EPS Withdrawal

vishal_shresth asked 6 years ago
I currently have 7 years of work experience. Currently I am serving notice period in my company and will leave it at the end of this month. I will have 10 days of leave before I join another company. I was thinking of withdrawing my pension amount as I have less than 10 years of experience. Will it be possible to get it done in those 10 days of leave period? Or for EPS Withdrawal also, we have to wait for 2 months before we can withdraw like in EPF? I checked the online portal for claims where currently it's not showing form 10c for withdrawal maybe because the DOE is not updated yet. Please let me know your thoughts on how can i withdraw the pension amount if at all possible.
1 Answers
Sreekanth Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, Once your current employer udpates Date of Exit, you need to remain unemployed for minimum 60 days from DoE, in order to claim both EPF & EPS. In case, you join after 10 days from DoE, you can not withdraw full EPF/EPS balance, but have to TRANSFER the funds from your current EPF account to new EPF account. Related articles :
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