Super Top-up Health insurance Plans – How do they work?

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Ferrero asked 8 years ago
Sreekanth, Have a question on Super top up.  I have a medical insurance with sum insured of 3 lakhs.  This has a room rent limit of 3000 inr/day.  To beat this i am planning on Super top up from United India (Sum insured 3 lakhs and threshold limit of 2 lakhs).  I am planning a second Super top up from United india to increase my cover further - sum insured of 10 lakhs with 5 lakhs threshold. Can you kindly explain how this would work incase of a claim of lets say 7 lakhs.  All the super top up from United India dont have room rent sub limit.  So if my understanding is right out of the 7 lakh hospital bill, 2 lakh would be paid by my base policy, remaining 3 lakh by super top up policy no. 1 and the remaining 2 lakh by super top up policy no. 2.  Is this correct kindly help me understand
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Sreekanth Staff answered 8 years ago
Dear Ferrero, One of the best ways to enhance ones Health insurance cover is to buy a good and suitable Super Top-up plan. But, to meet one condition ie 'to beat sub-limit clause regarding daily room rent limit' you are planning to buy a Super Top up plan. So, kindly re-assess your requirement and if you really need to buy one, go ahead and buy a Super Top-up plan(s). Your understanding is correct. Kindly go through my articles :
Sreekanth Staff answered 8 years ago
Dear Ferrero, I believe that for 'Super Top-up plans' its the threshold limit (deductible) which matters. So, if the threshold limit is Rs 2 Lakh then anything above that, the super top-up plan kicks in and service the claim. Regarding Two plans, may be he is of the view that why to take two plans instead you can take one plan with the required SA (or) may be its company specific guideline. (Above reply is based on your PRIVATE query).
swap003 answered 8 years ago
Dear Sreekanth,   We are four family member My father whose age is 64 and has been under gone kidney stone surgery twice, My Mother is 48 year old and who is diabetic and my brother 16 year old and having AP window heart operation at the age of 9 month now he is fine . we do not have existing medical health insurances. I am looking for medical insurance for my family should take individual health insurance plan or family floater. For my mother who is diabetic should I take general medical health insurance or Special diabetic insurance and Which insurance company will cover preexisting heart disease of my brother. Could you suggest some company. I will be very thankful to you.
Sreekanth Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi Swap003, (Kindly post your queries as separate 'Questions'. You can click on 'Ask Question' menu option to post your question(s). Thank you!)    
swap003 answered 8 years ago
Thanks for your positive and prompt response 
It helped me so much In my father case , I am bit confused between to take Basic policy SA higher or i should go with Two policy Plan Basic Policy and Super Top Up. For example
Basic policy SA 5 Lac costing me same premium as Basic Policy SA 3 Lac and Super Top up Deductible 3 LAc and SA 9 Lac. Which one is the best in your view . Should we keep deductible of super top up policy should be less then The Basic policy Sum Assured. for example Basic Policy SA 3 Lac and Super Top up Deductible 2 Lac and SA 9 Lac. One more thing that if we purchase policy then can company change the premium during course of policy due to market condition or sell out of company.
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