3 ways to check Mutual Fund Scheme change list | How to get a consolidated view of MF Schemes list post SEBI reclassification?

All these years, SEBI/AMFI has been allowing multiple funds under same fund categories from same AMCs, in order to bring the desired uniformity across mutual funds and to standardize the various MF scheme categories, the SEBI through Mutual Fund Advisory Committee has issued new guidelines on ‘new Categorization of Mutual Fund Schemes.’

To meet these new guidelines all the mutual fund houses have already implemented the required changes. Some Schemes have been merged, some have been just re-named and for some their investment strategy/portfolio allocation have been changed.

If you are an existing mutual fund investor, you would have already received notices through email(s) from respective Fund AMCs. These notices give you the information about the proposed fundamental changes being implemented by the fund houses to meet SEBI’s new reclassification norms.

In case, you are holding multiple mutual fund schemes from different fund houses then you have to go through a set of emails to understand the mutual fund schemes changes.

For a new MF investor, the task can be a little challenging as he/she has to visit different fund house websites and comprehend the proposed changes.

Whether you are an existing mutual fund investor or a new investor, is n’t it good to have an online facility to get a consolidated view of ‘Mutual Fund Scheme change list’ at one place.

Let’s now discuss the 3 different ways to get the  Mutual Fund Scheme change list.

3 ways to check Mutual Fund Scheme change list

  1. Check Email(s) from your AMCs : As discussed above, if you are an existing investor, you would have already received email(s) as the one below, informing you about the changes implemented for the funds that you have invested in. Kindly do not delete these emails without going through the details given in them.Email informing mutual fund scheme changes Franklin Templeton india pic
  2. The second source is to visit the respective mutual fund house websites and can access the links related to Notices/Downloads/Addendum section to get information on ‘MF Schemes re-categorization’.
    • For example :
      • HDFC Mutual Funds Website -> Downloads -> Notices -> Kindly click on ‘Notices’ like ‘Notice for Change in Fundamental Attributes of Select Equity & Hybrid Schemes’.SEBI Categorization rationalization rules HDFC Mutual Fund schemes change in fundamental attributes notices circulars download pic
      • Aditya Birla Mutual Fund house website -> Forms & Downloads -> Addendum -> 2018 -> ‘Notice-cum-addendum dated 14.04.2018 – Categorization and Rationalization of the Schemes of Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.’
      •  SBI Mutual Fund AMC Website -> Forms & Downloads -> Notices & Addendums -> ‘SBI Mutual Fund – Addendum – Scheme Categorization.’ Changes in SBI Mutual Fund Schemes due to SEBI re-categorization rules latest notices Best Mutual Fund Schemes
  3. How to get a consolidated view of Mutual Fund Scheme change list? – A few mutual fund online distribution platforms have provided online facilities to get a consolidated view of the entire mutual fund scheme change list. 
    • For example;
      • The online facility provided by ‘FundsIndia‘ has the entire list of changes being implemented across all the schemes offered by various mutual fund houses. Click on the below image to visit this online facility. consolidated view of Mutual Fund Scheme change list mutual fund new names hdfc bilra sbi franklin motillal dsp icici uti pic
      • Using this online facility, you can sort the list based on Scheme name, Fund category (Equity/Debt related) or effective date. You can also download/view ‘notices‘ issued by the respective AMCs.
    • There are some more platforms like ClearFunds or Upwardly that provide a consolidated view.

Consolidated list of all Mutual Funds changes Table Chart SEBI new norms re-classifcation re-categorization 2017 2018 Clearfunds

I hope you find this information useful in reviewing/planning your mutual fund investments. Cheers!

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(Post first published on : 15-June-2018)

  • Pardeep says:

    thanks for Sharing now we can compare all mutual fund in a simple way you can find all Mutual Funds Name here with the category @ Re-branding of Mutual funds..

  • neha says:

    My invested mutual fund is not performing well from more than 2 years. I want to stop the sip.

    So after stopping the sip, should I keep the invested money in the fund as I do not need it? So when the NAV is higher after 2-3 years then I can go for better profits? What is advisable?


