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How to change address in "B" Khata in BBMP in case of a vacant plot (Bangalore, Karnataka)?

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The B-Khata of vacant plot contains the Bangalore residential address at the time of purchase.  But now it is a different address within Bangalore itself.  How to change the address ?

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Do you mean to say, the contact or mailing address in the records available with the BBMP (civic body) need to be changed?

Kanta Malini Topic starter July 14, 2023 2:55 pm

@sreekanth -- That's correct, the contact / mailing / communication address in the records available with the BBMP needs to be changed. How to change address?


You can visit the nearest BBMP office (concerned revenue office) and get it updated.

But, as this is a vacant plot, it may not be that important. However, you can make sure that they have your Contact number udpated in the records.

May I know if you pay property tax for this plot online mode, through BBMP portal? 

Kanta Malini Topic starter July 16, 2023 4:19 pm

@sreekanth If a situation arises where a Notice is served by BBMP / Govt., then the Notice would reach the old address and we wouldn't even know about it. Want to change the address to avoid such a situation . Yes, the property tax is paid for this plot through the BBMP portal / online mode. Is there a way to change the address online itself?


I agree with your view. 

But, take my case, we have have a plot in HSR layout for which BBMP issued a notice and gave it to the next plot (house) neighbor.

Though they have may present contact address in their revenue tax records for that specific plot. 

Yes, while paying the taxes on BBMP portal, you can update the correspondence address. Please check it.

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@sreekanth   I checked this in the BBMP Tax Payment System but I can only see a "Mobile Number Update" -  but there is no option to update address.  Click / See here



(The platform earlier had the option to update the communication address.)

Then in that case, you may kindly visit the nearest BBMP help center (or) the concerned BBMP area office and get the details updated.


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