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sushil asked 6 years ago
Hello Sir, I am 35 Year Old and take Home salary is 3.50Lakhs per month. Started Investing 3 months back, having SIP profile below with clear 15 Years Investment Horizon. Please advise me on my Current Portfolio. Does it require any change by adding or removing fund? My plan is to Stay Invested for a longer period & the motive is Wealth creation over a period of time. My Risk appetite is Moderate to high. Asset Allocation (Equity:Debt) 70:30 LUMPSUM (3years Horizon) Kotak Corporate Bond Direct 25Lakh SBI Magnum Gilt Fund Direct 25Lakh Franklin India Low Duration Fund Direct 25Lakh SBI Magnum Income Direct Plan Direct 25Lakh S I P(Monthly) LARGE CAP SBI Bluechip Fund Direct 13000/- Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund Direct 13000/- MID CAP Mirae Emerging Bluechip Direct 13000/- L&T Midcap Fund Direct 13000/- SMALL CAP Franklin India Smaller Company 13000/- BALANCED FUND HDFC Balanced Fund Direct 13000/- MULTICAP L&T India Value fund Direct 13000/- ELSS Tata India Tax Savings Fund Direct 11000/- Total Monthly SIP 100000/- Suknya S.Yojna 1.5L Per Annum (since last 3 years) PPF 1.5L Per Annum (since last 6 years) NPS 120000 Per Annum (since last 6 years) Mediclaim Annual Premium 15000/- NFO ETF value worth Rs 100000 Contingency amount 500000 in Liquid Fund I am in position to invest another surplus monthly amount worth 200000 with 3 Year horizon keeping in mind. Please guide me for how to utilize this portion as well. I currently do not have any debt upon me. Hence looking for an opinion whether I should increase my SIP / exit or invest in any others that would probably be more preferable then any of the above.
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Sreekanth Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, If you are investing full Rs 1.5 Lakh in Sukanya a/c, u/s 80c you can claim this tax deduction. So, investing in an ELSS fund can be avoided. All the listed Equity funds are good ones. May I know if your asset allocation of 70:30 is it for long-term? For additional investments, for a 3 year time-frame, you may invest in your existing debt funds itself. For ex : Franklin low duration fund.   Related articles :
sushil answered 6 years ago
Hi Sreekanth, Thanks for your reply. Yes, Asset allocation of 70:30 is for long-term (15 Years).
SSY seems political motivated and I am not sure about their constant interest rates in future. So on safer side I intentionally investing in ELSS. I assume my portfolio looks crowded and some unnecessary funds should be omitted.

I am planning to keep 2 in Large Cap and 1 each in Mid, Small, Balanced, ELSS & Diversified Fund or you please advice which fund should I omit to keep balanced portfolio. For Additional monthly Investment(Lumpsum) I will go with short term gilt or ultra short term debt fund. Can you please advice for funds here?

Sreekanth Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, Kindly note that the interest rates of SSY are now market-linked. Even if there is a change in the govt, the existing account holders will still get the market linked rate of interest.. Nevertheless, elss is a one of the best tax saving long term product. You may kindly go through the suggested article on 'Portfolio overlap' and trim down your portfolio if overlap between two funds is say more than 50% or so. For example : You have two large cap, two mid/small cap funds, ELSS can also be considered as a multi-cap fund - so check the overlap among these funds and can trim down your portfolio a bit. Also, refer to my article on 'how to select the right schemes based on risk ratios.' But, individually all the mentioned equity funds are good ones. Do you have any specific goal for short term? (for investing in Gilt/ultra short term debt funds) replied 2 years ago

I am high risk appetite Customer and can take high risk.My age is 37 years old.I want to create 4 crore wealth as part of my Retirement,Child Education,Marriage & Travel plan.
Currently I m investing Rs 29500 every month into the below SIP.
1)ELSS Category-a) L &T Tax Advantage Growth- Monthly SIP of Rs 2000
b) Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth-Monthly SIP of RS 2000
c)Aditya Birla SunLife Tax Relief 96 Growth- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
2)Multicap Category: a)Franklin India Flexi Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
b)Parag Parikh Flexi Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
c)Kotak Flexicap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
3)Largecap Category: a)Axis Bluechip Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
b)HDFC Index Fund-Sensex Plan G- Monthly SIP of RS 1500(Index Fund)
4)Midcap Fund: a)Axis Midcap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 1000
5)SmallCap Fund:Axis Small Cap Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
6)Equity Hybrid Balanced Fund:a)HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund(G)- Monthly SIP of RS 2500
b)ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund- Monthly SIP of RS 3000
7)Value Oriented Fund-Invesco Contra Fund (G)- Monthly SIP of RS 1500
1)Children study Preparation- Expenses-10 lakh(7 years from now)
2)Children Education Expenses-1 crore(9 years from now)
3)Son Marriage -80 lakh(20 years from now)
4)Retirement Corpus fund-2 crore(23 years from now)
5)Travel & Tour Expenses- 10 lakh(5 to 20 years from now).Need one SIP Fund name and SIP Amount Contribution from your end.This can be only used for Travel expeses towards india or outside india tour.
I want to do additional SIP of 20k every Month going forward.
Please review my existing Funds and let us know if you want to do any changes into existing one.
Also share the Allocation percentage or SIP contribution amount based on the funds and goals.


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