Dr Shivaram Karanth BDA Layout | Latest News & Allotment Details

The notification to develop Dr Shivaram Karanth Layout was first issued by the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) way back in 2008. Almost 15 years after issuing the preliminary notification, the BDA is finally planning for the allotment of sites in K Shivaram Karanth Layout.

Given the complexities in land acquisition and other challenges in implementing such big projects, the Shivaram Karanth BDA Layout, located in North Bengaluru, will probably be the last big layout the BDA may ever form.

Although the project was initially conceptualized in 2008, some of the landowners (farmers) challenged it in the Karnataka Hight Court. The HC, after hearing the petition, quashed the notification. Later, the BDA filed a petition in the Supreme Court and got a green signal in 2018 to go ahead with the project.

Based on the Supreme Court verdict, the BDA then commenced the process of formation of the Karanth layout and found the presence of thousands of buildings, including homes, institutions, and high-rise structures. The BDA then again approached the SC, filing an application to seek guidance as to what could be done.

Supreme court order on dr shivaram karanth bda layout north bengaluru

The Division Bench of the SC formed a three-member committee headed by Mr. Chandrashekar on December 3, 2020. Based on the suggestions made by this committee, the SC regularized almost 70% of the existing buildings built before August 3, 2018. The BDA has also issued regularization certificates to such owners and been collecting the betterment tax on these properties.

Dr Shivaram Karanth BDA Layout – Latest updates 2023

In February 2023, the BDA began the civil works at Shivaram Karanth layout and the project is in the final stages for allotment. Below are the latest updates on this project;

  • According to the BDA, currently, the formation of 34,000 sites in the layout (the second largest after the Sir M Visvesvaraya Layout) is under way, including 4,500 corner sites. (60% of the plots are of 30-40 square meters area.)
  • Of these, plot numbering has commenced for 29,000 sites. The BDA has completed road and drain works and started the marking of sites.
  • Under the government scheme, the landowners who surrendered the land voluntarily under the 40:60 scheme would be allotted BDA-developed sites first. These sites are generally referred to as ‘BDA incentive sites. (Site’s which are allotted by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to the original land owner’s in return for land acquisition.)
  • After that the Revenue site owners would be allotted the alternate sites. (A revenue site is a land parcel which can be considered as agricultural land as per the BBMP/BDA guidelines.)
  • The BDA is working on fixing the rate per square feet for residential sites earmarked for the General public.
  • Once the pricing is fixed, the BDA will issue a notification for allotment of sites to the general public. The allotment process may begin in the first week of December 2023.
  • The BDA is also planning to allot a total of 150 acres of land, in six separate blocks (phases) of 25 acres each to M Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Ltd. This Housing Corporation will construct houses/flats for economically backward people on these plots. The houses will be constructed under the EWS scheme for the poor in the BDA layout. This will be given importance after the construction of layout.

Below table gives you a rough idea about the availability of number of plots in Karanth layout.

Allotment toTotal Number of Sites ear-marked
Type of BDA Site
Farmers15,000BDA Incentive Sites
Revenue site holders2,500BDA Incentive Sites / Alternate Sites
General Public
(Through Allotment Process)
12,000BDA Allotted Sites
Corner Plots for the General Public
(Through BDA e-auction process)
4,500BDA Auction Sites
Dr Shivaram Karanth BDA Layout

Application for Allotment of BDA Site in Shivaram Karanth Layout

Below is the application for allotment of BDA Site in Shivaram Karanth Layout for Revenue site owners;

Below are the documents to be submitted for allotment of alternate sites; (We believe that last date to apply for these sites is over.)

Required Documents for allotment of bda alternate site in Dr K Shivaram Karanth layout bangalore

We will update this article as and when the BDA starts the allotment process for the General Public. You may post your queries and views on this topic, in the below comments section.

For more information on allotment process and site owners’ experiences (positive/negative), you may kindly go through our previous articles on ‘Kempegowda layout allotment’ and ‘BDA e-auctions’.

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    (Post published on : 29-Sep-2023)

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  • Suresh says:

    Will the process be online? And is there any chance of getting a BDA plot? I heard that most of the BDA plots gets allotted internally and general public doesn’t get much.

  • Radhika says:

    Kindly let us know last date of application submission for new BDA Sites allotment. Where should we submit the application. Please share the address of the office to submit the application. Thanks Radhika

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Radhika ji,
      I will surely update this article as and when the notification for the ‘allotment to the General public ‘ comes up.

  • Dravid says:

    Is there a chance of receiving compensation for the acquired area for those who were dropped in the because of non-submission of allotment application on time, if they produce the documents related to their ownership of land?

  • Ranganatha Gangaiah says:

    did Shivarama Karanth layout called for application for general public?

  • Eshwarappa C. M says:

    What is approximate rate fixed from BDA for alternative revenue sites

  • Shashi says:

    Sir, isn’t it the responsibility of the bda authorities to send a postal notification to the revenue owners of the land, i wasn’t aware of such conversion and recently when approached they said Feb 2023 was the due date for requesting alternate site or compensation. It’s our hard earned money and if the farmers and government have their own way of selling the sites, what should a common person like us do or or how to seek justice, kindly suggest a solution. Thank you in advance. Shashi

  • Meka Ramakrishna says:

    Hi. Srikanth,
    You mentioned the application for allotment of BDA Site in Shivaram Karanth Layout for Revenue site owners and the documents to be submitted along with the application.
    Is BDA accepting the applications for alternate site allotment from revenue site holders?
    Because I am such a site holder but could not apply for alternate site, and when enquired the same in BDA, it was informed that, the due date for filing the application had been ended in Feb 2023.
    Kindly clarify…

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Ramakrishna,
      Apologies, I am not very sure about the due date.
      Suggest you to kindly check with a civil lawyer if its possible to apply for the allotment even after the due date?

  • RK says:

    Sir, what about for the people whose sites are cancelled after allotment in Arakavathy Layout ? Can they apply for alternate site in Shivram Karanth Layout. Will the BDA consider this request ?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear RK,
      I believe that court order does not talk about the allotment of sites in Shivaram karanth layout for the people whose sites are cancelled after allotment in Arakavathy Layout .

  • Sam says:

    When do we need to submit the registration form and where to submit?

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Dear Sam,
      If you are referring to application form for allotment for the general public, you need to wait for the notification for it. BDA may publish the notification by end of this year.

  • Manish Rai says:

    Hello Sreekanth,

    Thanks for detailed information about layout.
    I just want to know, if you can provide the exact location to go and see the layout physically.

  • xyz says:

    Since this layout is near Yelahanka and close to Airport Road, a 60X40 site will cost atleast Rs. 3500-4000 sq.ft during allotment. Bcoz even KHB issued a demand survey notification last month for application to Devanahalli Thylagere layout project. There its mentioned minimum Rs. 2000 sq.ft. for a 60X40 site.
    So if anyone is dreaming to apply for a BDA site allotment here, get ready to pay larger price.

    • Sreekanth Reddy says:

      Thank you for sharing your views!
      Do you believe that @ Rs 4000 per sq ft, is it worth to apply for an allotment? (by the general public)

      • Tariq says:

        I am sure it will not be less than Rs 3000/ sqft. Good luck for site allotees.

        • xyz says:

          Not a surprise if they will sell it for 4000 also. Since, DKS is having power, he is going to decide the final rates. No doubt about it

      • xyz says:

        Depends on how much the range of prices in sq.ft range is in that area. It will surely be equivalent to those. That’s why I’m mentioning 3500 – 4000/sq.ft.

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