3 incredible years | Celebrating my Third Blogging Anniversary | Thank you, One & All

Today is our blog’s anniversary as it turned 3. Time flies pretty fast.  These three years have been very incredible and a great learning experience for me.

‘Knowledge is power’.  Knowledge is more powerful than physical strength and no great work can be done without knowledge. ReLakhs.com, has now grown into something that I could have only dreamed of. On this special day, I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to share my knowledge with you all.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Financial life’s journey.

On this special occasion – ‘3 year Blog Anniversary ‘, I would like to thank all my blog readers, family members, well-wishers, friends, mentors & friends on Social Media for your continuous encouragement, motivation, trust, constructive criticism and support!

My sincere thanks to;

  • Basavaraj – Founder – Basunivesh.com (for encouraging me to start my own blog)
  • Smt.Padmalochani (for being my guru & mentor)
  • Jane Sheeba & the team at Besthostinganddesign (life-line of ReLakhs.com)
  • Suguna – Founder – Kannammacooks.com
  • Asan Ideas for wealth (Facebook group – a great place to learn, unlearn & re-learn about Personal Finance) &
  • All by Blog readers three-birds-smiley-Third Blogging Anniversary

3rd year Journey

In my 3rd year of Blogging too, I have adhered to my Blog’s aims and objectives which are;

  • To make sure that majority of the investors (blog readers) understand the articles. To keep the articles simple and easy to understand.
  • To write unbiased reviews on Financial Products.
  • Not to associate with any Company to sell any kind of Financial products/services.
  • To value my blog reader’s time.
  • To try to respond to each and every genuine query / comment ASAP. 

I believe that ReLakhs is now going through a ‘Consolidation’ phase, have been receiving good traffic (blog visits), comments and responses in a more consistent way!. There were no major ups & downs during the last one year!

From day one, I have always believed in writing articles based on the audience interests and present the topics in the language they understand. The main aim is to reach out as many investors as possible through my blog and encourage them to have a holistic view on their finances.

I am very happy to say that most of my blog readers are now posting queries (on Forum / Blog Comments Section) related to ‘goal based financial planning‘ than on specific financial products..! It is indeed a good sign!

During the last 12 months, I have consciously tried to cover articles across all the categories. But, I could not write many articles as planned, due to certain personal life commitments. Also, at one point-of-time, I had to decide between ‘high number of posts Vs replying to all queries/comments’, I am glad to say that I have opted for ‘replying to all comments’ as my priority task. On an average, I generally spend 2 to 3 hours per day to respond to genuine queries posted in Blog comment section (or) Forum.

On the Technical front, we have moved the website from http version to https (Secured) version.

ReLakhs.com – Blog Statistics (till date..)

I would like to share a few statistics…

  • Total Number of articles published : 356
  • Number of Comments : Around 42,000
  • Forum statistics :
    • Total number of registered Subscribers : 940
    • Total number of Questions & Answers published : 1,700
  • No. of Facebook page likes : 7,700 +
  • Number of registered Email Subscribers for Newsletter : 14,000 +
  • ReLakhs website Rankings (as on 31-May-2017) :
    • As per AlexaRelakhs website rank Alexa pic
    • As per SimilarWebRelakhs website rank Similar web pic

Google Analytics Data (based on the last 12 months data)

  • Number of Users, Sessions & Page-ViewsRelakhs Blog traffic data sessions users visitors pageviews pic
  • New Visitors Vs Returning VisitorsNew Vs Returning visitors pic
  • Demographics – Age & Gender wiseRelakhs Blog Visitors demographics Age wise Gender wise pic
  • Demographics – City wiseDemographics city wise pic
  • Market Segment Market segment pic
  • Top Channels Top channels visits pic

Top 10 popular articles (based on the last 12 months blog traffic data)

  1. Income Tax Deductions list for FY 2016-17
  2. TDS Chart for FY 2016-17
  3. Latest EPF Withdrawal rules 
  4. What is GST? – Explained in layman terms!
  5. How to generate UAN online?
  6. New EPF Withdrawal forms
  7. Post office Small Saving Schemes Interest rates – FY 2016-17
  8. BDA Kempegowda Layout – Allotment of Residential Sites
  9. Best ELSS Tax saving Mutual Fund Schemes – FY 216-17
  10. How Income Tax Dept tracks High Value Financial Transactions?

