MONEY VIEW – Expense Manager (Android App) – Track your expenses

Do you want to track your monthly expenses? Do you want to find out on which category you are spending more? Do you want to set up due date reminders for Utility Bill payments? Do you want to know what are your bank account balances without logging into bank accounts?

I have been searching for a good EXPENSE TRACKER (or) Expense Manager App/tool. I recently bumped into an App which is known as MONEY VIEW – Expense Manager. It is an Android based application.

I downloaded Money View App after going through its features, reviews and system requirements. The business idea is awesome and very innovative.

Let me try to explain some important features about Money View app and also about ‘how it works?’

Money View – Expense Manager Android App

We SPEND money to pay bills, to shop online, to buy groceries, to make periodic payments like EMIs etc., We may use Debit Card(s) or Credit Card(s) or Net banking or Cash to make these payments.

We RECEIVE monies in the form of Salary, fund transfers etc.,

For most of these transactions we receive SMSs (Text messages). We also receive messages regarding Bank balances, Bill due date reminders, Credit Card outstanding amount reminders/due dates.

What Money View App does is, it reads all these SMS messages and presents us REAL TIME visibility of your Finances. This app uncovers the hidden treasure of financial data that just sits idly in SMS logs and it makes a real good use of this data.

As soon as you receive a financial transaction related SMS, Money View app reads the text message and updates the reports. So, no manual entry of data is required.

You can find below features on Money View app:Money view android app

  • You can view bank account balances (there is no need to login to bank accounts). You can also view the latest banking transactions.Money view app bank balances
  • Organizes all financial transactions in one place – including credit/debit card, net banking and cash spend.
  • The app Shows your loan EMIs, credit card, mobile, utility, and other bills in one place
  • You can get timely alerts so that you are never late in paying your bills
  • You can manually enter Cash transactions. So that it is very easy to track your cash expenses.Money view android app cash tran
  • Money View app auto categorizes your payments and show major areas of spend
  • You can view weekly and monthly summary to help you avoid overspending and make your budget planning efficientMoney view android app monthwise report
  • It tracks your expenses, sends personalized reminders to pay bills, finds relevant savings options, and more.
  • All these reports are presented in simple and easy to read charts. You can view your spending trends over time to track your financial progress
  • There won’t be any impact on financial data even if you delete the SMS messages and logs.
  • In case if you receive multiple text messages with respect to same banking transaction then there is an option to mark it as a duplicate entry. (You may even cancel the entry in the app)
  • As of now, we can not manually enter data for banking transactions (non-cash). It seems the app developers are going to release the next version with this feature soon.

So, the main features of Moneyview app are – ‘Track your expenses’, ‘Manage Bills’, ‘Check Account Balances’ and ‘Record your cash expenses.’

Money View App & Data Security

  • The best feature about this app is, it never asks bank login or password. It just reads the SMS messages you receive. Then it compiles and categorizes the data.
  • There is an option to set a PIN (passcode) to access the app.
  • Money View App has no access to sensitive data like full bank/credit card account numbers. Hence your data can never be misused
  • The SMS data that is captured by Money View app is encrypted and the company claims that this data is not shared with any other service provider.

 It is free of cost as of now. I guess they may soon charge for it. You can download it from GOOGLE PLAY. Your Smartphone should have Android version of 4.0 and above. (You can also visit to download the app)

Organize your finances and understand ‘What’s going on’ with your MONEY. Manage your finances anytime and anywhere. Do share your experiences and views after using this App. I found it really interesting and useful for me.

(I am not associated with the developer of MONEY VIEW App. This post is for information purpose only). ( Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

  • debdatta says:

    it is the best money manager app in Android and I was addicted to it…not moved to iPhone really missing this app a lot….can anyone suggest any similar app in iOS which can read sms to manage transactions automatically.

  • Ajay says:

    How to contact money view customer care

  • Tarlok says:

    Luv finart, its grt app. Kudos to developer. Am sure these apps r best placed to gain in future esp bcz of note demonitization

  • Tarlok says:

    These apps are best placed during this phase of note demonitization.

  • Saket says:

    any update on iOS version ? is FinArt also only Android?

  • Anish says:

    Hi guys,

    Can you suggest a similar app for iOS ?


  • Sathyaraj R says:

    How can I disable the send sms feature in split bills? In some transactions I dont want to notify the friend, but only keep the record.

