Aadhaar number & Multiple Bank Accounts | Linking Status & Govt’s Subsidy

  • komalkumarmandal says:




  • Shivani says:

    Sir, I have two bank Ac but on UIDAI only one Ac is shows . What Can I do in this ?

  • Shivani says:

    Sir, I have two bank Ac bt On UIDAI website only one shows .what I do In this plzz suggest me

  • bajibabu says:

    I have an sbi account which was closed 1 year back,now I open another sbi account on same cif number.The problem is in uidai website it is shown as my aadhar is linked with old bank accounnt which was closed.When I go to the bank where new account is opened they said that they had already linked my new account with NPCI.
    What can I do sir to update aadhar linked bank account?
    If I open another bank account is it linked with aadhar ,NPCI?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear bajibabu,
      I think you can request your banker to unlink Aadhaar and link (afresh) to the new bank account.

  • praveen kumar lakhara says:

    Thank you for giving info about aadhar

  • ashish kumar says:

    i closed my account which running from 3 years in icici bank my sysidy was credited in that account.and another account also is icici bank which are same adhar linked but it is inactive in npci server and i made request to link with npci but not process what i do now

  • Yash Jain says:

    Respected Sir,

    What should I do if I have Two Bank accounts linked with Aadhaar and the Bank Mapper of Aadhaar portal always shows the details of the old Bank account as active rather than the Latest and newly linked bank account ?

    what might the problem as the bank staff are telling that my Aadhaar is seeded with my new account…..

    Please help me sir, I am tensed and confused as I have applied for Maharashtra  state Government Scholarship Scheme and they may disburse the benefit Amount any day from now in this month…….

    • Dear Yash,
      The process has been recently amended. Until, the holder gives consent , the latest bank that is registered with Aadhaar wont be linked.

      • Yash Jain says:

        Sir, So in my situation, in which bank account the benefit amount will get transfered to the latest or old one?

        • Dear Yash,
          If you have not given the consent then your will receive the benefits to old Account only.

          • Yash Jain says:

            Thankyou sir for your support and response !!!

            One last doubt I have : Then should I have to Delink my Previous bank account linked and then link the new one or Will it be overwritten  automatically if I again tell the Bank staff to do this linking procedure with the new bank account ?

          • Dear Yash,
            One can link multiple number of bank accounts to Aadhaar, but to receive benefits one can register only one Bank account with Aadhaar.
            You may have to contact UIDAI for change of bank account. (Enrollment centre).

          • Yash Jain says:

            Ok. Thankyou sir!!

  • A SIDHI says:

    Sir I had closed my IDBI account which was last linked to my aadhar and lpg subsidy was also transferred to this account. Now I have opened an ICICI bank account. So my query is that while account opening will the bank link my aadhar number to my account and map it to NPCI to receive my lpg subsidy in icici account.

  • MD KUMAR says:

    Mr.Sreekanth your informations are superb. I have a query see one of my close friend is missing, his relations saying he has only one bank account that also aadhar linked that we checked & confirmed, We want to know BY USING HIS AADHAR CARD CAN WE CHECK HE HAS ANY OTHER BANK ACCOUNT OR BY USING HIS AADHAR CARD NUMBER CAN WE CHECK HE HAS ANY OTHER MOBILE NUMBER HAS BEEN LINKED OR USED. Please guide us to help my friends family and reunite my friend also.

  • pundlik says:

    Dear Sreekanth

    My father having 2 accounts in BOI bank in same branch,one is saving account and another is a Pension Account, so it is possible to link aadhar number to both account??

    Thank You.

    • Dear pundlik,
      If an individual has multiple accounts with the same bank, ideally they all should be linked to common/unique customer code/ID.
      And aadhar generally gets linked to this common code (relationship code), so that all banking relationships (of that bank) will get updated with the Aadhaar details.


    Sir MY Aadhar no is linked with bank of india but can’t saw in aadhar linking status like apps or any queries no.SO THAT MY EKALYAN STATUS IS NOT APPROVED BY AA OFFICER.DEAR SIR IT’S A HUMBLE REQUEST TO YOU,PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS THE ISSUES/PROBLEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU.

  • Gopal says:

    Sir mane new account open Kiya h Kotak Mahindra bank me or Aadhar bi link Kiya hu but meri LPG subsidy nahi aa Rahi mere account me . Pahle meri LPG subsidy HDFC bank me aati thi but mane HDFC account closed ho Gaya h sir please help me

  • Manoj kumar says:

    Dear Team,

    I have query, i have 2 accounts in the same bank that to one account is savings bank account(Personal account) and another is salary account both are in different places now the issue is i have added my aadhar to one account(personal account) at the creation of aadhar , now i’m adding the aadhar to the 2nd account(salary account) but i’m facing error like “Your aadhar is already added by another customer”. please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance

  • Dhiru says:

    I have two bank account sbi and bob. i already linked aadhar with bob but few days i linked aadhar with sbi by atm. a msg is appeared for linked aadhar with sbi but when i checked on UIDAI portal then it show the bob account.

