How to link your Aadhaar number to EPF UAN online?


    Dear sir,
    I have two EPF account in the same company. The first one is 478 another one is 2673. now 2673 account I have a UAN number. but 478 no UAN number. how I get a UAN number or merge the same account. kindly advise me.
    now I tried my account, I got the below message:-
    Basic details like Name/DOB/Gender/Father or Husband name are missing. Please contact your employer to get it completed

  • Shankar lal says:

    Hello sir update my exit date

  • Aslam Tamboli says:

    I’m trying to apply for provident fund through online portal but it’s giving me error that aadhar is not authenticated from UIDAI but from uidai portal i have authenticated it and i got a mail also that it’s authenticated but still same error what to do now. I stay at Maharashtra and my pf office belongs to Hyderabad. Can we do it from any pf office

    • Dear Aslam,
      Does the status against your Aadhaar is ‘VERIFIED’ in UAN interface home-page??
      To update your father name details, kindly contact your employer and submit joint-declaration with them to the EPFO.

      • Aslam Tamboli says:

        Dear sir

        It’s approved from employer but pending at Hyderabad field office since last 25days. I am trying to call them but they are not responding to me. Plz guide me with this.

        • Dear Aslam,
          Suggest you to submit your grievance to the EPFO here..
          Some blog readers have suggested this option, the EPFO may take next set of actions.
          But to process name correction requests, looks like, EPFO may take around 30 to 75 days.

          • Aslam Tamboli says:

            30-75 day’s? I have submitted it’s before 5days Better we apply offline. I don’t know what’s wrong with pf office employees. When I have given request for name updation within 1hr I got SMS that it’s approved from employer . OK leave it. Really thank you for your help doing a good job .

  • Aslam Tamboli says:

    Hi while linking aadhar with UAN it’s giving me error that name mismatch on adhar my full name is there but on UAN my father name is not mentioned, my employer is not helping me with this and my pf office belongs to Hyderabad and I stay at Maharashtra what to do now plz help me with this.

  • S S V R S PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name and date of birth are different in my UAN and in my aadhaar. How to get corrected in my UAN without consulting my employer? Please give reply.

  • amit says:

    Hi Bro,
    My employer was not supporting in approving Aadhaar.
    So, I visited PF office and seeded aadhaar through them.
    So still, It will be in employer hand to approve it or
    it will approved n verified by EPFO.

    Have a Nice day.

  • Ankit Mittal says:

    where can I get list of Common Service Centers??

  • Naresh says:

    Thanks for very nice useful and informative post.

  • Ravi says:

    Hi Sreekanth Reddy,

    i am getting problem to link aadhaar with UAN online. my name & all details correct with UAN & Aadhaar database.

    i was successful to Generate OTP with UAN ,then i put OTP on the same and filled my aadhaar number & clicked on submit option … i proceed then after there is my Aadhaar number & UAN showing :-

    ” i clicked proceed for Adhaar OTP verification”

    option the error came & says — 404 – Not Found??????? its showing repeatedly from yesterday what to do.

    kindly help me regarding this asap


    Ravi chaudhary

  • Syed Maqsood Ahmed says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    I love your articles in lines with investment, it’s very useful information particularly for new investors
    I am a NRI investor working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    I want change my registered email Id in Karvy, please advise what is the procedure to change
    email Id in Karvy???

    Syed Maqsood Ahmed / Riyadh / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Minal Ghorpade says:

    Happy diwali , good article
    But I have problem while linking my son UAN to Aadhar
    While linking Aadhar , the portal gives msg as name mismatch even though name ,surname father name is same in both Aadhar and UAN
    What to do
    Mrs Ghorpade


    Dear Sir
    Please provide me contact e.mail ID.

  • RAJ says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Happy Deepavali to You & Your family and also to


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