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I have been investing in the below MF for last 2 years and my time horizon is more than 10 years so I need your suggestion as my selected MF is good for long term and I am ready to take a risk
1. Tata Flexi cap fund ----> 4000/month
2. Invesco Midcap fund ---> 2500/month
3. Canara Robeco small cap fund ---> 3000/month
4. Axis bluechip fund----> 2500/month

2 Answers


1 - Are you happy with TATA flexi cap fund's performance?

2 - You may continue with mid-cap fund

3 - Continue with Smallcap fund.

4 - Can consider switching to a Large cap index fund instead of an actively managed blue-chip fund.

enikhgo Topic starter July 26, 2023 8:28 pm

I am not sure about Tata flexi cap fund because if I compare the Tata flexi fund with parag parikh fund then I am really disappointed. However, if I checked the return based on the past performance then I am a little bit satisfied. So to avoid confusion, I would like your assistance in deciding whether to continue or not if not which flexi cap fund needs to be selected.


Though both the funds belong to 'Flexi cap' fund category, their portfolio compositions are pretty different.

Parag Flexi cap fund : Has exposure to foreign equity of around 18%of its portfolio

Equity Holding : 69.23% | F&O Holdings : 0.00%| Foreign Equity Holdings : 17.59%| Total : 86.82%

Large Cap Investments : 57.7%| Mid Cap Investments : 3.81% | Small Cap Investments : 6.08% | Other : 19.23% (Bank FDs)


Tata flexi cap fund has NIL exposure to foreign equity but well diversified portfolio across the Market caps.. The performance may not be upto the mark when compared to its peers/category avg returns and risk adjusted returns. 

As you have large, mid and small cap funds, may be you can pick Parag flexi cap fund and have a small exposure to foreign equity..

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