How to e-Verify ITR without login to your Income Tax e-Filing Account?

The Income tax department has recently launched a new ‘e-Verify Return’ facility for e-Verification of ITR without login to your e-Filing account. 

In 2015, the CBDT had come up with e-verification of of ITR through usage of EVC (electronic verification code). Earlier to this, a tax assessee who does not have digital signature had to manually send the physical copy of ITR V to the CPC office within 120 days of filing ITR online.

What is e-Verification of Income Tax Return through EVC code?

After having successfully filed your income tax return, the next step is to verify it. The Income Tax Department starts processing your return, once it is verified. Refunds, if any, are processed for returns that have been submitted and verified.

To e-verify your ITR, need to generate an EVC code. So, what is EVC?

  • The Electronic Verification code would verify the identity of the person (Verifier) furnishing the return of income and this can be be generated on the E-filing website of Income Tax Department.
  • The EVC can be used by a Verifier to verify his ITR 1 / ITR 2 / ITR 2A / ITR 3 / ITR 4 /ITR 4S. Karta of an HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) also can use the EVC to verify the returns.
  • The EVC would be unique for an Assessee PAN and will not be valid for any other PAN at the time of filing the ITR.
  • Only one EVC can be used to validate one ITR of the assessee irrespective of the Assessment Year or Return filing type (ie original or revised returns).
  • The EVC will be stored against the Assesse’s PAN along with the other verification details. The EVC is valid for 72 hours.
  • The Verifier can use more than one mode to obtain EVC and can generate the EVC multiple times.

6 ways to verify your income tax return

Currently, there are six different ways through which you can e-verify your ITR. But, do note that you need to login to your e-Filing account and complete the e-verification process.

  1. E-verification through One Time Password (OTP)
  2. By generating EVC code through Net-banking facility
  3. Receive EVC through a pre-validated bank account
  4. Verify ITR through Demat Account
  5. Through Aadhaar based OTP method
  6. By sending physical copy of ITR-V (old method)

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e-Verify ITR without login to your Income Tax e-Filing Account

The IT department has now come up with one more online facility to e-verify ITR. Under this new procedure, there is no need to login to your e-Filing account on IT portal.

e-Verify ITR Income Tax Return Quick links pic
e-Verify ITR | New Facility under Quick Links of e-Filing Portal
  • In the next screen, you have to provide – PAN, select Assessment Year and Acknowledgement number.
    • You can find your 15 digit eFiling acknowledgment number on ITR-V.
e verification of Income Tax Return online e-filing portal
eVerification of ITR without login to e-Filing Portal
  • You get to see three options regarding verification of ITR through EVC or OTP. You can select the relevant option and complete the e-verifying of ITR Filing process.
options to e verify ITR Aadhaar OTP Prevalidated bank account EVC Code
Options to e-verify ITR

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(Post published on : 08-August-2019)

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