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sanjay kumar asked 3 years ago
Hi Sreekanth sir, My grand mother (Nani ji) given a plot (75 dismils plot) to her all 3 daughters (her eldest one is my mother) and divided equally. Now all sisters purchase 1000 rs stamp paper and fill their details of land and East/West/North/South direction persons name along with witness of 5 peaples (panchnama) in patna Bihar. And all gets motation and rasid with her name from block on the behalf of 1000 rs stamp batwara paper . Now one sister has been sale own part ((25 dismils) of the land from front/road side of the land of all sisters through registered sale deed in patna. Now the plot has no way to enter the rest of the plot. Is it possible to cancel her deed and how give me suggestion?
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Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, May I know if your grand-mother is alive and healthy? Did they register that Rs 1000 stamp paper document at Sub-Registrar office? (Or) Was it only within the family ??    
sanjay kumar replied 3 years ago

Sir my grand-mother is alive but too old lady. They did it only within the family. And signed all daughters and mother with witnesses.

Sreekanth Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, I believe that your grand mother has all the rights to approach the court on this and get the Deed cancelled (can make it null and void). Kindly consult a civil lawyer on this!
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