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fahedakhan asked 3 years ago
Dear Sir, I hope you are happy, healthy and doing well. I have prepared my mutual fund portfolio keeping 20-25 years of span (started investment from Dec 2017). My age is 35 years now. I am doing sips for 35500 per month. Large & Mid cap Fund = 30% Value fund = 14% Mid cap fund = 22% Small Cap Fund = 28 Equity Sector (Consumption) Fund = 6% The above allocation is amount wise. The allocation based on market capitalization is as below since all the funds have some portion of Giant, large, mid, small caps. Giant and Large Cap 31.5% Mid Cap 44% Small Cap 24.5% My risk profile is high. I kindly seek your advice regarding the above allocation. Your support is highly appreciated.
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Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, I am doing good, thank you! Trust the same with you! Your investment strategy looks fine. May I know if you follow Asset allocation strategy? (Equity : Debt : Gold/other assets) You also check the portfolios overlap among your invested funds. Related article : Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Comparison Tools
Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, Thanks for your kind words! You may kindly share your invested MF Scheme names here??
Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago

Most of the above listed funds are good ones.
But, kindly note that investing in too many funds that too from same fund category may not really beneficial.
For ex : You are investing in two large cap funds.

  • Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund…
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

The % overlap between these two funds currently is around 43%.
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Also, higher allocation to small-cap funds can be really risky and hope you are aware of it! replied 2 years ago

I am high risk appetite Customer and can take high risk.I want to create 4 crore wealth as part of my Retirement,Child Education,Marriage & Travel plan.
Currently I m investing Rs 29500 every month into the below SIP.
1)ELSS Category-a) L &T Tax Advantage Growth- Monthly SIP of Rs 2000
b) Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth-Monthly SIP of RS 2000
c)Aditya Birla SunLife Tax Relief 96 Growth- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
2)Multicap Category: a)Franklin India Flexi Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
b)Parag Parikh Flexi Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
c)Kotak Flexicap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
3)Largecap Category: a)Axis Bluechip Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
b)HDFC Index Fund-Sensex Plan G- Monthly SIP of RS 1500(Index Fund)
4)Midcap Fund: a)Axis Midcap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 1000
5)SmallCap Fund:Axis Small Cap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
6)Equity Hybrid Balanced Fund:a)HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
b)ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
7)Value Oriented Fund-Invesco Contra Fund (G)- Monthly SIP of RS 1500
1)Children study Preparation- Expenses-10 lakh(7 years from now)
2)Children Education Expenses-1 crore(9 years from now)
3)Son Marriage -80 lakh(20 years from now)
4)Retirement Corpus fund-2 crore(23 years from now)
5)Travel & Tour Expenses- 10 lakh(5 to 20 years from now).Need one SIP Fund name and SIP Amount Contribution from your end.This can be only used for Travel expeses towards india or outside india tour.
I want to do additional SIP of 20k every Month going forward.
Please review my existing Funds and let us know if you want to do any changes into existing one.
Also share the Allocation percentage or SIP contribution amount based on the funds and goals.

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