  • Prosoon says:

    how to transfer money from account to another account already wasted money please guide me i want to transfer money to someone’s account

  • Deepa says:

    i think finart is most secure and intelligent app, and even moneyview has lot of extra featues like mutual fund investment etc though it lags on security front, but just wanted to check if there there are any other similar apps which are better than both of these? one of the user mentioned smartspend, i can’t find it, can you share the exact name ?

    • rahul says:

      yes deepa i also find finart most secure among all available apps but i think i can trust moneyview also as they mentioned some award from google. You can check other apps named walnut also but i don’t think you will find it better than finart or moneyview

      • Deepa says:

        hi, can you u share the weblink you are refereeing for google award for moneyview, did finart or other apps also applied for that ?

        • rahul says:

          i think am not the right person to comment on this, you can check with finart or moneyview ppl or
          blog owner can give some info

  • Gautham says:

    Hi Sreekanth…. Hi friends…

    Incidentally I bumped into this MoneyVIEW App just 4 hours ago… (Actually I dont believe in effective expense trackers, but looking at the impressive ‘playstore description’ and Very high rating I downloaded just to check the features)..

    Almost immediately I was pertrified at the extent of my personal data it was displaying within seconds of download.. (believe me, even I didnt have such data about me in my fingertips)…
    Even the Techie in me found it was a little spooky… I knew very well that no sensitive data was available for the app…
    But the App makes it so authentic – with bank logos, creditcard statement details etc… Before I could commend the developers, I needed to make sure of the security aspect…

    I did guess it is all from the SMSs… but here I am to check actual reviews of the product to confirm my guess..

    Thanks for the beautiful review Srikanth.. and all posts guyzzz…

    A point of caution:

    * When Jaggi says FinArt does not store any data in their servers – it just means that the developer says they don’t store, PERIOD. Beyond that no one has the access to verify these statements… or whether data is stored in their personal computer, instead..

    * The app can read SMSs…. well beyond that I don’t want to give ideas to someone….

    No I am not all that pessimistic, but reality is different.

    Bottom line:
    The ease with which the App consolidates your data…. it is easy for me to throw caution to the winds…. which is good news for some others…

    • Dear Gautham ..Thank you for sharing your views.

    • Deepa says:

      hi, i am using both of these apps. Contrary to your view, I have more trust on finart than moneyview. I am not a techie person but I find finart being more transparent. When i was installing these apps finart asked my permission to read the sms but moneyview went ahead without my permission. I found this very intrusive. Also moneyview read everything about my salary details but finart didn’t.

    • Niwaas says:

      Hi Guys..
      I am using all of these apps from last few months now.. MoneyView, Finart and SmartSpends.. From security and privacy aspect, Finart is a winner hands down.. doesn’t take any personal data .. not even name, email or phone number.. and they claim to not taking any financial data to their servers.. which is a very very comforting. MoneyView and SmartSpend dont even claim that. FinArt offers an interesting offline mode which proves their claims that it works natively just like a installed software.. I think you can give it a try

  • Jaggi says:

    i think i have got the reasonable answer now, after spending couple of weeks effort in doing the comparison of these apps

    FinArt is best app among the lot from security and privacy perspective. They are not storing any of the data on their servers. Rest 3 apps (moneyview, walnut and smartspend) have extra features but i would not vote them from security perspective

    • Thank you for sharing your views.

      • Deepa says:

        Can you share more details on what issues you have found wrt security and privacy in Moneyview, WN and SS. And how are these fixed by FinArt ? I am not using any of these but plan to use only if I get assurance on security and privacy of my data

    • Deepa says:

      Can you share more details on what issues you have found wrt security and privacy in Moneyview, WN and SS. And how are these fixed by FinArt ? I am not using any of these but plan to use only if I get assurance on security and privacy of my data

      • Jaggi says:

        Hi Deepa, I had spent some time to study the available money manager apps for security and privacy features and found all of these take our expense data to internet except finart (as per their claim they keep everything on phone only). Also they have provided offline mode option in settings , if we turn this option on, finart app never connect to internet which was big comfort for me. If i compare moveyview vs finart , finart is much better on security and privacy but moneyview is much better for investment related options

        • Thank you dear Jaggi for sharing your experience & views on the mentioned APPs.