My Favorite Articles (out of the articles published during the last 1 year)

To be frank with you, as of now I do not have any major plans lined up for the next few months or so. But, all I can promise is that I will ‘keep learning’, ‘adhere to my ethics’ and ‘provide unbiased content’ to my blog readers.

I believe that bloggers are in a sweet-spot, as more and more users are searching for data on the Net, thanks to increasing internet penetration levels in India. Readers can now access useful data at their finger tips. Exciting times ahead!

Request you to kindly share your feedback, criticism, comments….Thank you for your time and support! Cheers!



By the by, June 1st is my Marriage anniversary day too! So, it’s a double dhamaka for me!

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(Post published on : 01-June-2017)

  • Vidya says:

    Hello Sreekanth,

    Belated wishes !! Cheers for your milepost !!.

    I’ve been a regular reader of the articles and must say the content is so informational. Wanted to take a moment to “Thank you” for providing valuable details which is very helpful in financial planning. Looking forward to many more articles.

    Best Regards,

  • Dear Sreekanth

    Belated Congratulations for completing three years of this Blog and Wedding Anniversary. I have invested in Mutual Funds based on the advice on your blog in Sep 2016 and most funds showing good returns except Tata Balanced Fund but I think this may also improve by the time I complete one year. It seems you have also changed the recommendation on this Fund.

    Coming to Balanced Funds please examine L&T India Prudence Fund- Direct Plan-Growth Option which is performing well.


    • Dear Kamalakar Ji,
      Thank you for the wishes!
      I am holding the units in TATA balanced fund but not making fresh / additional investments. This is just a re-allocation of funds, investing in a small cap fund for my long term goal. Otherwise, I would have continued making fresh investments in this fund.

      Having said that, the standard deviation of this fund (volatility) has been on the higher side offlate, so we need to track its performance for some more time and take a call.

      I will soon try to publish an article on Balanced funds. Thank you!

  • Shravan says:

    Hi Sreekanth,

    Congratulations for completing 3 successful years of your blog.

    You have been doing great job in educating people of financial literacy.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward for your articles as always.


  • Gilbert says:

    Dear sir,

    Wish you a very happy anniversary on your blog’s third anniversary. Good work and unique blog…. Sharing knowledge and educating the people is a God given talent. Keep continuing. Thanks.

  • Prem says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    Happy Anniversary for your blog. I can proudly say that I learnt alot from your blog about mutual fund, only regret is that Why I did not come across your blog earlier but better late than never it became. I also appreciate that you spent 2-3 hours daily for replying to user like us.
    I have asked earlier and I am asking again on your view on Bitcoin? What are your short term and long term views on that? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

    • Dear Prem,
      Thank you for being a loyal reader of ReLakhs.
      To be frank, I do not have complete knowledge on Bitcoins, have to study/research more…will surely try to publish an article on this at the earliest.

      • Prem says:

        Thank you Sreekanth, would highly appreciate your research based approach on bit coin, whether it is +ve or -ve.

  • K.BASKAR says:

    dear reddy
    i have just read your gst information which is very simple form to understand. but my query is regading hotel industries coming under which category of gst
    a/c and non a/c hotels and some hotels they make bills and some hotels they run like restaurants without any bill they serve the foods to the public. I dont think they pay any taxes to the government and they give bribes to police and other authorities.
    how to catch this type of tax evasions?

  • prosper says:

    Nice blog.Keep sharing more.Thanks

  • Manja says:

    Congrats! I have a suggestion for your next article which can be a little counter intuitive, but nevertheless good. I think now that people are saving something after learning from your blogs, it time to educate how the money should be well spent – Like after attaining some age people believe that saving and investment are the only key ways to lead a happy retirement. Actually it is the other way, middle age people should be researching to check what they can spend well on to earn more in future, take for example, tech people stagnate when the technology changes, but rarely go out and learn something new. Same thing for artist, sometime a sheen in one area falters overtime and they do not look for new areas to hone their skills. For e.g., one of my friend is a great sketcher & painter, but has not learnt and invested in taking up technology tools & trainings to become better through technology.

