) and in the event of demise of the member, his/her nominee or beneficiary can submit EPF Composite Death Claim Form, based on OTP on his/her Aadhaar linked mobile.

(EPF Composite Death Claim Form is a single form to claim EPF – Form 20, EPS Pension – Form 10D & EDLI claim – Form 5IF.)

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(Post published on : 02-August-2019)

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    Hi sir, I’m getting “Error while fetching nomination details. Please try after some time” what should I do for this error?

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    I am unable to submit the e nomination details. Its showing error that ‘cannot insert null’ even though I gave all details.
    Please fix this problem as soon as possible

  • CH.Vissu says:

    sir, pls clarify.

    whom aadhar VID should be entered for E-Sign process. (Nomineee or EPF Holder) ?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Vissu,
      Is this for registering a nominee or for Claim withdrawal (by nominee/beneficiary)..

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    I have successfully submitted my ekyc in member portal.

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    Can we apply for E-nomination if the member has passed away ? E nomination is not set up yet and member has already passed away

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Parth,
      Legally, it may not be the right way of doing!
      Kindly approach the concerned employer / EPF!

  • M Muralidhar says:

    Sir I have been nominated for pf pension form 10D to my sisters PF. Now authorities have rejected me as nominee and asked to remove nominee for submitting 10D of my sister. how to remove please extend your help and oblige. Thank you

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    I have to register e-sign for e-nomination. I received my VID for my aadhaar. But when I enter the said VID for registration, I am receiving a message ” Technical error occured. Please try again after some time. ” This message I am getting since yesterday. I have tried this atleast 25 times from 20 Feb 2020 to 21 Feb 2020. Kindly help me.

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    in epf nomination family details & nominee share saved successfully nut e-sign option is not visible so how can can i do this complete process. Please suggest

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    in epf e-nomination while uploading the photos of nominees, we are not getting the preview and submit button. please clarify this

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