Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme Vs Public Provident Fund (SSA Vs PPF)

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme Vs Public Provident Fund

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  • Dr . Raunak Rai says:

    I am finding one aspect of Sukanya Samruddhi confusing.

    I (father) am putting 1.5 lakhs in PPF (80c , EEE)

    My wife (Mother) is putting 1.5 lakhs in PPF. (80 c , EEE)

    Can I put additional 1.5 lakhs in sukanya Samruddhi for daughter. I do understand that there will be no benefit under 80c. But what about other . Will it be ( 1.5lakhs taxed , interest exempt , withdrawal exempt ) ( TEE) or TET or TTE

  • inderjeet says:

    Sir my daughter dob 22nd November 2005 and I also want to open ssa or ppf account is it possible plz suggest there is no account of my daughter

  • Sathyanarayanan Saketharam says:

    In SSA, If i pay for 14 years, and maturity is by 21 years, will this current compound interest be added yearly till ut is matured?

  • sureshk says:

    An SSA a/c is opened for my child by her mother in post office i.e. mother is register as a/c handler. But all transaction are going by me.Then….
    1. Can I get tax benifits ?
    2. If No, then can a/c handler changing is possible ? Procedure ?
    Plz suggess me. I have holded the payment due to this.
    thx in advance

  • rinaadhav says:

    Which scheme is good for son

  • rina says:

    I want to open scheme for my son which is good i already opened ssy


    Dear Sir
    I want to invest in mutual fund but I don’t no about it so can you tell me how can I invest in mutual fund

  • naseer says:

    Sir namaste I want to invest in PPF but I have small daubt is there any life risk cover like LIC..

  • Vijaya lakshmi.S says:

    Dear Sir, I have a insurance policy of smart ulip series 2 from sbi. Now 5 years completed. Now i wish to surrender that policy due to some personal issues and there is no progress in market on this policy. Maturity is 2019 only. Kindly suggest me which is correct decision regarding this. Can i surrender it or continue it..

    • Dear Vijaya,
      One can except decent returns from ULIPs only if invested for long-term and till maturity.
      But, Mutual funds can be better than ULIPs.
      In the first few years, a major portion of your premiums gets allocated to meet expenses and the remaining portion is invested as per your fund selection.
      In case if you need money now, surrender it and invest (any surplus amount) in mutual funds.

  • Vijayalakshmi says:

    Dear sir,
    I have 6 years old Daughter and i wish to open SSA and PPF two accounts together. I can invest 10000 per month . Then in what ratio i have to invest in SSA and PPF with more benefits. Please suggest me sir. Thank you.

    • Dear Vijayalakshmi..What exactly do you mean by ‘more benefits’?
      From taxation point of view, both have similar benefits. SSA’s interest rate is slightly higher than PPF’s.
      Besides PPF/SSA, you may invest some amount in equity mutual funds also for long-term wealth accumulation.

  • Kumar Kaushal says:

    Agar main har saal 50,000/- PPF me deposit karta hoon.15 saal baad Jo amount PPF se mujhe milegi , kya who amount taxfree hongi

  • Ramesh Hathi says:

    My daughter is have only 1 girlchild IWant to knoe whether she can open both ppf and sukanya acs in her only daughtre name?

  • ruchi says:

    Hi, I have opened my daughter’s SSY account, can both the parents take tax benefit advantage from same account. I know the limit is 1.5 lacs combined for both. so can we both deposit like 75K each of us?

  • Sarath Nair says:

    Dear sir, What is the risk factor in investing SSA? Isn”t safe to deposit in PPf rather than in SSA

  • Nitish says:

    Hi Shrekant, I have opened SSYA for my daughter on November 2015. If I want to deposit some lump sum amount, should I deposit in November itself or should I wait till April 2016 in order to get maximum return for this year. Please let me know how interest is compounded in SSYA.

  • Mahesh says:

    Hi Sir, i think ssa scheme benifit or loss.This scheme run 21 years long run.So this scheme is waste my Opinion. What do you say ?

    • Dear Mahesh,
      Yes, first priority can be to invest a major portion of one’s savings towards long term equity oriented investment avenues. These kind of schemes can not give inflation adjusted positive returns.

  • NITHESH says:

    Can I open two SSA for my two daughters. Can I deposit in both accounts. I want to know whether u can claim tax benefit for both the account deposit.

  • Khadar Badha Billa says:

    Good Thought

  • PK GUPTA says:

    Hi Dear,

    I would like to know what is the last date limit of month for deposit the money to get maximum returns & which one is good, monthly deposit or yearly deposit.?

    Thanks & Regards

  • kishan says:

    Hi sreekanth,
    Iam a great follower of your blogs. By reading your articles i have understood what is investing and financial planning.However i have a query regarding the PPF.Is it the right time to invest in PPF as the repo rate is cut down and there is chance of interests of PPF coming down.Please suggest.If not PPF then where shud i invest ?Iam considering only investment more than 5 or 5+ years.

