EPFO to invest in Stock markets (Equities) for the first time!

  • Rishika says:

    Excellent article, particularly for beginners, all the points are well explained and easy to understand!

  • PRAKASH says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    are EPF & PPF the same? ….i got employed in 2012, i don’t have EPF but having PPF….

  • Sarivesh says:

    how EPF customer will get benefited out of it ??

  • Dear Sir

    I have for the first time come across your website,thanks. I have few doubts,which I think you would surely be able to clear. I want invest Rs 5000/- per month for 1 year,which may be extended depending upon the financial condition at that time. I came across your Top 15 best equity mutual funds thru SIP. Should I select 2 or 3 funds or 1 fund, or should I make my investment thru ETF route, as preferred by EPFO. I was advised not to invest thru online, and not thru SIP as of now because the market already high,so go in for single time investment.

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