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Anup asked 5 years ago
Hi Sreekanth, Hope you are doing good Would like your help to review my Mutual Fund Portfolio , Looking for 10 year investment 1) How is the SIP portfolio to continue in future? 2) Any changes or Reduce the number of funds if yes advise the strategy Fund Start Date Monthly SIP Amount Franklin India  Smaller cos Fund Direct (G) 8-Apr-2017 2500 ABCL Mid Cap Fund Plan Growth Direct 5-Apr-2017 2500 ABCL TAX Relied96 Fund Growth Direct 1-Aug-2018 3000 Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth 29-Aug-2016 1000 Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth 1-Oct-2018 3000 Kotak Standard MultiCap Fund  Direct Plan (G) 1-Sep-2018 4000 Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund (direct ) G 1-Aug-2017 4000 Tata Equity P/E Fund Direct  Growth 1-Sep-2018 3000 Tata Retirement savings Fund Progressive direct 1-Sep-2018 2000       best regards Anup
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Sreekanth Staff answered 5 years ago
Dear Anup, Individually, all the listed funds are good ones (except Birla Mid-cap). Are you happy with their performances? Is the return form this Portfolio on the lines of your expectation? Do you also invest in Debt or fixed income schemes? Do you maintain an Asset allocation? You may also kindly check the Funds' portfolios overlap and revert to me with your analysis.   Related article :  Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap Comparison Tools    
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