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anujtan asked 4 years ago
Hi Sreekanth, How are you doing. About a year back with help of you I did my MF portfolio review. Now again I would like to take your suggestion and review existing funds. I have running SIP since last 4+ years on a)ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (Value Fund) – 16% of total monthly SIP b)Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – (Small Cap) – 24% of total monthly SIP c)Franklin Prima Fund – (Mid Cap)– 22% of total monthly SIP (Wife’s SIP) Since last 2 year SIP on d)Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund – (Multi Cap) – 9% of total monthly SIP Since last 0.8 year started in e)Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund – (Multi Cap) – 13% of total monthly SIP f)Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund – (Large + Mid) – 16% of total monthly SIP For ELSS lumpsum investment in Axis LTE & ABSL Tax Relief’96 For Debt investment EPF & PPF is there. As per our last year discussion moved from Franklin Focused equity fund(exited) to ABSL Equity fund. And Stopped ICICI Equity & Debt fund. Step up in existing SIP amount every year by 10% Objective is still same long term 20+ years for wealth creation. SIP fund overlap is ~20%, while Mirae Asset Emerging and ABSL equity is 38%. Questions – 1)       How are these fund now to continue in future? 2)       My total SIP performance in 2019 is only 0.85% gain L which is not up to the mark to achieve the objective? In 2018 total SIP performance was -2.8% LOSS 3)       I don’t see a need to add a new fund, but correct allocation/review of existing funds should be done? 4)       Your advice on ICICI Value discovery(in 2019 0% gain) & Franklin Smaller Cos Fund(in 2019 -4.65% LOSS), shall I continue in this or reinvest in existing SIP funds? Please suggest me what changes/modification I should apply in my portfolio. Thanks, Anuj
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Sreekanth Staff answered 4 years ago
Dear Anuj, May I know your views on picking so many (multiple) MF schemes for investment??
anujtan replied 4 years ago

Hi Sreekanth,

Existing SIPs are from each category Small, Large+Mid, Multi & Value.
One Mid Cap and another ELSS is from Wife’s investment.

Have added/stopped/moved few funds SIP as per last review discussion.

As mentioned I dont see need to add a new fund but need to get it reviewed in the interval of year.
As funds invested since 4+years are not performing compare to their benchmark so what will you suggest to modify existing funds/categories to reach the goal.


Sreekanth Staff answered 4 years ago
Dear Anuj, You may discontinue with ICICI Value discovery and stick to pure multi-cap funds. As you have a large cap and mid-cap based fund, a large+mid-cap fund (Mirae) may not be required. The other funds look fine. Any reason for discontinuing ICICI Equity/Debt fund?  
Sreekanth Staff answered 4 years ago
Dear Anuj, The returns from hybrid fund ICICI Equity Debt may not be superb, but it is one of the best funds under hybrid category with good downside protection. It's investment strategy has been conservative when compared to its peers (like HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund). You can distribute among mid-cap fund (Franklin prima), Axis LTE (if 80c is not full)..
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