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Abs asked 6 years ago
I have always transferred my PF from every organisation that I worked in to the new organisation that I joined but never bothered about the EPS part of the accumulations. Is there anyway for me to track them now and accumulate the EPS amounts from all the organizations under my UAN? Is it worth it going through the process? Note: My EPF service is for 13 years and now I am retired from salaried employment for the last one year.
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Sreekanth Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, You can get Annexure-K from the EPFO and go through the Transfer-in details. As your cumulative service period is more than 10 years, you can not withdraw EPS balance. So, you need to apply for Scheme certificate through your last employer. You can submit this certificate to the EPFO when Pension is due (50/58 years of age). Related article : What happens to EPS on Transfer of EPF account (or) when you switch Jobs? Annexure-K of EPF is a document which contains details of EPF account. It is internal document sent between regional EPF offices during transfer of the accounts.  You may go through this link..
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