    • Dear Dhiru,
      Aadhaar has to be liked with all bank accounts.
      As per the latest operational procedure, the UIDAI has directed all banks to seek an explicit consent of the beneficiary before changing the account to which the government subsidy is being remitted. Also, the banks have been asked to intimate the beneficiary about the change within 24-hours through SMS and e-mail as well as provide an option to the person to reverse the change of bank account.


    I have closed own SBI account. But lpg subsidy Abhi bhi Usme ja Rahi hai. Jabki Maine aadhar obc account me modified karwa Liya hai. Bank and lpg agency dono koi satisfy nahi kar rahe. Help me

  • Richa Aggarwal says:

    Recently in dec 17 i opened a new bank saving account for a short time. than after one i closed it. but now the problem is that in my lpg subsidy it is shown to that last linked saving account. how can i change that, so that my lpg subsidy will be transferred in my other bank account.

  • ashish tamrakar says:

    i have SBI bank saving account and for my daughter i opened sukanya samridhi account in SBI bank other state branch.first i have linked my aadhar with my daughters account.now i went bank to link my SBI saving account to adhar ,bank system are not supporting because already my adhar linked with my daughters account(this reason telling by bank people).Kindly suggest what to do

  • Surajit Dan says:

    In case of joint account holders in bank account,do the both holders are supposed to furnish aadhar details or only first account holder should furnish?

  • Surajit Dan says:

    I have two bank account in two different bank.both are aadhar seeded.one as first account holder and other as joint(2nd) holder,as my wife is the first account holder.in this account aadhar is given last.where my LPG subsidy will be credited?LPG is in my name.please advise.

  • Nandkumar Tiwatane says:

    Dear Sir,

    Whether more than one Savings Bank Account can be linked with Aadhar of same bank in different towns?.

    • Dear Nandkumar .. I believe that linking will happen to your primary account and bank will just update the Aadhaar number to your other multiple accounts with them.
      This is what my banker (ICICI Bank) has communicated to me, as I have two savings accounts with them.

  • Khaleel Ahmed says:

    Dear Brothers,

    I have two accounts (SB & NRI) in IOB, alreasdy i linked aadhar with NRI, Now I need to link with SB also, How is it?

    pls reply.

  • Sailesh says:

    The above article is totally wrong, if in case you have multiple bank accounts and linking of Aadhaar number to all bank accounts is mandatory as per Govt notification.
    The direct benefit from Government will hit only the first bank account that you linked with Aadhar and not the latest one as mentioned in the article because once the Aadhar is linked to a bank account any subsequent linking to bank account is not allowed, so what does the bank really do is only link subsequently your Aadhar with your Bank Customer ID and not with your Bank account number…so please be clear with the bank procedures before you publish

  • Vijay Walame says:

    I have opened my daughter’s minor saving account in Bank of India, Pune. When I enquired about linking of Aadhar to this minor account, I was informed that I have to link my daughter’s Aadhar number and PAN number to this minor account. My minor daughter have Aadhar card but not the PAN card. Till now I was under the impression that for a minor account in bank the Aadhar and PAN of parents or guardian is used/required.
    Kindly let me know whether it is specified by government (through some authenticate document) that Aadhar and PAN of minor is mandatory for linking.

    • Dear Vijay,
      As far as I know, even Aadhaar is not mandatory for minor kids.
      Parents’/Guardian can provide his/her aadhaar and PAN proofs to the bank while opening bank ac for a minor child.
      You may request them for any notification from the govt which says that aadhaar and PAN of minor is mandatory..

      Kindly visit this SBI link..for more details..

  • Vaibhav says:


    Please help me with this.
    My dad is a pensioner. He had only one Bank Account all his life which was SBI, M.G. Road, Indore branch. I linked his Aadhaar number with this bank account long back. He used to receive LPG Subsidy in this very bank account. Later, almost a year back, he applied for a new bank account with PNB for which Aadhaar was necessary. Since then the LPG Subsidy started crediting in the PNB account. Now, the concern is, the SBI bank account is his primary account as he receives the pension in it. But as the LPG subsidy is crediting in his PNB account what is the linking status of his SBI account? Has the Aadhaar linking got deleted from his SBI account? Or the Aadhaar is still linked with his SBI but the subsidy is getting credited to PNB because of it being latest account?

    I only want to know if his SBI account is still linked with Aadhaar or not. This account is his Pension account and I don’t want it to get closed because of not being linked with Aadhaar.

    Please suggest or reply what would be the status of his SBI bank account in respect of Aadhaar linking.


    • Dear Vaibhav,
      Aadhaar could be still linked to both the bank accounts however the subsidy gets credited to PNB a/c as is the latest one which got linked.
      However, you may check the SBI a/c – Aadhaar link by visiting net-banking (or) you may ask your father to check this with customer care / at branch..just to verify..