          • Jaggi says:

            you are welcome sir, n thanks for writing this kinda blogs, beyond finart and money view there may be many more useful apps for our daily life, please keep sharing your expert advice

    • Tej says:

      How to remove data from Money view, I want reset it?

  • makai says:

    I am a new user of this Money view application, so i want to know that the security system is purely safe Or any one can do it to track my net security email id an password from this application. I suppose it may be useful for the exact condition of money transaction.

  • Sudha says:

    I mistakenly denied access to small, how am I to allow access to my sms

  • Malkit says:

    Respected Sir/Madam i want ask to your Engineer er How to track my Account without my any excuse . how to work Money View App.

  • Deepa says:

    Thanks soo much for writing this?
    Are there any security concerns? Do they keep our data with them ? Will our data be given to third parties for data mining? What do you think?

    • Dear Deepa,
      Some blog readers are expressing security concerns abut OTP messages (one time password messages that we receive from banks). But I do not perceive any security reasons, personally I am using this APP.
      Suggest you to contact the app developers directly and get confirmation.

    • Jaggi says:

      Deepa, sreekanth n others, thnx for nice blogs, i love these, i too share ur concern abt security, also this app does not work if i turn off the net, there r others apps which allow us to turn off net from within app n still work. These look better from security perspective, u may try smartspend and finart money manager (i thnk its paid though)

  • sandeep s says:

    how to change the bill cycle for credit card?

  • Mohamed shoaib says:

    Monthly cycle starts with 1st of the month kindly add one option to customize that and i want to clear the old data which i dont find any option for that . thanks a lot for developing this app…hope i can track my expenses now this is one difficult job for me.

  • Vilas Bhosale says:

    How can I restore my CSV data file, after reseting of my mobile.

  • Souvik says:

    As this app is able to access SMS, it can access sensitive information like Bank OTPs and other secure information. How is it safe in that case?


    • Dear Souvik..but generally OTP messages do not carry any Card no or a/c no. But your question is very genuine one, let’s try to post this question on their Q&A section on Google play. What say?

  • keyur patel says:

    How i delet my account of moneyview from my smart phone application ?????

  • Santosh Chakraborty says:

    I am using this app for last 6 months and its great experience I am able to track my expenses and also able to save money by cutting a major expenses which I was doing. two thumbs up for this app.

  • Rahul says:

    When can we expect it to be on iOS ?

  • Rahul says:

    When can we expect it to be on iOS….?

  • Ravi says:

    I can’t ddelete a bill it picked from my SMS.

  • Gaurav says:

    I want to change my mail id so please reply

  • mahesh says:

    Hi Sreekanth, Based on your experience how secure this app?

    The reason I’m asking this is, they (app website ) will have access to the sms database and also banks sensitive information. Just I was trying to understand how secure it is. Kindly share your thoughts.

    • Dear Mahesh,
      I am totally satisfied with its performance. Yes, the app accesses the sms database but they do not have access to any sensitive information right??

  • Mahesh Sharma says:

    Dear Sreekant,
    I m using this app from last one month and i found it best as per my need but the problem is can i create a backup of my transactions or can i use or see my data in money view in my PC if you know the solution for my querry then please help . You can E-mail me. Please do the needful if you can.

    Adv. Mahesh Sharma

    • Dear Mahesh,
      I believe data synchronization option is not yet made available. But, thats a cool idea. Why can’t you suggest this idea via ‘feedback’ option.

  • Sandeep dave says:

    I have created an account for the purpose to taste the app BUT I would say I just loved it. It is fantastic app And my hearty congratulations to young man who conceived this idea and did it.

    So, in the beginning I did it with an account which I do noy=t need so I need to change my account ID, I think it is not possible so I created with different email id , making previous one redundant.

    How can I delete old account. pl. explain.

    -Sandeep Dave

  • Sandeep dave says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    I would say it is amazing app and I am very happy to ssay that it is great app you have developed.

    Very useful, very user friendly and I think it covers all what a common man will need.

    -Sandeep Dave

  • Karthikeyan.G says:

    Awesome experience using this app. Fantastic idea. My hearty congrats for these innovative people. Keep rocking!!!

  • shreyans says:

    this app is awesome. tried it on my bro’s phone. is there any similar performing app for windowsphone platform?

    • Hi Shreyans,
      Yes, I have been using this app for the last two months. Its very good and useful. I am not aware of a similar app for windows phone. Will update you if I come to know. Cheers!

  • Sudha says:

    Nice one

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