How to link Aadhaar Number with PAN in three simple steps?

  • Mihir says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    for me there is no change in the Aadhar and Pan card though it showing mismathc, i have update the Aadhar as per Pan detail, still i am facing same issue. One more attempt i have did with OTP but in that also it not get succeed.

    Kindly provide your view to update the same.Also let me know the future case if it will not link then what happened.

    • Dear Mihir ..What is the mis-match that is shown? In case, Aadhaar and PAN are not linked, your Income tax return (if you are a tax assessee) will not be processed from AY 2018-19 onwwards. Also, the last date to link Aadhaar with PAN is 31 Dec,2017 (as of now). Also, there is a high chance that PAN number can be blocked.

  • navin says:

    nice work

  • Manvendra says:

    I have corrected my name in aadhar but it is not linking the both card have same date of birth. It always give error message that name gender and date of birth not matched.

  • Stock Tips says:

    Thanks for posting nice article

  • Prakash Parekh says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    My name on PAN is in all CAPS (PRAKASH PAREKH) but in Aadhar is not all Caps (Prakash Parekh). Will this be a mismatch. Also my Aadhar has only year of birth.

    • Dear Prakash,
      Kindly note that IT dept has now provided new field to capture only Year of Birth (as given in Aadhaar) and can link both.
      I dont think CAPS would be an issue.
      Kindly try linking and let us know!

      • Prakash Parekh says:

        Thanks Sreekanth. Yes I was able to link my aadhar to PAN and there was no issue at all. It just took a couple of seconds. Thank you so much for providing details on how to get it done.


    Dear Sir For linking PAN with AADHAR in case of minor mismatch in name eg; initials not in adhar only name is there it is stated that one time pass word will be sent to mobile what i should do with that password Is it only for information In AADHAR name is mentioned without initials M V In pAN card name is there with initials What should be done

    • Dear RAMAKRISHNAN ..If gender & Date of birth details between Aadhaar card and in PAN card match, and if the issue is with only initials, you can just enter the OTP received by you in the concerned field after-which both PAN and Aadhaar will get linked.

  • B.SEKAR says:

    Sir, It is useful note. But I would like to share something with you. In my pan card my name is printed as “SEKAR B”, but in my aadhar card is printed as”SEKAR.” I wanted my aadhar card number with pan card but I get a message as MISMATCH. I should change the name in the aadhar card as SEKAR B, I hope so. Not only myself, my clients are also facing the same problem. Also I have been informed that if I change the name in the aadhar card, it will take 25 days to get the same. This proceedure can also made simple without any flaw. Get in to the site is also a venture. Any other way to make it semple?

    • Dear SEKAR ..Yes, you may have to get your name changed either in PAN or Aadhaar card.
      I dont think it takes 25 days to get it corrected. You can submit an online request and they can do it in 1 to 2 days, you can then download the e-Aadhaar card online immediately.

  • RAJ says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Thank you very much for this very nice article. Its very easy. I did it. it hardly takes seconds.


  • Jagan says:

    It prompts below message –

    Name as per Aadhaar (as entered in the screen) does not match with Name as per PAN database.

    Please help.

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