      • Vaibhav says:

        Thanks for your genuine help.

        I tried to verify Aadhaar Linking status of my Dad’s SBI account. When I log into his account’s Internet Banking there is an option to link Aadhaar number. Although, it doesn’t display anything related to existing Aadhaar linking. It just gives the option to link the Aadhaar anew.

        Again, LPG Subsidy is not my concern but I just need to verify if the Aadhaar is still linked to SBI’s account too.

        By the way, thanks again for your kind help.

        I will have to verify it with the SBI branch now. As we live almost 200KMS away from Indore (where the account is located) it would be very gruesome to travel just to verify this.

        I will keep you posted about further development.


        • Dear Vaibhav,
          I do understand the query is more about keeping the two accounts active and not very specific to lpg subsidy.
          In case of my icici bank, hdfc bank etc I can see my PAN, Aadhaar and other personal details under My profile settings.
          Generally it can be the same case with other banks’ net banking facility as well. You may cross-check again online.
          You may also try to submit online service request (if option is available) asking whether the Aadhaar details have been available or not (SBI account). Another option is to call their customer care and get the confirmation on this.

  • Geo says:


    I have closed the HDFC bank account which was updated last with aadhar. UIDAI site and LPG site is still showing the closed bank acocunt as linked account. Subsidy credits are failing. I have approached ICICI to update aadhar once again to trigger the change in NCPI Mapper. But they say that cannot be done. I contacted the LPG agent and LPG company customer care. They say it must be done at bank. Nobody has clarity on what should be done.

    UIDAI should not automatically assume that the last account is what is preferred account. They should give a provision to choose which one of the multiple linked accounts to use for direct credits. At least when the system sees that an account is closed, it should be able to go to the previous linked account.

    Is there any way to tell UIDAI to credit refunds/subsidy in my ICICI account?

    • Dear Geo,
      Why were you not able to link your Aadhaar to ICICI a/c?
      Did you try linking them online (net banking)?

      • Geo says:

        The ICICI account is already linked. Let me explain in order:

        Aadhar is updated in ICICI a/c successfully
        Aadhar is updated in LPG account successfully and subsidy is credited successfully
        Aadhar is updated in HDFC a/c successfully (just because its necessary, but I dont use this a/c that much)
        LPG automatically linked to HDFC and subsidy started getting credited in HDFC a/c
        Recently I closed the HDFC account. Now here is the problem:
        UIDAI site says aadhar is still seeded with HDFC a/c
        LPG still linked to HDFC a/c and the agent says they cannot do anything, it should be done at bank
        I try to link ICICI bank again, just to trigger the change in NCPI/UIDAI but it keeps saying a/c is already linked
        Subsidy credit failed because HDFC a/c is closed.
        Checked in NCPI database with *99# but the HDFC a/c is not listed and ICICI is listed (confusing right?)

        Now, I’m stuck because I cannot update NCPI back to ICICI a/c. Is there a way to get NCPI mapped to the ICICI account in this situation? All suggestions are welcome.


  • Raja says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    This post is very informative. Thanks for that!
    I’ve a query to you.
    I’ve three accounts
    1> SBH at my native (converted SBI after merger)
    2> SBI at my native —> Seeded with Aadhar. and my LPG subsidy is coming to this.
    3> SBH at my work place,opened for PPF account (converted SBI after merger)

    Now, I went to bank #1 and asked to link aadhar. They were saying, as bank#2 is linked to aadhar, they can’t link aadhar any more.

    Would you please let me know if linking to Bank #1,#3 are required or I can ignore?


    • Dear Raja,
      I have faced the same issue with ICICI Bank a couple of months ago.
      I have two Savings account with ICICI linked to same Customer ID. I had linked my Aadhaar to ICICI Account -1.
      As linking Aadhaar to bank accounts has been mandatory, I have submitted online request to link aadhaar to ICICI Account – 2 as well. This was in Aug. The service request was rejected quoting the same message as mentioned by you.
      However, I think now they have updated their systems, as my service request (again I have submitted) has now been accepted, and they have just updated the Aaadhaar number in my ICICI Account – 2. Kindly note that Aadhaar number has to be updated with all banking relationships.

      So, you may have to check again with your banker to update your Aadhaar number for all your accounts. However, you will receive the Govt subsidies only to one account (the latest one which is linked to Aadhaar).

  • Surya says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    What about joint account holders? Should both account holders link their aadhar or either one of the account holder linking aadhar is enough?

    Pl. clarify, Thanks.

  • Hello Sreekanth,

    Very informative post. Almost government has made Aadhar mandatory everywhere whether it is bank, getting LPG, mutual fund dealing and what not. But the dilemma is people in India are not that much financially literate about all these, hence they end up in frustration.

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