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anurag s r asked 8 years ago
Hi  Mr Shreekanth, I have two SIPs as follows: Reliance tax saver- Dividend plan- 10000 pm - started in jan-2016 HDFC Prudence fund Div.(reinvestment)- 5000 pm- started in april 2016. For long term should I continue with Rel tax saver or should drop after 3 years. I am not sure about HDFC too. Should I continue with them or change it? I am looking forward to start more SIPs. I am having 10000 pm scope to invest. Suggest me to invest my money keeping in mind the maximum benefit at moderate risk. I want to avoid any tax on my gains. Also I want to invest lumpsum of 2 lakh. Should i top up the existing one or get something different? Please guide my money to excel.
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Sreekanth Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi, If these are for long-term, you may discontinue Dividend option and opt for GROWTH option - Reliance tax saver. Reliance Tax Saver has been performing well for the last few years. Kindly note that this fund has one of the highest Standard Deviations in ELSS fund category. It has HIGH risk grade. My picks in ELSS category are - Franklin taxshield / Axis LTE fund. Read: HDFC Prudence is a decent fund. Read: May I know your investment objective and investment horizon (time-frame) for new SIPs and Rs 2 Lakh lump sum investment?    
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