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Investment Advise to invest 20 Lac

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Hi Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

I would like to invest around 20 Lac for 15 to 20 years of horizon. I would like to keep some amount in fix option and rest in Mutual fund.

Investment Amount : 20 Lac
Time Horizon : 15 to 20 years
Purpose : Kid Education, Kid Marriage, Retirement corpus.

Could you please suggest some good funds for same.

Ashish Shrivastava

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Dear Ashish,

I am doing good and trust the same with you too!

May I know, why do you want to allocate some amount in fixed income options?

Do you have any existing investments or on-going investments for the mentioned financial goals? If so, kindly share!




ashish_2507 Topic starter August 28, 2023 11:19 am


Thank you for the reply Sir.

Following are the details.

I am 36/M , having parents , wife and 1 daughter.

1) 22 Lac in FD/RD
2) 26 Lac in Mutual Fund
3) 5K SIP in Gold MF
4) 1.5 Lac investment in Sukanya Samridhi Yojna
5) 15K SIP for daughter Education/Marriage
6) 17.5 SIP In Mutual fund for long term (above 15 years)
7) 18% Extra contribution in EPF as VPF option (Current EPF balance is 20L)
8) Medical insurance of Parents for SA of 50 L from STAR
9) Medical insurance for my self of 5 Lac for employee (I'm planning to purchase one separately for my self, wife and daughter)
10) 2 Cr Term plan from Aegon aand 1.25 Cr Term plan from Employer
11) 25 Lac Home Loan Debt and 10 Lac Topup loan dept (11 years tenure)

Recently I have couple of RD matured and having 20 Lac of fund , wanted to keep some fund in fix option as I would like to diversify a bit.



Very glad to see that you have been planning well on all aspects of personal financial planning!

If its ok, can you kindly share the mutual fund scheme names that you have already invested in (for Kid's goals and your long-term retirement goal)??

ashish_2507 Topic starter August 29, 2023 4:01 pm

@sreekanth , Sure sir , Following is the current SIP investment

S.No Scheme Name Tenure Amount Purpose
1 Quant Active Fund - Gr 25 Years 5000 Retirement / Wealth Creation
2 HDFC Small Cap Fund - Gr 25 Years 3000 Retirement / Wealth Creation
3 Motilal Oswal Large and Mid-Cap Fund - Gr 25 Years 1100 Retirement / Wealth Creation
4 Quant Mid Cap Fund - Gr 25 Years 4000 Retirement / Wealth Creation
5 Kotak Emerging Equity Fund - Gr 30 Years 5000 Retirement / Wealth Creation
6 Mirae Asset Midcap Fund - Gr 15 Years 5000 Kid Education
7 Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund - Reg Gr 15 Years 4000 Kid Education
8 SBI Gold Fund - Gr 20 Years 5000 Kid Marriage
9 Nippon India Small Cap Fund - Gr" 20 Years 6000 Kid Marriage

In addition to my previous 20 L investment , could you also suggest fund to invest 5000/Month in SIP for 10 years for the purpose of turn down loan interest.


Dear Ashish,

I could notice that you have lot of allocation to mid/small cap funds.

Suggest you to first check the portfolio overlap of these funds on this portal..

Investing in too many funds with same risk profile may not be advisable though your investment horizon is long term.


ashish_2507 Topic starter August 31, 2023 8:16 pm


Sir, I don't invest from my decision instead I follow my Financial advisor recommendation.

I've inform him about conflicting fund and same kind of fund in my portfolio.

Could you please suggest good investment option to new investment as well as to shuffle current investment to have reduced risk


My suggestion would be not to invest in MANY funds. Over diversification is not required.

You may pick one large cap index fund, one flexi cap fund, one mid-small cap fund and a hybrid equity fund.

Has he/she suggested any correction to your portfolio?

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