It’s my Five year Blog Anniversary | Thank you for your Support! completes 5 years!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started blogging! Five years is a long time in the blogosphere, and I’m glad to still be around 🙂

Actually, this post was ideally due in the first week of June itself. Since I was out-of-station and had to take-up other priorities, I couldn’t write anything to celebrate my blog’s 5th anniversary, which is a big milestone and deserves a dedicated post.

Over the years on my blog, many of you have contributed so much to my progress, encouraging me just when I need it and being supportive.

On this special occasion of ‘five year Blog Anniversary‘, I would like to thank all my blog readers, family members, well-wishers, friends, mentors & friends on Social Media for your continuous encouragement, motivation, trust & constructive criticism!

My sincere thanks to;

  • Smt. Padmalochani (for being my guru & mentor)
  • Basavaraj – Founder – (for encouraging me to have my own blog)
  • Jane Sheeba & the team at
  • Suguna – Founder of
  • Asan Ideas for wealth (Facebook group) &
  • All by Blog readers
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Five year Blog Anniversary | Fifth Year Journey !

To be frank, this year I am not really happy to celebrate my blogging anniversary. The reason being, I could not allocate more time for blogging due to Personal-life commitments (unplanned ones).

Ideally, I wish to publish around 100 to 110 articles every year. But, this year (June 2018 to June 2019), I could write only 66 articles!

Inspite of this, I am quite happy to know that around 25 Lakh new users have visited ReLakhs during the last one year and around 1.67 cr users in the last five years.

Kindly don’t perceive that I am being complacent or exhausted or neglecting my blog. No way! It’s just that I do not want to fill my blog space with unwanted or less-informative posts when I am not 100% ready to blog!

In my 5th year of Blogging too, I have adhered to my Blog’s aims and objectives which are as below;

  • To make sure that majority of my blog readers understand the articles on personal finances and present the articles in simple and easy to understand manner.
  • To write unbiased reviews on Financial Products.
  • Not to associate with any Company to sell any kind of Financial products/services.
  • To value my blog reader’s time.
  • To try to respond to each and every genuine query / comment ASAP.

In the last one year, I tried to answer as many queries as possible that were directed to me by the Quora team (especially EPF related queries).

Quora EPFO queries top most answer views sreekanth reddy relakhs founder
Quora – EPF related – Most Answer View

On the technical front, we have worked really hard to improve site loading time over the last few months and I could see the positive results of this. I have to thank my tech team for providing continuous support as and when needed.

Let’s now go through some interesting blog statistics.. – Blog Statistics (till date..)

  • Total Number of articles published : 528
  • Number of Comments : 58,000+
  • Total number of registered Subscribers in Forum : 2,634
  • No. of Facebook page likes : 8,940+
  • Twitter Followers : 1050+
  • Linkedin Network: 1250+ connections
  • Number of registered Email Subscribers for Newsletter : 18,200+
  • ReLakhs website Rankings (as on 20-June-2019) :
Alexa rank for Relakhs
  • Google Analytics Traffic Data
relakhs Google analytics overall data for the last 5 years

Google Analytics Data (last 12 months data)

  • Number of Users, Sessions & Page-Views
relakhs Google analytics new users pageviews 2018-2019
  • New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors
relakhs blog new visitors vs returning visitors blog readers data
  • Demographics – Age & Gender wise
relakhs blog data demographics age gender wise
  • Page-views & Average time on Page
Relakhs blog pageviews average time on page 2018-2019
  • Demographics – City wise
relakhs visitors city wise
  • Top Channels 
channels of visitors acquisition
  • Device Category Data
relakhs blog visitors device desktop mobile
  • Social Media Sessions
relakhs socia media traffic

My Favorite Articles list (out of the articles published during the last 1 year)

The consistent good work that has been done during my first four blogging years have helped my blog to remain stable inspite of not-so-great-work done in the fifth year of my blogging career.

But, I am very well aware that things can not be taken for granted, this can’t be the same going forward and to stay among the best, need to again allocate sufficient time for blogging. I sincerely pray and wish that God gives me enough strength to make this happen.

I always believe that Blogging is a God-given opportunity to me and I will try my best to utilize and make-most-of-it 🙂

Good luck to you all too and thank you for being part of Relakhs family. Keep sharing your comments. Cheers!

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  • Prakash says:

    Thanks Sreekanth. I have been following your blog from last 3 years. Heartfelt wishes for more success and Happiness !

  • Jellow says:

    Hello Sreekanth,

    Only because of your blogging work i am financially educated and able to put my money in right investment vehicles.

  • Prof. Subhas Babu Aluru says:

    Excellent service Sreekanth. Continue your hard work to reach many many and many more.
    Prof. Subhas Babu Aluru

  • Stanley says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Hearty congratulations to you on this 5th anniversary. I have been reading all the articles in since 2014. Accidentally I came across your blogspot in 2014 and found it simple and to the point. At that time I had absolutely no idea about personal finance or equity. I’m happy about that accident in 2014 due to which I’ve gained considerable knowledge about personal finance and I’ve implemented it in my life sincerely. Based on your ideas I’ve planned my finances meticulously.

    You’re my guru. Along with you I too celebrate this anniversary. I expect more and more informative articles from you. God bless you dear Sreekanth.


    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Stanley,
      Thank you for being my blog’s loyal reader and happy to know that you find articles @relakhs useful and informative.
      Keep visiting!

  • devyash says:

    Congratulations Shreekant. Your Blog is really Good for the Beginner Level Person which are interested in the Investments.

  • o.p.sharma says:

    Congratulations Sreekanth ,

  • Hey Sreekanth, many congratulations.
    I have been a silent reader of Relakhs but couldn’t help myself from posting a comment today. Your journey is inspiring, especially when I also blog in the same niche.
    Looking forward to another year of knowledge and insights from your end.

  • Deepesh Raghaw says:

    Many Congrats Sreekanth!!!
    Keep them coming. Best!!!

  • harsh says:

    Congratulations Sreekanth !!!,
    I have been reading your Blogs from past more than 3 yrs.
    Best thing about your bogs are they provide information / scenarios from various point of view……
    And whenever i raised a query from relakhas portal … it was answered in helpful manner with no ambiguity at all …………….

  • Sreekanth Reddy says:

    Thank you dear Sivaram.. Keep visiting ReLakhs!

  • Congratulations Guruji and best of luck 🙂

  • Swamy says:

    Congratulations Srikanth. I read your blog articles regularly from last 4 years.
    I have a few queries, please answer if you can.
    I am not sure why you don’t want to affiliate with any financial products If it is good.
    What is your source of income on blog?

    Wish you more success to you.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Swamy,
      Thank you for following my blog!

      ‘If it is good..’ – Can you kindly elaborate on this point?
      My source of income from blog is through Google’s Adsense program and Direct Ad unit placements/campaigns (subject to approval).

  • Suresh KP says:

    Congrats Sreekanth on completion of 5 years. I would browse your articles several days in a week and get myself updated. Thanks for providing in dept analysis. I wish your blog should grow further and should provide more value to your blog readers. All the best !!!

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