  • deepa says:

    Hello sir

    my husband and i do sip of 5,000 in sbi bluechip, 5,000 in reliance small cap, 5,000 in ABSL front line equity fund and 5,000 in parag parikh long term equity mutual fund.

    so total of 20,000 from 2016. We want to invest for 12 years for our children. We want 50 lakh in 15 years. is this achievable?

    is this portfolio of small cap, multi cap and two large cap good? What will be your recommendation? advance thank you for the advice.

  • Sohan Agrawaal says:


    I invest in these three funds. 1. Aditya birla sunlife front line equity 2. Parag parikh long term equity 3. SBI bluechip

    My amount for each fund is 10,000 per month. My goal is to generate 3 Cr. for retirement at 60. That is after 30 years. I am a moderate risk taker.

    I know that I have two large cap and one multi cap. The question is can I add “kotak standard multicap” as another multi cap. Is this advisable?

    I have regular investments in Post office schemes to cover my debt part of the investments, please help. Thank you very much.

  • Christina J says:

    Good afternoon,

    I invest through SIP in three different fund. Each SIP is of 30,000. I have two large cap and one mid cap fund.

    Now I have 3.6 lakh as a surplus. The questions is:

    Can I do additional purchase of around 10,000 each month in each fund that is 30,000 per month for next 12 months rather than doing a lump sum purchase?

    Please advice your opinion. Thank you.

  • Shreehari Ganesh Rao says:

    We generally see that in equity mf, the funds gives a much better returns. I myself experienced 20% returns in 5 years.

    But when in the long term like 10 to 12 years, the return comes down. I am taking this goal more from retirement or child marriage points where most of us have 10 to 20 years time.

    I have seen the same fund which gave 20% in 5 yrs, gave 11% after 12 years.

    Is it a good strategy to exit in 5 years by booking 20% returns? And invest this money into a new fund or to wait till 10-20 years when your goal is nearer by.

    I know that with long term power of compounding will help.

    But, I am trying to understand that can we get higher return for a 10 years goal by dividing it into two timelines of 5-5 years?

    I want to know an expert view from someone like you. Thank you sir.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Shreehari,
      We can not generalize the above observation.
      Suggest you to kindly take different 5 year time-periods and do the analysis.
      Timing the market is next to impossible and hence the investments should be done at regular intervals. Asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing are equally important besides staying in the markets for long periods.

  • jitendra patel says:

    Mutual fund i think one of some risk investment you have to careful before investing lets to some researches on it

  • samarjeet k singh says:


    Read your blog almost daily. So finally asking a question. I need your help for some financial planning. Can you please check the below information and help. Thank you.

    My age – 34
    Income – 1,00,000/month
    Married and spouse income is 1,00,000/month. We do not have kids.

    Investments are –

    RD – 10,000 per month
    FD – 200,000 rupees

    MF –
    1. SBI Bluechip – 10,000 per month
    2. Aditya birla frontline equity – 10,000 per month

    Insurance – 1 Crore term plan.

    Liabilities – 50 lakh house loan


    1. Want to settle the house loan in next 5 years.

    Please let me know if we are on the right track.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear samarjeet,
      Thank you for following my blog!

      Any specific investment objective/goal for saving in FDs/RDs?

      The other possible goal can be your Retirement Goal.

      The listed two funds are good ones, but both are large-cap oriented ones, so their portfolios overlap can be on the higher side.

      Without having the details of your home loan, it is tough to suggest anything.

      Do you have adequate health insurance cover?

      Suggest you to go through below articles :

      * Retirement Planning in 3 Easy steps
      * Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Comparison Tools
      * List of Articles on the key Components of Personal Financial Planning

      • samarjeet k singh says:

        Sir, Thank you for the reply.

        The FD is for emergency fund. RD is made for helping us to close the home loan. Health insurance is for 1 crore for me and my spouse. The Mutual funds are kept for retirements. Thank you for sharing the blogs, I will read them.

        I have home loan at 9% for 20 years. Our 5 years are over now and so for next 15 years 50 lakh is outstanding.

        I am reading your blogs and trying to decode financial planning. Now the goal is to close the loan in next 5 years. Wanted to know if this is the right way that will help us to close the loan. Thank you again.

        • Sreekanth Reddy says:

          Dear samarjeet,
          As long as you are able to save/invest adequately for your other financial goals as well, mostly, you should be able to close your home loan.

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