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Sukanya Samriddhi Deposit Scheme_Mumbai Postal Region_Website & Toll Free

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  • Sajana nishad says:

    i opend SSY acount in 21/10/15 and coming months i deposited and total deposit is 5000 till 10/3/16 . then the intst rate is cresdited on15/4/2016 is rs 107 only how this calculation . my daughter DOB is may 4th 2015

  • imran says:

    sir my daughter got birth on 3 June 2006
    is she eligable for ssa please reply

  • imran says:

    it is a good scheme

  • Pranavi says:

    Sir. My kid age 1 yr niw i want to open account.. And now am in confusion if i invest 2000 per month atlast how much amount i get after maturity of this scheme

  • Santosh says:

    i am investing 25000 per annual as SSA account how much i get after 21 years. My kid’s age is 2 years.

  • SOUMEN says:

    from march 2016, I shall deposit 50000 per year…so at last how much money I shall get????

  • sanjukta says:

    Hi Sreekanth,
    This is Sanjukta. Can we transfer the account from one branch to another branch. ex. I have started at Hyderabad and after 5 years I shifted to Pune .I have those scenarios
    1)Can I transfer my account to SBI Hyd to any SBI branch Pune.
    2)Though you told there is no on-line access so do I need to personally visit every time and deposit in HYD branch.
    3)While withdraw the money too do i/My daughter have to come to the HYD branch.
    4) Will this scheme exist after Modi Sarkar also ….?
    5)My baby is 5+ Months. can i open a account for her name?
    Plz reply..

    • Dear Sanjukta,
      1 – Yes, it’s possible.
      2 – Yes (manually you have to visit and deposit, it can be in Pune after the transfer).
      3 – Your daughter can withdraw the funds from the servicing branch.
      4 – Yes 🙂 (surely atleast for the existing subscribers)
      5 – Yes.

  • Mohan sai kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    My daughter born on 22nd July 2015, I started investing from September 2015.

    By 22nd July 2029 she will turn 14 years.

    Now I have 15 Financial years to invest

    2015 2016 1
    2016 2017 2
    2017 2018 3
    2018 2019 4
    2019 2020 5
    2020 2021 6
    2021 2022 7
    2022 2023 8
    2023 2024 9
    2024 2025 10
    2025 2026 11
    2026 2027 12
    2027 2028 13
    2028 2029 14
    2029 2030 15 (deposit 1.5L on April itself)

    So as the SSY says the max limit is 1.5K per financial year, I can invest 15 X 150000 = 2250000.

    Am I correct here ? Could you kindly confirm

    Many thanks in advance.
    Mohan sai kumar

  • Dayana mercy says:

    First I asked in sbi bank to open this account but they said here not available. Whatever now I want to transfer my account to sbi for monthly deduct amount from my salary .. is that possible.

  • Som Datt Yadav says:

    If I do not invest in SSA A/C as per your opinion that it will not beat the inflation of money, please suggest where to suggest for 15 years time and I can invest Rs.10000 monthly. Equity or Mutual Fund. Please suggest the name of fund also. I want to accumulate corpus for child education and marriage. My daughter is 9 month old.

  • Nitin says:

    Hello Sir
    My sis DOB is 4-4-2004
    Suppose now I am opening her SSA Account with yearly deposite of 2500
    Till her 18 age..then what will be maturity amount….?

  • francis says:

    can me and my wife open 2 accounts individually each for our 2 kids

  • Deepak verma says:

    Sir my baby is 2 month old I would like to invest at present 3ooo/ per month can you calculate for 25 years one ? Can i increase monthly deposit as per convinince in future mon

    • Dear Deepak,
      You can contribute for a maximum period of 21 years from the date of A/c opening.
      The approx maturity amount can be around Rs 18.4 Lakh
      Yes, you can increase or decrease the contribution amount.

  • Afzal says:

    Dear Sir,
    As per my observation in maturity amount calculator on yearly sheet, Model calculation having some misleading values, Request you to please once check……

  • RAM says:

    Does HDFC click2protect plan term insurance or not?

  • Ramnath says:

    Hello sir
    I just wanted to know how is the interest being deposited into this a/c is it financial year or anniversary year

  • jjjjeeve says:

    Any update news about SSA account opening in BANK.

  • suchi says:

    HI Sreekanth,

    Is SSA maturity amount tax free like PPF? Or will govt deduct tax on maturity amount?

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