Encashment Of Privilege/Earned Leave On Resignation/Termination

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Debaditya Ghosh asked 5 years ago
Is encashment of Privilege Leave mandatory? In my first and second company, I learnt that Privilege Leave can be encashed as the latest Basic wages. During settlement of accounts & wages post resignation from services in these two companies, I encashed my balance Privilege/Earned Leave accrued till last working day. But in my present company, I heard that Privilege Leave can not be encashed, not even during settlement post resignation from services. But I want to know whether I'm being deprived of my rights if encashment of Privilege/Earned Leave is legal and justified. And if so, then how to fight with the authorities to get back my privilege/earned leave encashment, can someone share a circular or some official document on this?
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Sreekanth Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, You heard? Kindly contact your HR team in person and get first-hand information about the rules applicable to Leach Encashment in your current Organization. Most of the companies allow you to encash the unused balance of leaves during the service but the LAW is silent on this. However, I believe that the law is specific with respect to resignation / superannuation or termination. It says that balance of earned leave(s) are required to be paid by employer to respective employee while making full and final payment of dues due to him. 
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