    • Dear Kishan,
      Thank you for following my blog.
      Kindly let me know about your financial goal? Why do you want to invest in PPF?
      Also, PPF is a 15 investment product, so do not worry too much about rate cuts, it is a cycle.

  • Rajan says:

    Hi Dear,

    I would like to know what is the best date for next deposit (yearly or monthly basis)to get maximum returns & which one is good, monthly deposit or yearly deposit.?

    Thanks & Regards

  • b.g.jayaraman says:

    Dear sir,

    I have 2 grand daughters of age 5 years and 1 year.

    I have taken SSA for my first grand daughter, should I also take SSA for my 2nd Grand daughter of go for PPF.

    • Amit says:

      Dear Sir,

      If you want to deposit for long tenure and want to have maximum interest than this point of time SSA gives you more return
      and for detail comparison you may read above article again


  • Jasmeet Singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have a Kanya Samridhi account for my daughter. Can my mother (the girl’s grand mother) deposit money to that account if she wants to. Or will she have to deposit the money into my account first and then i will have to transfer that to the Kanya Samridhi account.


    • Amit says:

      Hello Jasmeet ji,

      Anybody can deposit in SSA account like any other account. The online transfer facility is not available yet


  • AMIT BANSAL says:


  • Roshan Sadhani says:

    Hi, I am Roshan, If i am choosing SSA & after some year i will die than what is the procedure to continue the SSA.

  • Anil Kumar says:

    Sir, is it possible that i invest 1.5L each in PPF and SSY. Yes in 80C i will show only PPF.

  • Gouri Nagpal says:

    Hi I have a question….
    If I invest in both ppf n SSA, will it b still tax free for both accounts..?

  • Ravi Kiran says:


    Can you suggest me, what is the best scheme between SSA and PPF

  • Sindhu says:

    What is the best scheme between ssa and lic jeevan anand for my 2015 born baby

  • kamal says:

    Dear sreekant,
    i want to save 10k monthly for my 2year girl so plz tell me in which i can invest. i want around 2cr. by 2035 , right now i have lic jeeevan anand in which i m giving 45349 annually it’s from last 1 month and i had open a post office SSA 5000 monthly and i don’t have any policy beyond that…

  • vinod says:

    Dear Sir,

    If any other person of girl child like Grandparents or Grand grand parents or HUF of parent invests in Sukanya Samruddhi account, will they get Income Tax benefit u/s 80 C…..?

    or It should be paid only by Mother or Father to get the income tax deduction benefit u/s 80C.
    Kindly clarify the same and revert.


  • Poojas says:

    My son is 1 year old..i have a LIC health insurance for him.I am currently a Govt employee.
    Want to make an investment on his 1st birthday.Please suggest me what should i go for PPF/SSA or Some child plans.want money for his fulture studies.

  • Suresh says:

    Dear Srikanth,

    My daughters are born in US. We currently live in India. Please let me know if they are eligible for PPF and or SSA.

    • Dear Suresh,
      The Govt’s gazette is not clear on this point, suggest you to kindly visit the nearest post office or bank (SBI) and find out.
      Request you to share the update here.

  • Prakritish Bagchi says:

    In SSA scheme nothing mentioned if, the principal investor (normally father, in this case) dies during the continuation of the scheme, what will be the fate of the scheme? How and when will the legal hairs will get back the accumulated money?

    • Dear Prakritish ,
      As per Govt’s gazette – ” Where the Central Government is satisfied that operation or continuation of the account is causing undue hardship to the account holder, it may, by order, for reasons to be recorded in writing, allow pre-mature closure of the account only in cases of extreme compassionate grounds such as medical support in life threatening diseases, death, etc.”

  • Parimala says:

    To the best of my understanding there is nothing which states that if PPF already exists in name of minor child, a SSY cannot be opened in her name. Please clarify if my understanding is right. I am asking because of confusing statements made at banks. Thanks in advance.

  • Neelkanth vyas says:

    I have 3 month old daughter .
    which is better ppf or ssa account for my daughter?

  • patil pravin says:

    1)Kya ssa ko ek post office se dusare post office me transfer kar. Sakare kya? 2)agar kisi karan. Daughter ko kuch ho gaya to jama rashi ka kya? Reply me please!

  • Arun says:

    Dear Reddy, Thanks for your contribution, Kindly let me know NSC 10 Yrs is better or SSA is better.

  • Dr Amit says:

    Can i open BOTH PPF and SSA/SSy for my Daughter ????

  • Dr Amit says:

    Hello. I was told today that i can not open PPF Account for my Daughter as i have opened SSY for her. Is this true ? . I m doubtful.


    Dear Sir,
    My grand daughter is of 4 years of age I want to open a SSY account in her name.If I deposit 1.5 lac in SSY for 14 years how much amount will be after 21 year of age of girl.

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