Joint term life for non-working Spouse

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Hi, I follow your blog for sometime now and refer my friend here for any financial query. One question we got was, can we add spouse in term life if she not working? If yes how and what are plans available and no, then what options we have? Thanks Naveen replied 2 years ago

Also should I opt for critical illness riders? My DOB is 14-Feb-1983.

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Sreekanth Staff answered 2 years ago
Dear Naveen, Thank you for following my blog posts! Off-late most of the insurance companies started offering an option to add Spouse in the same policy as yourself under the Term life insurance plan. However, you need to watch out for the applicable terms and conditions. Ex : Canara HSBC iSelect Star Term plan : you have the option to cover your spouse in the same policy as yourself under the Life plan option (only) of iSelect Star Term Plan. Additional, enjoy discounts on the premium rates for your spouse. Bajaj Allianz too has a joint life term plan.
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