How To Delink Aadhar Card Number From Bank, Digital Wallet Or Other Services?

Delink Aadhar Card Number

The milestone verdict of the Supreme Court that stated that the unique identification number present in the Aadhar card is no longer mandatorily needed for opening bank accounts or obtaining mobile phone connection has come as a relief for many Indian citizens.

However, the previous ruling that made it mandatory may have led to linking the Aadhar card with Mobile SIM, bank, digital wallet and while completing the process of KYC for life insurance and mutual fund investments. Although those who have not yet linked the Aadhar card may not, but those who have already completed the process of linking will now have to delink Aadhar from different accounts and service providers.

So Let’s learn in this guide – How to Delink or Unlink Aadhar Card from any Bank Accounts or Digital Wallet services or any other companies.

So Before knowing about the Delinking Process, we have to know about our Aadhar Authentication history so that we can track where our Aadhar card has been used.

How to Check Aadhaar Authentication History online?

Below are the following steps to know about where your Aadhar Card has been used..

Step 1 : Go to UIDAI Portal and Click on “Aadhaar Authentication History” Option :

Check Aadhaar card number authentication history online UIDAI
Check Aadhar Authentication history online

Step 2 : Now simply insert 12 digit aadhar card number and verify through OTP (one-time password). You will get all the authentication history on your screen with the authority name in column “AUA Name” like EPFO, Bank etc.

snapshot of Aadhar Authentication history
Snapshot of Aadhar authentication history

So now you have all the details of the service provider where you used your aadhar card and provide access to all these KYC Agencies.

How To Delink Aadhar Card Number?

Now, let’s learn about ‘How to unlink or delink Aadhar card number with the different concerns?’.

How to Delink Aadhar CARD Number
How to Delink Aadhar CARD Number?

Procedure to Unlink / Delink Aadhar Card Number from the Bank Account

Before moving ahead to delink Aadhar from the bank, you must ensure whether your account is linked for Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT. 

If you unlink Aadhar with the bank which is linked to DBT such as to obtain the subsidy of LPG, you may not receive the money of the subsidy. Therefore, you have to exercise caution during the process of unlinking Aadhar from the bank.

There is no specific process until now mentioned by the banks or the UIDAI for unlinking Aadhar with the bank, so you have to visit the branch of the bank to compete the formalities. Make sure you carry a photocopy of the Aadhar card while going to the bank. Read the following steps.

Step 1 : You have to head towards the customers services of your bank branch to :  collect the physical form to unlink Aadhar.

Step 2 : Fill the form and submit it in the branch.

Step 3 : The Aadhar card is going to be unlinked within 48 hours of submission of the form.

Step 4 : You can call the bank to find out whether the delinking process has already been completed or not.

Unlinking Aadhar from Mobile service provider

The mobile service provider has not prescribed a set process for unlinking the Aadhar card, so you have to call the customer care department to request for delink. Read the following steps.

Step 1 : Call the customer care number of the mobile service provider and put your request for unlinking the Aadhar card.

Step 2 : The service provider may ask you to send them an email to document the request for unlinking the Aadhar card.

Step 3 : As soon as they receive the email, they will send you a confirmed message for unlinking the card.

Unlinking Aadhar from digital wallet like Paytm etc

The digital wallet companies are now planning to remove the process of linking Aadhar to their accounts. However, you can follow these steps for completing the unlinking process.

Step 1 : Call the customer care to find out the procedure for unlinking the Aadhar card  from the digital wallet.

Step 2 : You will receive an email from the digital wallet company asking you to attach a soft copy of the Aadhar card.

Step 3 : Once you send the soft copy of the Aadhar, you may receive a reply within three days that your Aadhar has been delinked.

Unlinking Aadhar from the Post Office account

When it comes to unlinking Aadhar from the post office accounts, all that you need to do is to submit a form for delinking the unique identification number. Once you submit the form to complete the process of delinking and cross-check with them to find out whether the process has been completed.

Download Aadhaar card number delinking form from Post office Payments Bank Account
Application Form to Delink Aadhaar Card Number from India Post Payments Bank Account

How the ruling will affect the customers?

The following are the ways in which the verdict of the Supreme Court about the Aadhar card is going to affect the Indian citizens.

  • The digital wallet companies can no longer ask for the unique identification number of the Aadhar card for the process of verification and will have to continue providing their services without it.
  • Similarly, the mobile service providers cannot compel the customers to link Aadhar with the mobile number.
  • The Aadhar card would not be mandatory for obtaining school education.
  • You will not need the Aadhar card for to appear for the competitive examinations.

The process of unlinking the Aadhar card is undoubtedly different for every service provider, but there is no standard procedure for delinking. For all the entities the process of unlinking requires you to contact the customer care service and they are going to help you to complete the process.

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