    I believe everyone should plan for their skills investment OR it can be just for hobby investment to lead a happier life.

  • Ranbir says:

    Mr Sreekanth on this special occasion ie 3 year Blog Anniversary – I congratulate you for rendering such a valuable service to the public, more so who are novice in this field. Your suggestions can carry a person a long way & that too in positive direction. We wish you All The Luck in this Field — Bash on Regardless. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS.
    Belated Happy Marriage Anniversary – May GOD shower HIS Blessings on you Both.

  • Candra Reddy says:

    Congrats Sreekanth. Excellent blogs, understood many things from your blogs.

    Chandra Reddy

  • Subramanian says:

    Am a new reader but you are doing a amazing job ?? Totally appreciate the fact that you respond to all queries and that personal touch. Keep up the good work ?

    • Dear Subramanian..Thank you for your appreciation!
      Yes, I do try my best to respond to all genuine queries/comments.
      Given the time constraints, sometimes I prefer responding to queries to posting a new article..

  • Mukesh says:

    Congratulation & All the very best Sreekanth.
    Your blog is none other than great social service and guiding people to save & protect the their hard earned money.
    I’m the frequent visitor of your blog. I received lot of inputs & did refer this website to many of colleagues.

    Pl keep up the great work & continue to guide & mentor the beginners.

  • Raj says:

    Great work Sree!

    Best wishes for years to come!


  • Saranya says:

    Hearty Congratulations Sreekanth.
    Best wishes for years to come…

  • Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Congratulations for you and your blog. your articles are very interesting and simple. Keep it up.

  • Sreedhar says:

    Congratulations Srikanth !!!

  • Mallika says:

    Congratulations bro, after reading your simple life changing articles on your blog, today my life has changed drastically in last one year(started reading your articles from last year).

    Congratulations on your 3rd blog anniversary and May GOD give you more and more innovative ideas to share them with your blog readers.
    Your blog is one of the best to read and apply your ideas for anyone to change in their life.

    One of your idea published on “Direct Mutual Fund Investment” has changed my entire life after converting my regular mutual funds into DIRECT mode.

    Thanks a ton for helping me out.

    MAY GOD BLESS U good health and wealth.

    • Dear Mallika ..I am very glad to read your comment and to know that ReLakhs is playing an influential role in your financial life journey.
      Kindly share the articles with your friends and keep visiting!

  • Suresh KP says:

    Sreekanth, I wished you on FB about your blog. I just seen your wedding anniversary is also today. Happy anniversary Sreekanth. So you got your second wife (blog) on same day 🙂

  • Jayan Thayyil says:

    Happy marriage anniversary Srikanth, stay blessed.
    Congratulations and keep the good blog ON and ON. Your blog is a a good financial reference to me.
    All the best.

  • RAJ says:

    Dear Sreekanth,

    Hearty congratulations for 3rd anniversary of Relakhs.com. I started visiting the site from last 1 and a half years. Ever since i have become great fan of your blogs and keep reading it everyday. I have read all articles in the blog and they are excellent. You are an excellent and great Financial teacher. I have learnt a lot from your blog and also from the replies and comments. Its very great to be associated with you. Do keep up the good work and Keep blogging. WISH YOU SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS.


  • Dr. Jawahar Lal bansal says:

    Great effort and great achievement on your part.Hearty congratulations.

  • Krishna says:

    My hearty wishes to Sreekanth., Happy Anniversary.,

    I am one among many benefited through your blog , doing a great work by sharing your knowledge & experience

    God bless



  • Many congrats, Sreekanth!!!
    Happy wedding anniversary too!!!
    You are doing a great service. Keep it up.
    Wish you the very best in life!!!

  • Congrats GURU JI 🙂 Also, BEST OF LUCK!

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