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SAKE GOUTHAM asked 3 years ago
Hi srikanth, My name is Goutham. I got married to karnataka girl who was born and bought up from Bangalore and she belongs to ST category I am looking for property investment in bangalore through BDA, I have gone through the BDA plots auction procedure article which you had published, other than the auction plots is there any option available from the BDA based on reservation basis?? I mean a lucky draw where they pick based on all the reservations so that I can explore that as well.
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Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, BDA and other civic bodies of Karnataka govt do come up with 'Allocation of plots' based on certain conditions like Seniority, Reservation on caste basis, Service (Army) etc. For ex : BDA had come up with allotment of sites in Kempegowda Layout in 2015 and 2018. Read : But, not sure when would be the next notification (similar one).
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