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rajivgoud asked 3 years ago
Hi sir I'm a regular follower to your blog. I have a query regarding my home loan. I bought a ready to move flat in 2018 and paying homeloan till now and getting tax deduction on principal and interest Now I want to sell this flat, close the existing home loan, and buy a new under construction flat and take a new home loan. My query is will I get same tax benefits on this new home loan, as this will be my only Own home and home loan considering I have sold the old home. Please reply sir, as this will be crucial factor for me in deciding the purchase. Thank you
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Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, Thank you for following my blog posts!   Kindly note that one can not claim tax benefits on an 'under construction' flat. Plz do not take a decision based solely on taxation benefit. Kindly read :  
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